Best ball is taking the fantasy football world by storm. It’s not just growing in popularity – the guaranteed cash prizes in best ball leagues and tournament prize pools are growing for the 2024-25 NFL season, too. For example, Underdog Fantasy’s Best Ball Mania V will award an amazing $15 Million in cash prizes, with $1.5 Million going to the 1st place finisher.

There’s more to best ball fantasy football than large-field tournaments, though. There are best ball leagues of all shapes, sizes and scoring formats. This means there’s a perfect best ball site out there for you – which is exactly what we’re here to help you find!

Here’s a quick list of the top best ball sites and apps, plus promo codes for each platform so you can score the best signup bonus offers when you see them for yourself. We’ll also introduce you to each of these best ball sites below.

Best Ball Fantasy Football Sites & Apps For 2024




Where Can I Play Best Ball Fantasy Football?

If your favorite part of fantasy football is the draft, then you’re going to love your fantasy football best ball leagues. 

Best ball leagues require zero in-season management, meaning you can quite literally join as many leagues and draft as many teams as you’d like. Not only is there a growing number of fantasy football best ball apps, but each of these sites also has a variety of leagues and tournaments you can play in.

We’ve shared a simple list of the top best ball fantasy football sites. Below are full details on each of these sites (plus promo codes to get you started) so you can play in best ball leagues that are best for you in 2024.




Top Best Ball Sites, Apps & Leagues

Underdog Fantasy - Best Ball Football App, Leagues & Promos

We’ll go ahead and say it: Nobody does best ball better – or bigger – than Underdog Fantasy.

  • Signup Bonus: Instant $250 deposit match with Underdog promo code: ALARM
  • Biggest Best Ball Tournament: Best Ball Mania V
  • Best Ball Tournament Format & Scoring
    • 12-team leagues
    • Half-PPR (0.5 point reception for RB, WR, TE, QB)
    • 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 10 Bench
    • 30 second- or 8-hour clock available for best ball drafts



All of Underdog’s biggest best ball fantasy football tournaments are, of course, dog-themed.

If these larger, flagship fantasy best ball tournaments are too intimidating for you, don’t fret. Underdog has a wide and growing range of alternative best ball leagues you can join. Click here to see the best ball leagues you can join today. Use Underdog Fantasy promo code ALARM to score the best signup bonus possible when you get started.




Underdog has a user-friendly site for your fantasy football drafts on desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Their best ball app is slick and our preferred way of playing here at Fantasy Alarm.

The one downside to Underdog is that you can’t create best ball fantasy football leagues with friends. If you want to play with friends, rather than for cash prizes, then you’ll love our next best ball site: Sleeper Fantasy.

Sleeper Fantasy Football - Best Ball Site, App & Promos

According to Sleeper’s mission statement, this best ball site was founded to “reinvent the way you play fantasy football.” Their goal is to “provide a platform where users can have a fantasy football experience like never before.” 

And they’ve done exactly that.

Here’s what you need to know about fantasy football best ball at Sleeper:




  • Signup Bonus: Instant $100 deposit bonus with promo code: VAULT3
  • Biggest Best Ball Tournament: COMING SOON!
  • Sleeper Best Ball Fantasy Football App Features
    • Incredibly simple to set up best ball leagues
    • Customizable & easy-to-understand settings
    • Competitions & conversations with league-mates go hand-in-hand
  • Sleeper Fantasy Best Ball Settings & Scoring
    • Your best ball league commissioner will have complete control!



While Sleeper fantasy football is oriented towards fun amongst friends rather than large-field tournaments, their best ball app is very good at what it has set out to do.

The Sleeper Fantasy app has a huge range of games on top of their best ball fantasy football platform. These include Dynasty fantasy football leagues, mock drafts, DFS and Pick’Ems.

Regardless of whether or not the Sleeper app becomes your best ball fantasy site of choice, the range of fantasy leagues available make it a must-add to your gaming rotation.

There’s no cliche intended when we say there is something for everyone at Sleeper. Try Sleeper now. Use promo code VAULT3 when registering for an instant $100 deposit match you can use to enter your Sleeper fantasy football best ball leagues.




Other Fantasy Football Best Ball Sites & Apps

While Underdog and Sleeper are the most popular best ball fantasy football apps, there are plenty of other platforms that are well worth checking out. 

Each of these fantasy football best ball sites come highly recommended. After you join a best ball league on each site, be sure to check out the other fantasy football games on offer. As with Sleeper, each of these sites is great at what they do: all things fantasy football.


FFPC - Fantasy Football & Best Ball Tournament Leader

  • Signup Bonus: Get $25 off a $35+ entry with promo code: ALARM
  • Biggest Best Ball Tournament: FFPC’s Best Ball Fantasy Football Tournament
  • Best Ball Tournament Format & Scoring
    • 12-team leagues
    • FFPC Best Ball Scoring Rules
    • 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 1 K, 1 D
    • 60 second, 2-hour or 6-hour clocks available for best ball drafts



The FFPC focuses on season-long fantasy football only. This has allowed them to guarantee some of the industry’s biggest prize pools, highlighted by their $5.98 Million FFPC Main Event. 

The FFPC Main Event uses a more standard fantasy football league format. Fret not – FFPC’s two flagship fantasy football best ball tournaments promise prize pools of $1.37 Million (“FFPC’s Best Ball Tournament”) and $577,625 (“FFPC’s Superflex Best Ball Tournament”), so there’s no shortage of cash prizes to play for no matter what type of best ball league you join.

Join an FFPC best ball fantasy football league now. Use promo code ALARM to get $25 off a $35+ entry and play for even bigger prizes.


RT Sports - Best Ball Fantasy Football Leagues & Tournaments

  • Signup Bonus: Instant 100% deposit match up to $200 with promo code: ALARM23
  • Biggest Best Ball Tournaments: 2024-25 Best Ball Fantasy Football Championship
  • Best Ball Tournament Format & Scoring
    • 10-team leagues
    • 1-QB 2-RB 2-WR 1-TE 2-Flex
    • 20-player roster
    • 8-hour slow draft


RT Sports has multiple best ball fantasy football leagues and tournaments on offer that are worth mentioning. In fact, this range of best ball leagues is reflective of the range of fantasy football game types of all formats offered at RT.

RT’s two flagship fantasy football best ball tournaments have prize pools of $153,000 ($20 entry) and $91,000 ($100 entry). Cash prizes are awarded to league finalists, as well as overall winners. 

The same as how best ball barely scratches the surface of all that Sleeper Fantasy offers, RT Sports also has a massive range of season-long leagues, DFS games and League Commissioner Services for you to manage your own fantasy football best ball leagues.

Try best ball fantasy football at RT Sports now. Use promo code ALARM23 for a 100% instant match on your first deposit, up to $200.




Fantasy Football Best Ball FAQs: Finding A League

What Is A Fantasy Football Best Ball League?

Fantasy football best ball leagues don’t require any weekly team management throughout the NFL season. You still draft your team – but you only draft your team.

No start-sit dilemmas. No waiver wire wackiness. No sweating your top-scorers on Sundays. After your best ball fantasy football draft, you’ll set-it-and-forget-it, turning over all roster and team management to the system, which will set your best possible line-up each week.

To put it more simply: after your fantasy football best ball draft, your team is guaranteed to rack up the highest possible weekly score roster-wide.

For a full intro, check out our guide answering everything related to the question: “What is best ball fantasy football?” 




What Sites Have Best Ball Fantasy Football?

These are our favorite best ball fantasy football sites:

All of these best ball fantasy football sites have the Fantasy Alarm stamp-of-approval. All of these sites also have drafts running today, so hop in to any one or all of them and you’ll be up and running in a best ball fantasy football league in minutes.

Are There Fantasy Football Best Ball Apps?

Yes. Both Underdog and Sleeper are fantasy football best ball apps. You can join, draft and track the results of all of your best ball leagues from each respective app.

These aren’t exclusively best ball fantasy football apps, either. Underdog and Sleeper have many other features and game formats that make each of them a one-stop-shop for football fans and fantasy players of all skill ranges.




How Do I Win My Best Ball League?

Best ball is a unique fantasy football format, which means you need to tailor your approach from what you’ve grown used to in your traditional leagues.

As always, we have you covered. Brush up on the basics with our Best Ball Fantasy Football Strategy, or skip to the heart of the matter with our Fantasy Football Best Ball Rankings.




What’s The Best Fantasy Football Best Ball Site?

Here’s our list of the best fantasy football best ball sites:

Keep in mind that the best fantasy football best ball site ultimately boils down to personal preference. When you try a new site, you’ll know very quickly whether or not it’s the right one for you. The same applies to a best ball app.

This is why we keep encouraging you to try these sites firsthand. Have fun while you find what you’re looking for!

After all, in best ball leagues, you don’t need to do anything after your draft. With best ball, you literally cannot “join more leagues than you can manage,” since you’re required to do exactly zero managing all season long!

Score a sweet signup bonus at each stop in your best ball adventures. Use the links and promo codes below to build your bankroll ahead of the 2024-25 fantasy football season.