It’s time for Game 5 of the NBA Finals so that means more winning plays on Sleeper Fantasy on Monday, June 17th! Let's dive into our favorite Sleeper Fantasy NBA picks tonight!




NBA DFS Sleeper Picks Today: Monday, 6/17

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When you're picking your Sleeper Fantasy NBA lineup for today, think about adding players like Dereck Lively II from the Dallas Mavericks and Jrue Holiday from the Boston Celtics. These guys are in prime positions and could make a big difference in your DFS performance.




Jrue Holiday NBA Sleeper Pick: More Than 5.5 Rebounds

Through the first four games of this series, Boston’s leading rebound chance getter has been Jrue Holiday at 12.8 per game. 

He sits at 6.5 rebounds per game and this number dropping below six is VERY appealing. Over the last 10 games, he sits at 11.9 potentials per game, which trails only Jayson Tatum.




Dereck Lively II NBA Sleeper Pick: More Than 8.5 Rebounds

The fact this is still at 8.5 and the fact that it’s almost even between the more and less is wild. Lively has been the preferred center for Dallas this series, especially the last two games, with Daniel Gafford’s minutes largely going away.

Lively had 17 potential rebounds in Game 4, 26 potential rebounds in Game 3 and 15 potential rebounds per game this series, despite only topping 22 minutes ONCE this series. He’ll top 22 minutes for the second time this series in Game 5.




NBA Schedule Today: NBA Finals

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