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More often than not, playing in your fantasy baseball home league is more about bragging rights than anything else. Beat your buddies and you can walk a little taller throughout the offseason because you were smarter and played a savvier game all year. Sure, you can each kick in $100 to create a prize pool, but we’re not exactly talking life-changing money, are we? But with the rise of daily fantasy sports (DFS) and the ever-increasing number of competitors in the National Fantasy Baseball Championships (NFBC), people aren’t looking to bring home just the bacon -- they want the whole damn pig.

If you’ve got some disposable income and you’re looking to bank some real coin playing fantasy baseball, then Adam Ronis’ High Roller Room is exactly where you need to be. There are a number of high-stakes platforms ready and waiting for you, though you need to make sure that you have your eyes wide open going in and are ready to commit. What we’ve put together for you here is an entire section of the Draft Guide dedicated to playing high-stakes fantasy baseball. From choosing the right league to draft strategy to in-season management, Adam Ronis, one of the top high-stakes players in the industry, takes you through the process of elevating your game from home league fun to six-figure payouts.

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Introduction to High Stakes Fantasy Baseball

Choosing the Right League

High-Stakes Draft Strategy Tips

In-Season Roster Management

High-Stakes FAAB Strategies

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