With both the 2022 MLB season and subsequent fantasy baseball season beginning this Thursday, now would be the perfect time to get you FIRED UP for the upcoming 2022 MLB DFS campaign! Haven’t played DFS yet? We have ALL the pieces you will need to start your journey into the daily fantasy sports space. It’s time to WIN with Fantasy Alarm, FANation!

Looking for an intro to DFS article? Have that. How about a how-to on using our MLB DFS Playbook? Have that, too. There are things called “Cash Games” and “Tournaments” and we have articles for BOTH and a Contest Selection piece to help you decide which type of player you are! Maybe, just maybe, you end up playing a little of both! Always manage your bankroll, though, which we talk about HERE!

What else do we have to offer you for MLB DFS for the 2022 campaign? We have daily projections, powered by FanJections, that are continuously updated both for pitchers and hitters and provide an idea of what’s to come on a given slate. 

We have an easy-to-use Lineup Generator that will help all those constructing multiple lineups – up to 150 lineups – the ability to not manually create all those lineups. The generator uses the aforementioned projections and you have the ability to adjust them if you felt the need to! Within the generator, there is a playbook-only feature to really make sure you’re diving into the day’s content, while also having the ability to lock in the players YOU want to use!

Have you ever used Discord? That’s where you’ll find all of us here at Fantasy Alarm during the MLB DFS season! We have Fantasy Alarm analysts available from 8 am EST to 8 pm EST ready and willing to take ANY MLB DFS question you may have and the authors of that day’s playbook will be there until the first pitch of the last game of the slate, just in case you have some questions regarding that game as well!

Baseball is a GRIND and requires a LOT of daily research, and you’re going to get the BEST research on the regular from all of our great analysts here at Fantasy Alarm. We’re going to strike out the rest of the competition! Yes, corny dad jokes come with the subscription!



Fantasy Baseball 2022