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Fantasy Football Weekly Recap: Week 13

A complete recap of NFL Week 13 from a Fantasy Football Perspective

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Chances are your Thanksgiving hangover didn't last long enogh to ease the pain of playing against Josh Gordon, Alshon Jeffrey or Eric Decker.  Week 13 saw a massive amount of Fantasy points scored and if you have lived to tell the tale then I contratulate you.  If not, you are probably searching for answers on where it all went wrong.  With this week being such a decisive week where so many have missed out on their playoff dreams, I have decided to treat all of you to a special arrangement of pictorials to accompany this weeks game summaries.  If you are one of our loyal Female readers then just do what you alwasy do and mentally note each and every flaw on these hard bodies that follow.  You are better looking anyways so no need to feel bad.  For the rest of you, enjoy the Week 13 Recap.

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Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns






Chad Henne

22-40 195 2TD INT

Brandon Weeden

24-40 370 TD 3TD 2INT

Maurice Jones-Drew

23-77 rushing 2-4 receiving

Chris Ogbonnaya

7-20 rushing 2-14 receiving

Jordan Todman

5-31 rushing 1-12 receiving

Willis McGahee

14-57 rushing TD 2-14 receiving

Cecil Shorts

6-64 receiving TD

Josh Gordon

10-261 2 receiving TD

Ace Sanders

8-67 receiving

Greg Little

2-9 receiving TD

Marcedes Lewis

3-26 receiving TD

Jordan Cameron

4-43 receiving


Key Plays

WR Josh Gordon – head injury but returned

McGahee 1 yard TD run after Gordon 42 yard catch

LB Brandon Magee – chest injury

Cecil Shorts GW 20 yard TD catch

WR Mike Brown – active with shoulder injury

Josh Gordon 95 yard TD catch


Josh Gordon is the first WR in NFL history to have back to back 200+ yard games

Brandon Weeden made a ton of mistakes once again but he will at least take the shots downfield

McGahee was far move involved than anyone who have expected

Joe Haden tried to guess on the Shorts TD and got burned for the game-winning TD

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Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts






Ryan Fitzpatrick

21-37 201TD3INT 8-54 rush TD

Andrew Luck

17-32 200 INT 5-42 rushing

Chris Johnson

18-69 rushing 6-32 receive TD

Donald Brown

14-54 rushing TD 2-10 receiving

Shonn Greene

10-39 rushing 1-1 receiving

Trent Richardson

5-19 rushing

Kendall Wright

6-77 receiving

T.Y. Hilton

5-46 receiving

Nate Washington

5-81 receiving

Lavon Brazill

3-42 receiving

Delanie Walker

1-5 receiving

Coby Fleener

3-50 receiving


Key Plays

TE Delanie Walker – concussion

Ryan Fitzpatrick 1 TD run


Chris Johnson 1 yard TD Catch on 4th and goal


Brown 4 yard TD run – 46 rushing yards on final drive


Ryan Fitzpatrick is a glory whore who is just looking for rushing TD’s every time they get close to the goalline

Andrew Luck is still struggling with Reggie Wayne and got away with a ton of mistakes

Darius Heyward-Bey continues to play horrible and seemed to benched after a bad drop in the  3rd quarter

Justin Hunter was relatively non-existent after a breakout game last week

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Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings






Josh McCown

23-36 355 2TD

Matt Cassell

20-33 243 TD INT

Matt Forte

23-120 rushing 2-31 receiving

Adrian Peterson

35-211 rushing

Brandon Marshall

4-45 receiving

Greg Jennings

7-78 receiving TD

Alshon Jeffrey

12-249 2 receiving TD

Cordarrelle Patterson

2-27 rushing TD 1-4 receiving

Earl Bennett

2-17 receiving

Jerome Simpson

3-76 receiving

Martellus Bennett

2-14 receiving

John Carlson

4-61 receiving


Key Plays

QB Christian Ponder – head injury

Patterson 33 yard TD run

TE Martellus Bennett – ankle injury

Alshon Jeffrey 80 & 46 yard TD catches

SS Major Wright – hamstring injury - inactive

Greg Jennings 8 yard TD catch


McCown throws am interception in the redzone that is called back on offsides early in the first quarter

Both coaching staffs made horrible decisions throughout the game with both strategy and play-calling

Patterson was able to find the endzone on a rushing TD but is still barely involved in the game plan

Walsh had a previous GW FG called back due to a penalty then missed the longer one.Gould missed FG in OT

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Miami Dolphins at New York Jets






Ryan Tannehill

28-43 331 2TD INT

Geno Smith

4-10 29 yard INT

Lamar Miller

22-72 rushing 1-13 receiving

Chris Ivory

12-61 rushing 1-12 receiving

Mike Wallace

7-82 receiving TD

Bilal Powell

7-34 rushing 3-25 receiving

Rishard Matthews

2-21 receiving

Santonio Holmes

NO catches

Brian Hartline

9-127 receiving TD

Matt Simms

9-18 79 yards INT

Charles Clay

7-80 receiving

Jeff Cumberland

1-6 receiving


Key Plays

WR Santonio Holmes –active but non-existent

Brian Hartline  31 yard TD catch

WR Joshua Cribbs – shoulder injury

Mike Wallace 28 yard TD catch


Simms threw INT endzone on only real chance for JETS


17 yard Miller run called back due to penalty early on but he ran decently and could do better vs a bad D

Ryan Tannehill throws have not been even close to his receivers or always late

Geno Smith benched at the half after another horrific performance

Matt Simms was barely more effective than Geno Smith as this offense has become the worst in the league

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Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles






Carson Palmer

24-41, 302 yards, 3 TDs, 2 INT

Nick Foles

21-34, 237 yards, 3 TD’s

9-22 yards rushing

Rashard Mendenhall

18-76 yards

LeSean McCoy

19-79 yards rushing

5-36 yards rec

Michael Floyd

5-99 yards, 1 TD

DeSean Jackson

3-36 yards

Larry Fitzgerald

5-72 yards, 1 TD

Riley Cooper

3-48 yards

Andre Roberts

4-29 yards

Zach Ertz

5-68 yards, 2 TD’s

Rob Housler

3-21 yards

Brent Celek

4-29 yards, 1 TD


Key Plays

Kevin Minter left game with a shoulder injury

Zach Ertz TD catches of 6 & 24

Jeff Maehl left game with a concussion

Brent Celek 1 yard TD reception

Najee Goode left game with a hamstring injury

Jim Dray 3 yard TD reception


The Cardinals missed A. Ellington in this game. They could have used his pass catching ability on 3rd down.

Nick Foles has set an NFL record for TD passes without throwing an interception with 19.

DeSean Jackson had a 54 yard punt return for TD called back due to holding on Kurt Coleman.

Cardinals have allowed a TD to TE’s in 6 of last 7 games.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers






Mike Glennon

14-21, 180 yards, 1 INT

Cam Newton

18-29, 263 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INT

5-68 yards, 1 TD rush

Bobby Rainey

17-63 yards rushing

2-8 yard rec

Jonathan Stewart

14-39 yards

Brian Leonard

2-10 yards receiving

Mike Tolbert

9-48 yards rushing

3-41 yards rec

Vincent Jackson

3-75 yards

Steve Smith

3-51 yards

Tiquan Underwood

3-51 yards

Brandon Lafell

3-36 yards, 1 TD

Tim Wright

2-17 yards

Greg Olsen

5-85 yards


Key Plays

Jordan Senn left game with a hamstring injury

Brandon LaFell 16 yard TD reception

Dwan Edwards left game with a leg injury

Cam Newton 1 yard TD run

Darrelle Revis left game with a shoulder injury

Ted Ginn 36 yard TD reception


With D. Williams out the Panthers split carries evenly between Stewart & Tolbert. Tolbert has more value.

I hate to say it but Bobby Rainey impresses me. I would definitely play him as an RB2 going forward.

The Panthers Defense sacked Mike Glennon 5 times and forced 2 turnovers this afternoon.

Brandon LaFell is a better Fantasy WR than Steve Smith right now & probably going forward as well.

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New England Patriots at Houston Texans






Tom Brady

29-41, 371 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT

Case Keenum

15-30, 272 yards, 1 INT

3-6 yards, 1 TD rushing

Shane Vereen

10-38 yards rushing

5-37 yards, 1 TD rec

Ben Tate

22-102 yards, 3 TD’s

Lagarrette Blount

12-44 yards, 1 TD

Dennis Johnson

3-13 yards

Julien Edelman

9-101 yards

Andre Johnson

8-121 yards

Danny Amendola

5-54 yards

DeAndre Hopkins

2-77 yards

Rob Gronkowski

6-127 yards, 1 TD

Garrett Graham

3-36 yards


Key Plays

Stevan Ridley was inactive for this game

Ben Tate TD runs of 8, 10 & 20 yards

Kenbrel Thompkins left game with a hip injury

Rob Gronkowski 23 yard TD reception


James Develin 1 yard TD run


The Pats had Stevan Ridley stand with a football on the sidelines today. This was a very childish move.

It looks like Brady is far more comfortable throwing to Edelman than Amendola.

Ben Tate desperately needed this performance today. He is locked in as the RB1 now for rest of this season.

When Ridley is out, Blount is a usable Fantasy player. He gets carries & the all important goal line touches.

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Atlanta Falcons at Buffalo Bills






Matt Ryan

28-47, 311 yards, 1 TD

E.J. Manuel

18-32, 210 yards, 1 TD

4-3 yards, 1 TD rushing

Steven Jackson

23-84 yards, 2 TD’s

Fred Jackson

11-42 yards, 1 TD rushing

4-36 yards, 1 TD rec

Antone Smith

1-38 yards, 1 TD rushing

1-6 yards rec

C.J. Spiller

15-149 yards, 1 TD rushing

2-8 yards rec

Roddy White

10-143 yards

Stevie Johnson

5-55 yards

Harry Douglas

6-73 yards

Robert Woods

2-39 yards

Tony Gonzalez

4-42 yards, 1 TD

Scott Chandler

4-63 yards


Key Plays


EJ Manuel 1 yard TD run


Antone Smith 38 yard TD run


CJ Spiller 36 yard TD run


These are 2 terrible defenses making each others offense look far better than they really are.

I love this from Roddy White but am not sold that he is anything more than a WR3 the rest of the way.

Embattled Toronto Mayor showed up to the game wearing a Fred Jackson Jersey…with crack all over it.

Although CJ Spiller continues to limp around, his speed is noticeably back and with it so is his Fantasy value.

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St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers






Kellen Clemens

19-37, 218 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

Colin Kaepernick

19-28, 175 yards, 1 TD

4-21 yards rushing

Zac Stacy

19-72 yards

Frank Gore

15-42 yards, 1 TD

Tavon Austin

4-25 yards

Michael Crabtree

2-68 yards

Chris Givens

2-30 yards

Anquan Boldin

9-98 yards

Brian Quick

3-41 yards, 1 TD

Mario Manningham


Jared Cook

3-49 yards

Vernon Davis

4-82 yards, 1 TD


Key Plays

Joe Staley left game with a knee injury

Frank Gore 3 yard TD run

Vance McDonald left game with an ankle injury

Vernon Davis 17 yard TD reception

Jake Long left game with a concussion

Brian Quick 3 yard TD reception


Although the 49ers now have 3 usable WR’s, none are every week Fantasy starters.

The loss of Joe Staley could be catastrophic for the 49ers especially in the running game.

The Rams fake punt attempt was one of the worst plays I have ever seen in professional football.

Everytime I watch Zac Stacy I like him more. He’ll be a very high end RB2 the rest of the way.

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Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs






Peyton Manning

22-35, 403 yards, 5 TDs, 2 INT

Alex Smith

26-42, 293 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT

4-46 yards rushing

Knowshon Moreno

15-18 yards rushing

4-72 yards, 1 TD rec

JaMaal Charles

19-93 yards, 1 TD rushing

2-27 yards rec

Montee Ball

13-117 yards

Dwayne Bowe

3-56 yards

DeMaryius Thomas

3-106 yards

Donnie Avery

2-17 yards

Wes Welker

3-38 yards

Dexter McCluster

5-43 yards

Eric Decker

8-174 yards, 4 TD’s

Anthony Fasano

3-28 yards 1 TD


Key Plays

Trindon Holliday left game with a shoulder injury

Junior Hemingway 17 yard TD reception

Anthony Fasano left game with a concussion

Knile Davis 108 yard kickoff return

Brandon Albert left game with a knee injury

Eric Decker TD catches of 1, 15, 37 & 41 yards


Dwayne Bowe had a 13 yard TD reception called back due to an illegal procedure penalty.

The Broncos WR’s are valuable but it’s difficult relying on them in the Playoffs because of inconsistency.

The Chiefs Defense is in big trouble due to injuries. They have gone from “avoid” to “must start against”

Google the video of Knowshon Moreno’s tears during the National Anthem today. Absolutely freakish!

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Cincinnati Bengals at San Diego Chargers






Andy Dalton

14-23, 190 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

Phillip Rivers

23-37, 252 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

BenJarvus Green-Ellis

20-92 yards, 1 TD rushing

Ryan Mathews

14-61 yards rushing

5-31 yards rec

Giovanni Bernard

14-57 yards rushing

1-9 yards rec

Danny Woodhead

7-22 yards rushing

2-13 yards rec

A.J. Green

5-83 yards, 1 TD

Keenan Allen

8-106 yards

Andrew Hawkins

3-65 yards

Ladarius Green

2-45 yards, 1 TD

Tyler Eifert

1-9 yards

Antonio Gates

5-41 yards


Key Plays

Clint Boling left game with a knee injury

BenJarvus Green-Ellis 4 yard TD run

Derek Cox left game due to coach’s decision

LaDarius Green 30 yard TD reception


A.J. Green 21 yard TD reception


This is Keenan Allen’s fifth 100+ receiving yard performance of the season.

The Chargers only made it to the red zone once in this game and Keenan Allen fumbled to end the drive.

As good as LaDarius Green has been he cannot be started unless Antonio Gates is inactive for a game.

Another reason why you don’t win titles with players like Danny Woodhead. He is just too inconsistent.

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New York Giants at Washington Redskins






Eli Manning

22-28, 235 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

Robert Griffin III

24-32, 207 yards, 1 TD

Andre Brown

14-35 yards, 2 TD’s rushing

3-23 yards rec

Alfred Morris

11-26 yards,1 TD

Victor Cruz

6-80 yards

Roy Helu

4-6 yards rushing

4-34 yards rec

Hakeem Nicks

2-34 yards

Pierre Garcon

9-61 yards

Ruben Randle

3-20 yards

Santana Moss

1-15 yards

Brandon Myers

5-61 yards,1 TD

Logan Paulsen

3-41 yards, 1 TD


Key Plays

Reed Doughty left game with a concussion

Andre Brown TD runs of 1 & 23 yards

DeAngelo Hall left game with a hip injury

Logan Paulsen 19 yard TD reception

London Fletcher left game with an ankle injury

Brandon Myers 22 yard TD reception


It’s odd that both RB’s in this game had great matchups, put up decent numbers but ran for no yardage.

Does anybody realize that Hakeem Nicks has ZERO TD’s this year? He really shouldn’t even be on rosters.

Jordan Reed was a surprise inactive today. He suffered a pregame headache that caused him to be inactive.

RGIII checked down a lot today. He appeared to just complete passes and not really move the offense.


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