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The NFL Consistency Report is a grade for players (A-F) based solely on their consistency from week-to-week. Simply, how much their weekly output deviates from their weekly average throughout the season. In DFS cash games, players who are more consistent (A-B) should be considered more often). In GPP plays, you should feel comfortable starting players with high averages but in the C-F range with their grade.
Matt Ryan17.914.916.712.50.012.917.
Jay Cutler0.
Ben Roethlisberger16.717.514.011.57.612.916.
Drew Brees15.622.220.819.00.013.521.
Joe Flacco7.815.6-0.911.48.55.411.
Mitchell Trubisky0.
Marcus Mariota18.814.019.717.
Philip Rivers18.717.26.521.919.814.315.
Brett Hundley0.
Jared Goff16.412.123.618.111.79.919.
Tyrod Taylor19.810.517.812.
Carson Palmer11.916.921.717.415.621.
Dak Prescott17.117.922.923.630.
Matthew Stafford28.
Carson Wentz19.925.813.215.128.323.
Blake Bortles10.313.827.612.43.714.518.
Josh McCown11.517.712.78.014.522.325.
Case Keenum0.06.728.68.811.814.
Kirk Cousins15.611.926.820.
Jacoby Brissett2.09.827.810.619.
Alex Smith31.
Andy Dalton3.09.516.330.315.
Eli Manning7.712.624.627.716.
Jameis Winston0.012.518.526.518.52.426.
Tom Brady10.730.835.720.516.
Trevor Siemian23.726.87.511.
Derek Carr16.721.
Deshaun Watson8.717.720.134.733.522.
Cam Newton14.111.811.334.026.223.711.
DeShone Kizer19.66.925.
Russell Wilson10.315.333.527.612.
Brian Hoyer6.
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