2013 Fantasy Baseball: Shortstop Rankings by Michael Pichan (@FantasyNomad) [caption id="attachment_15977" align="alignleft" width="273"]photo courtesy of Bleacher Report Yo, who feels Andrelton should bat lead off this season?[/caption] As I mentioned in my Second Base Rankings introduction, Middle Infield positions are arguably the most scarce positions to fill in Fantasy Baseball. As most of you already know, the shortstop position may also be the toughest place to find safe pick(s). Reyes, Tulowitzki, and Hardy have a vast injury history, Jeter is old (by athlete status) and hurt, and there are quite a few shortstops this season who are lacking in extended Major League experience .   A key strategy, I recommend, is not to reach for any of the top tier short stops, (not named Martin Prado), rather look for the best value on some of the young, high potential players, later in the draft like Rockies SS/2B Josh Rutledge, Braves SS Andrelton Simmons (especially if he does secure a spot at the top of that potent Braves line up), or Brewers SS Jean Segura. If you aren't comfortable counting on one of these young studs in the making, then I suggest drafting a player like DBacks Martin Prado or Rays Ben Zobrist who may not be at the caliber of Reyes or Tulo, but still have some room to improve and offer multi-positional eligibility. If you have missed any of my previously released  Fantasy Baseball Rankings click here: Michael Pichan’s Blog Page. Fantasy Pros, or Fantasy Rundown I look forward to seeing who you agree and/or disagree with in the comment section below each rankings.  
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