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Playoff Fantasy Football: Daily Plays For Draft Kings

Daily Fantasy Football lineups for Draft Kings by Jeff Mans

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This weekend Draft Kings is paying out $400,000 in guaranteed greenbacks as part of their Divisional Clash Contest.  If you’re like me and will never admit that the Fantasy Football season ends or if you’re like me and love making bank playing Daily Fantasy Sports, this contest is for you.


People have been asking me all week about my under the radar plays for this weeks NFL Playoff Games and I have to admit that it’s been a work in progress.  When putting together a great playoff lineup you have to remember that there are going to be players who aren’t household names that come up big in the playoffs.  They key is to find the right matchup and exploit the hell out of it.


This week I am sure that he Broncos are going to take care of business against the Chargers, the Patriots will beat up on the Colts and the 49ers will win a close game over the Panthers.  I also believe that if the Seahawks defense allows any big plays their offense will not be able to keep pace with the Saints.  With these thoughts in mind here is a position by position strategy session and lineup submission for the Draft Kings $400,000 Divisional Clash or any other Daily Fantasy contest you are playing in this week.

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Ideally you want to go with the surest thing on the board here.  But you have to consider the weather at this time of year and also the heath of the players around the QB.  We also have to match them up against the defense and decide what the tempo of the games will be.  I am really interested in Cam Newton because he is capable of putting up a monster week and also because I really want him to.  But I didn’t like what I saw of him in the final few weeks of the regular season and I absolutely don’t believe in offensive coordinator Mike Shula or head coach Ron Rivera to come up with any type of gameplan that works.  Therefore I am confident that the 49ers will win this game and that Cam is just not worth the risk this week.  Therefore, the winner is the obvious choice in Peyton Manning.  Although I believe the Broncos will run the ball at will over the Chargers, I still think Manning is the safest choice to throw for 300 yards and at least 2 TD’s.


Final Pick: Peyton Manning -- $9400

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Marshawn Lynch is the obvious choice because he is the best RB on the board and the images of him running over the Saints the last time these teams met in the playoffs are still vivid.  At $8000 the price tag is high but again I just can’t pass it up.  Therefore I need a value play at my other RB spot if I intend to keep this lineup under the $50,000 salary cap.  I consider going real cheap with Mike Tolbert who could pick up a couple short yardage TD’s and is more involved in the Panthers passing game than either of the other RB’s when you break it down.  But instead I am rolling with Chargers RB Danny Woodhead.  At $5700 he is a good value considering Ryan Mathews might not play and eve if he does he will be limited.  Also, when the Chargers are playing from behind, Woodhead is the only RB who is on the field.  Since Draft Kings is a full point PPR format, the choice is clear to me.


Final Picks:  Marshawn Lynch -- $8000

Danny Woodhead -- $5700

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I obviously cannot spend crazy here because I have taken the highest price QB & RB on the board.  I also have to be careful not to use all common type players in order for my lineup to get some separation from the majority of people who will chase the top names at each position.  I love all the Broncos receivers this week but am not going to play any of them because in essence they cancel each other out.  So, I look to New England and a PPR machine named Julian Edelman as my safety net at the WR position.  I really would like to get Keenan Allen in here as well because the Chargers playing catch up is a good thing for him this week.  But ultimately his price tag is too high and I decide to roll with Michael Crabtree.  Now many of you know that I hate Michael Crabtree and this is true.  But in the playoffs it isn’t about show friends…it’s show business.


Final Picks:   Julian Edelman -- $6900

                    Michael Crabtree -- $5800

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I would love to go with Jimmy Graham but he is just a bit too expensive at this point.  Plus, I don’t know why but Brees hasn’t been going to him nearly as much in the past 7 weeks and it’s gotten a bit ridiculous.  At $5500 I really like the price on Vernon Davis going against the 22nd ranked team against the TE position and thus he is my choice this week.


Final Pick: Vernon Davis -- $5500

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If you’re keeping track at home then you know that I basically only have the minimum to spend on my FLEX option assuming I go minimum at Kicker and Defense.  This is where I have decided to put my junk on the table and separate my lineup from the others with a true longshot play.  As the Patriots defense works to shadow T.Y. Hilton on every down, somebody else on the Colts offense has to emerge.  That player is going to be Da’Rick Rogers.  Yes it is a risk as he could only get a couple of targets in this game.  But he is also the Colts best chance at big plays against a team that has given up plenty this season.  A safer choice would be to go with Mike Tolbert, Griff Whalen or even Ronnie Brown but safe isn’t going to feed the bulldog.


Final Pick: Da’Rick Rogers -- $3200

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I mentioned earlier that the 49ers and Panthers are going to be in a close game that is probably decided by a field goal.  The weather should be nice in Carolina as well and thus I am going with the cheapest kicker on the board in Graham Gano.


Final Pick: Graham Gano -- $3000

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The Seahawks, Panthers and 49ers are among the best defenses in the NFL but they are too expensive for me this week.  I will take the Saints who are the cheapest yet play an offense that only has one legitimate threat in Marshawn Lynch.


Final Pick: Saints -- $2200


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