It's early in the fantasy baseball season, but that doesn't mean that certain people aren't already in full on panic mode. Are you one of those folks? I'll offer some advice on why it might make a lot of sense to remain patient. I'll also break down two huge money deals given to two of the best second baseman in the game.

It's almost as if Godzilla was thundering down the street smashing everything in his way. Or perhaps that was Chicken Little running down the street screaming that the sky is  falling. Or perhaps the fella running wildly with his shirt off is one of those people who are convinced that the world will end upon the completion of the 2012 calendar year.

Truth be told, it's probably someone in your fantasy league. There has to be, has to be, at least one person in your league who is already willing to blow up their team. I know this to be a fact because you should see all the questions I've been getting at the BaseballGuys Twitter page. Obviously a week worth of games isn't even close to enough data to make a judgment about anything. It just isn't despite what people may be telling you. The baseball season is 162 games long. Like a fine wine, you have to give it time to reach it's peak. Stay the course and remain patient. Let me drop some knowledge on you all. Here are the 2011 April numbers of a few of the stars of the game. Did all of them not rebound and produce solid fantasy seasons last year?

Brett Gardner hit .188 in April of 20111. He finished the year at .259. Carlos Lee hit .194. He finished the year at .275. Nick Markakis hit .204. He finished the year at .284.

Jimmy Rollins hit one home run in April of 2011. He finished with 16 homers. Adrian Gonzalez hit one homer. He finished with 27 homers. Jhonny Peralta hit one homer. He finished with 21 homers. Aramis Ramirez hit one homer. He finished with 26 homers. Carlos Gonzalez hit one homer. He finished with 26 homers.

Michael Cuddyer had four RBIs in April of 2011. He finished with 70. Dustin Pedroia had eight RBIs. He finished with 91 RBIs. Freddie Freeman had eight RBIs. He finished with 76 RBIs. Dan Uggla had nine RBIs. He finished the year with 82 RBIs. Giancarlo Stanton had nine RBIs. He finished the year with 87 RBIs.

Ryan Dempster had a 9.58 ERA in April of 2011. He finished the year at 4.80. Javier Vazquez had a 6.39 ERA. He finished the year at 3.69. Yovani Gallardo had a 5.70 ERA. He finished the year at 3.52. Daniel Hudson had a 5.64 ERA. He finished the year at 3.49.

It's a looooong season. If you own a proven player, or an elite level talent who struggles out of the gate, it would be wise to think very carefully about whether or not dropping that player will be in your best interest.


Ian Kinsler was signed to a five year deal worth $75 million to remain with the Rangers. That's a lot of coin, but given how productive that Kinsler has been, you have to think that the Rangers won't regret it. Even with all the issues he always has staying healthy, he's appeared in more than 145 games just one time, an “average” Kinsler season has led to a .276 average, 21 homers, 67 RBI, 94 runs and 23 steals even though that same “average” season has only taken up 130 games played. If he can somehow up that number to 145+ games, well, let's just say everyone will be grinning from ear to ear.

Speaking of second sackers, Brandon Phillips is on the cusp of agreeing to a 6-year, $72.5 million deal to stay with the Reds according to Jim Bowden. Phillips, who is a year older than Kinsler, has been a Red since 2006, and over those six seasons his “average” effort has led to a .280 average, 21 homers, 81 RBI, 87 runs scored and 23 steals. Amazing how close those numbers are to what Kinsler has put up, isn't it? By the way, Phillips is currently dealing with a hamstring that cramped up Monday night. The team thinks he should be fine, but he could miss a few days.

So did the Reds or the Rangers get the best deal?

By Ray Flowers


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