I've got it all for you today.

First, a mailbag question. Second, a brief discussion off my fantasy top-25. Third, a reason to throw up on yourself.

Who wouldn't want to read about all of that?

I posted my top-25 fantasy players for 2011 just about a month ago. I still like the list, though I might move a couple of guys up and down a few spots. Two main notes at this point after checking out the fantasy landscape. First, I'm shocked at the wide variance with Ryan Braun this draft season. I listed him at #3 overall, but I've seen him go as low as #8, the spot I took him in the K-BAD fantasy league over at KFFL. Obviously I was overjoyed to get him that late. Second, I still don't think Adrian Gonzalez, who I had at #20 on my initial list, should be going in the top-10 overall, but his current ADP is 9th, and in the K-BAD league he went 6th. He's going to have a hard time justifying that selection since he brings no speed on the base paths.

In my keeper league I can hold on to four players. I've settled on Ryan Braun, Jason Heyward and Ubaldo Jimenez. For my fourth spot I'm having trouble. Would you keep David Price, Adrian Beltre or Jayson Werth?

- Todd, Downey, California

I love the young talent in Braun and Heyward, and while I'm not sold on Jimenez duplicating his work from last season, he has to be considered one of the top-15 starters in 2011 so I'm fine with protection him as well. As for the other three that you have to choose from for the last spot, some thoughts follow.

Price: Previously I gave my sentiments on Price in Hot Stove: Still Simmering. You can read the article for the details, but I'll boil my thoughts on the young lefty down to this - he was slightly fortunate last season, and despite some undeniable growth, I'd be surprised if he repeated his overall pitching line from last season.

Beltre: One of my favorite whipping boys, I've written about the new Rangers' third sacker many times this offseason. In Insanity Reigns Supreme, I broke down how amazing it was that Scott Boras was able to coax so much dough out of the Rangers. I also broke down Beltre on the field and believe, for the 17th time, that the data says he is a good, but not great, option at third base. Don't get me wrong, I have no issue at all with him being my third basemen in standard leagues, but I certainly would not draft him expecting a repeat of last years .321-28-102-84 effort.

Werth: Everyone loved Werth as a Phillie, but now everyone seems rather down on him as a National (I discussed the signing in Around the Horn: Hot Stove, Dec.6, 2010). While h is current ADP is 52 according to MockDraftCentral, I've seen him fall below that in some drafts that I have participated in. Werth is leaving a good home yard, as well as a stacked lineup in Philly, so his counting numbers could suffer in Washington. Still, the past three seasons he has been pretty darn good with an average 5x5 line of .279-29-84-92-18. There's little wrong with that.

So who would I keep? I don't think there is any reason to keep two pitchers out of the four guys, so I automatically removed Price (plus I'm not high on him anyway). As much as I like Werth, I also don't think it makes sense to keep three outfielders out of four players. That leaves me with suggesting you roster Beltre given your setup, even if I would prefer to roster Werth if it was an either/or decision.

Do you need another reason to hate Alex Rodriguez? In case you missed it because you spent all of last Sunday making out with your significant other and didn't watch the Super Bowl, we were served up yet another reason to despise A-Rod. In his best "I'm a Roman Centurion home from battle' moment, the cameras caught girlfriend Cameron Diaz feeding him popcorn. I threw up in my mouth a little bit. A-Rod found out that the cameras captured it and went "ballistic" demanding that no more shots of him were to be run on television. He got his way, but for this scribe, it didn't come nearly in time as the vision of Diaz feeding A-Rod popcorn has been seared into my brain, and if you haven't picked up on it yet, it's a painful image that will haunt me for many moons. For more on the story you can click the link to A-Rod Furious at Super Bowl Candid Shot (it even has a picture so that you can make yourself nauseous as well).

By Ray Flowers


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