'Derek Jeter' photo (c) 2012, Keith Allison - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/ The folks over at KFFL.com have been gracious enough to invite me to participate in KFFL's Baseball Analysis Draft (K-BAD) the last couple of years. When you see how my team performed no wonder they invited me. I'm apparently an easy mark.

Ryan Doumit was great (.275-18-75). Not so much Kurt Suzuki who burned me in pretty much every league (literally every one huh?). As they say, love hurts.

Miguel Cabrera was my rock. Triple Crown winner (.330-44-139).

Howie Kendrick didn't match his 2011 effort but he was solid (.287-8-67-57-14).

Kevin Youkilis didn't come close to living up to my expectations with his worst season (.235/.336/.409).

Derek Jeter was one run and one steal from a .315-15-55-100-10 season.

Mark Reynolds and Dustin Ackley didn't exactly anchor my CI/MI spots.

Matt Holliday, B.J. Upton, Dexter Fowler and Shane Victorino were a strong base in the outfield, but Brennan Boesch (.240-12-54-52 in 470 at-bats) and Vernon Wells (.230-11-29-36 in 243 at-bats) were dreadful as my 5th outfield option. I should have listened to my own review of Boesch.

Daniel Murphy was solid and qualified at multiple positions. Rafael Furcal was spectacular for two months (.333 with 37 runs and eight steals in April-May) and good in the first half (.275 with 54 runs scored) before his work at the dish caved (.239 with a .600 OPS over his last 38 games). Oh, and finally my boy, Chris Davis, killed it. Davis socked 33 long balls and drive in 85 while scoring 75 times. I knew the power would eventually come out.

King Felix dominated. Ricky Romero was atrocious. Josh Beckett was as blah as blah gets. Brandon Morrow was great but missed two months with injury. Wandy Rodriguez was league average across the board. Ricky Nolasco was worse than Wandy. Scott Baker blew his arm out.

Sergio Santos blew his arm out. Frank Francisco was awful (5.53 ERA, 1.61 WHIP, 23 SVs). David Robertson was the closer for about 10 days before he was injured (I spent 35% of my FAAB budget to add him for that 10 day run. What luck, right?). Sergio Romo was nails as always (1.79 ERA, 0.84 WHIP, 14 SVs).

CONGRATS:  Joe Hamrahi of Baseball Prospectus.

FINAL RESULT: 11/12. This is the most embarrassed I think I have ever been at a club. My pitching was abysmal. Because I realized with a third of the year left that I have no shot at doing anything in the saves or ratio categories I tanked the ratios and gave up on relievers in an attempt to try and rack up strikeouts and wins. Even that didn't help. On offense, I was 13 RBIs from three more points, seven homers from two more points and two steals from another point. It's always close as I've been saying.

By Ray Flowers


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