I know it's the holiday weekend, but sports never stops. Therefore I never stop. To that end I've taken a few moments of my time to break down the batter vs. pitcher data for the weekend. There's not much of the ole flowery language in this piece. I just went down and dirty, got her done, and now I can start making plans to relax a bit. At least a little. 

Note: This article is being written on Friday. Make sure you check the injury reports and lineups for the weekend before blindly setting your lineup based simply on this piece.   


DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
Erick Aybar has 11 hits in 25 at-bats against Scott Feldman. That's good for a .440 batting average. Howie Kendrick has 10 hits in 22 at-bats. That's a .455 batting average. Both guys have three RBIs. 

Adrian Beltre has hit only .271 over 70 at-bats against Bartolo Colon. However, he has five homers, 15 RBIs an a .586 SLG. It's hollow, he has no homers or steals, but over 33 at-bats Alex Rios has hit .303. 

Jay Bruce hammers Matt Garza. I can write that given that he's hit .421 with two homers and six RBIs over 19 at-bats. Skip Schumaker, if he plays, would be a sneaky play. He's hit .400 over 15 at-bats. 

Melky Cabrera is at .360 with a .920 OPS against Scott Kazmir over 25 plate appearances. 

Coco Crisp has three homers, six RBIs, a steal an a .291 batting average over 55 at-bats. Nick Punto has driven in nine runs and hit .294 over 51 at-bats.

Ian Desmond has eight hits in 18 at-bats against Jeff Samardzija. He's gone deep with three RBIs. Adam LaRoche is only hitting .333, but he also has three homers in 18 at-bats. 

Garrett Jones – wow. In 10 at-bats against Shelby Miller he has two homers and five RBIs. Double wow... he's also got seven hits. 

Matt Kemp likes to smash Jorge De La Rosa. A lot. He's hit .455 with three homers and 12 RBIs over 33 at-bats. If Hanley Ramirez suits up he too should be in your lineup. He's hit .400 with two homers in 25 at-bats. Adrian Gonzalez doesn't hit many lefties, or at least he hasn't this season, but he's always smashed this lefty. In 38 at-bats he's hit .368-3-11. Oh yeah, the game also takes place in Colorado. 

Cameron Maybin has nine hits in 22 at-bats against Tim Hudson. That's a .409 average. He's also gone deep once. 

Miguel Montero has 10 hits in 19 at-bats against Aaron Harang. That's a .526 average folks. Toss in seven walks and his OBP is an insane .654. Paul Goldschmidt isn't too far behind as he's hit .455 with two homers an a .647 OBP over 17 plate appearances. 

Alexei Ramirez is in a tailspin, but he's hitting .333 over 27 at-bats against Felix Hernandez.

Nick Swisher has hit .372 with a 1.161 OPS over 49 plate appearances against Jeremy Guthrie. He's gone deep twice with seven doubles and nine RBIs. Carlos Santana is finally hitting, and he's 6-for-16 with a homer and three RBIs. Ryan Raburn is at .368 with three RBIs over 19 at-bats. Oh, and then there is Jason Kipnis. He's hit .571 with two homers and six RBIs over 14 at-bats. Oh what the hell. Lonnie Chisenhall has mashed too with a .462-1-4 line over 13 at-bats. 

Rickie Weeks --- dude gets it done against Homer Bailey. He's not only hit two homers, stolen two bases and drive in eight runs, but he's also hit .519 with 14 hits over 27 at-bats. Khris Davis, if his shoulder permits, could have success too. He's got six hits in 13 at-bats. Four of those hits are for extra bases... including three homers. Those guys make Ryan Braun seem ordinary (.333-1-6 in 27 ABs). Oh yeah, don't forget about Scooter either. Scooter Gennett has hit .389 over his 18 at-bats. 

DISH DISASTERS – Worst Hitting Matchups of the Day

Elvis Andrus is batting .238 with a .511 OPS over 22 plate appearances against Bartolo Colon

Alberto Callaspo has been getting a lot of playing time of late, but he's never been able to hit Mark Buehrle. Over 23 at-bats he's hit .130. Ugh. Jed Lowrie has one RBI an a .235 batting average over 17 at-bats. 

Carlos Gomez struggles against Homer Bailey. He's produced two steals and three RBIs but he's also failed to go deep, is batting .160 and has a .250 OBP over 28 plate appearances. Aramis Ramirez has a .633 OPS with no homers over 24 plate appearances.

Chase Headley is one of four Padres with at least 17 at-bats who has failed to hit .200 against Tim Hudson. Headley has hit .190 over 21 at-bats. Will Venable is at .182 over 22 at-bats. Seth Smith is .176 over 17 at-bats. The last guy isn't playing (Everth Cabrera .182 in 22 at-bats).

Martin Prado is hitting about .215 the past two weeks and he faces Aaron Harang who he has only three hits against over 19 at-bats. Gerardo Parra is better, but .235 over 17 at-bats with no RBIs is nothing you want engraved on your tombstone. 

Jimmy Rollins has one hit in 12 at-bats against Edinson Volquez. At least he's stolen one bag. 

Troy Tulowitzki has 14 strikeouts in 37 at-bats versus Dan Haren. He's also not coaxed one walk. The result is a .297 batting average but only a .297 OBP. He does have three homers, but his effort just doesn't jump off the page, does it?

Can't get much worse than Ryan Zimmerman versus Jeff Samardzija. I can confidently state that given that he has one hit in 19 at-bats (seven punchouts).

Ben Zobrist has three singles in 13 at-bats against Anibal Sanchez

MOUND MAVENS – Starting Pitchers to Target

Bartolo Colon has a 2.11 ERA and 0.89 WHIP over six starts at home. In his last eight starts overall he's allowed 14 earned runs to lower his ERA from 5.84 to 3.88. He faces the Rangers at home having allowed more than two earned runs just once in eight starts (his last outing).

Has science finally proved the Yeti is real?

Gio Gonzalez has tossed 13 innings of shutout ball in his last two outings. He pitches at home against the Cubs, a club that he's held to a 3.03 ERA while posting a 1.04 WHIP over five career starts. Did I mention that his seven shutout innings on June 28th was against the Cubs?

Tim Hudson surrendered six runs, four earned, in a start back on June 24 against the Padres. He rebounded in his last starts allowing two runs over eight innings to the Reds to lower his ERA back down to 2.59. Hudson has a 2.66 ERA in seven road starts this season an a 2.93 ERA in 16 games against the Padres. Look for a rebound effort. 

Scott Kazmir has a 5-1 record, 1.61 ERA and 0.77 WHIP in seven home starts. The Jays rank 14th in OPS against lefties at .713, and their road OPS this season is .735, though we all know that Oakland isn't the easiest place to hit in. 

Anibal Sanchez has an impressive 2.63 ERA on the year and that means over his last 43 outings his ERA is 2.60. Over his last 10 outings he has five wins and no loses, and he's allowed two or fewer earned runs eight times. He faces the Rays at home where he has a 2.75 ERA and 0.93 WHIP over nine outings. 

MOUND MESSES – Starting Pitchers to Avoid

Homer Bailey has had an uneven season for the Reds. The Brewers always seem to put good swings on him too. The current Brewers lineup has hit .307 with an .859 OPS against Bailey, and we're talking about more than 250 plate appearances from the group. He's faced the Brewers twice this season with a 4.40 ERA and 1.26 WHIP with only 10 Ks in 14.1 innings. 

Matt Garza has a 5.45 ERA in seven starts against the Reds. He has a 5.49 ERA on the road this season over seven starts. He's been moderately effective this season with a 4.10 ERA and 1.28 WHIP. He's more name than game right now. 

Jeremy Guthrie is a good pitcher (3.69 ERA, 1.22 WHIP). However, he's better in the real world than in fantasy (he has only 68 Ks and that doesn't help). He also has poor history against the current Indians lineup that has hit .302 with a .863 OPS over 250 plate appearances. The club has also hit 11 big flies. 

Aaron Harang... come on, you get it by now, right? Up and down – the yo-yo effect. He's been solid his last two outings allowing just four runs, but he's also permitted 17 hits and three homers in 13 innings. He faced the Diamondbacks on June 8th allowed three runs over six innings. That sounds good, but it's very moderate when you think about it (4.50 ERA). He's also been league average at home with a 3.78 ERA and 1.49 WHIP over nine outings. 

Hector Santiago has lowered his ERA from 5.09 to 4.08 over his last five outings, but he faces an Astros club that has produced a 5.19 ERA against him in 8.2 innings, not to mention that the 'Stros are 8th in baseball in OPS against lefties.