Seth Smith is fourth in the majors with a .333 batting average. Seth Smith is third in the majors with a .434 OBP. Seth Smith is third in the majors with a .608 SLG. Seth Smith is second in the majors with a 1.042. Basically, Seth Smith, the man who perhaps the most boring name in baseball (why I mentioned it over and over again by the way), has been one of the most effective offensive forces in the game through the first quarter of the big league season. Who exactly is Seth Smith and can he keep it up?

MAJORS 2007-13

Seth Smith appeared in 729 games over his first seven big league seasons. Usually effective, he never did much of anything to stand out. He hit .265 in those 729 games. He got on base at a .342 clip. He produced a .456 Continue...

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Matt Lochetto 

In a ten team roto, 5x5, I am trying to make this trade: I trade Shelby Miller and the above mentioned Seth Smith I receive Greinke and Cuddyer What say you oh wise one? Thank you.

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