Baseball is not immune to the phenomena of acronyms and in fact it might be one of the worst offenders in the entire universe: OPS,  HR/F, LOB%, PECTOA, WAR… the list goes on and on. In what follows I will be talking about BABIP which stands for Batting Average on Balls in Play. You've heard of it no doubt, but do you really understand it? I'll try and explain a little bit about it before digging into the guts of it and looking at 2014 performances.


BABIP, also referred to as a player's hit rate, is the rate at which batted balls end up as base hits. There is one caveat with BABIP – it removes home runs from the equation because technically the ball isn't in play on a home run (it never lands in the field of play). Here is the simple formula in play for the Continue...

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