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DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day

Do you doubt Ryan Braun any longer? He's got 10 hits in 23 at-bats versus Cliff Lee, and that's good for a .435 average and three homers. I'm buying.

Random shot in the dark. Matt Dominguez hits very well when pitches are up in the zone (see his Slugging Hot Zone map from 2013). Does that mean he will mash if one of R.A. Dickey's Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Kholmes - Adding Hudson is a fine move. However, Wheeler's arm is so much bigger that I can't suggest, at this point of the season, that I would drop the youngster for the vet.


Hey Ray, Thanks for all the great work you do! What do you think about dropping Zack Wheeler for Tim Hudson?

Ray Flowers 

Miguel Enguidanos - I will go with Markakis over the entire group. My thoughts on Solarte are here -

Miguel Enguidanos 

Trying Raburn today (0.1 owned) and dropped Nick Markakis. How do you feel about Callaspo, Solarte, Itzuris and Kubel going forward instead of Markakis. One of your cohorts likes Solarte. Derek Norris is doing ok too for now.

Ray Flowers 

A's Closer Situation -

Ray Flowers 

Towlie - Let me say this... there is no clarity as to who the A's would turn to if they remove Johnson: Doolittle, Cook, Gregerson. Doolittle best arm, but he's lefty so who knows.


Hey Ray
Besides Gregerson, any other relievers in the Oakland bullpen to pick up that might make a difference if Johnson loses the role (maybe he's hurt, or just keeps blowing saves). Just kind of an insurance .


Mets have a double a lineup though.

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