When I was six years old my Brother brought me to a baseball game. It was the Chicago White Sox against the Detroit Tigers in Old Comiskey Park. I will never forget the moment I walked up those old concrete steps and lay eyes on that field for the first time. My adolescent mind couldn’t process the beauty and majesty of what I was seeing. The smell of the grass, the crack of the bat and the feeling of the stadium shaking beneath my feet was overwhelming. I wanted to devour it. All of it. I fell in love with baseball that day. It’s a love that renews each spring when pitchers and catchers report, the bunting gets hung throughout the stadium and the umpire yells, “Play Ball!”

A few years later I feel even deeper in love with baseball when I was introduced to fantasy. Back then I could only dream of being able to analyze advanced stats and metrics with the click of a few buttons. Parts of me still think there should be a class in junior high that teaches kids how to compute ERA, BA & OBP long form. Damn kids nowadays.

Fast forward a couple decades and we no longer have to wait to assess players. We no longer have to guess as to how well Billy Hamilton will hit at the big league level or how whether the move to Yankee Stadium will help Jacoby Ellsbury’s power.

This season our team at Fantasy Alarm has developed the Assistant GM. Lead by The Oracle himself, Ray Flowers this set of exclusive premium content cannot be found anywhere else. In it you will find the sort of in depth analysis and assistance that only MLB General Managers usually enjoy. We present this to you for a one time cost of $30.


Here are just some of the features you will enjoy:

The Oracle Report Imagine having access to Ray Flowers brain day in and day out throughout the fantasy baseball season? That is exactly what The Oracle Report is all about. Strategies, player reports and intense statistical breakdowns are just a few of the topics Ray conquers each day in The Oracle Report.

Two Start Pitchers When your pitching staff needs a boost in the counting stats, look no further than our two start pitching report. This is not just a list of names but a deep look at which starters will have the most impact over the next week.

Category Impact Fantasy Baseball legend “Lord” Todd Zola pontificates on which under the radar players are impacting categories this season. Learn how to improve your odds of success by listening to one of the best numbers guys in the industry.

Farm Report Nobody follows the minor leagues like Jeff Mans and each week he will be updating the progress of the next wave of MLB superstars right here in the Farm Report. This is also the place to find full scouting reports and analysis of the top prospects in the game. and instant analysis on the latest players called to the big leagues.

Fantasy Alarm Premium Chats – Each day another one of our veteran fantasy baseball analysts hops into the chat room to help our premium subscribers make lineup decisions, manage their free agent dollars, talk strategy and answer all of their fantasy baseball questions.   


  • Weekly Starting Pitcher Rankings
  • Trade evaluation from our team of experts
  • Full Bullpen Depth Charts
  • Direct access to the Fantasy Alarm team


Don’t waste another second going at it alone. Join the team that has won every prestigious fantasy baseball league championship including L.A.B.R., TOUT Wars & NFBC. Get the 2014 Fantasy Alarm Assistant G.M. now!! 


Jack Flakne 

Please post a link to the "going forward projections." That sounds cool. The so-called Fantasy GM sounds cool too, if I could find it.

Jeff Mans 

Guys, The Assistant GM is up and running and has been since early Monday morning. You can find it here: http://www.fantasyalarm.com/events.php?page=21 The Assistant GM is FREE to all for the first week of the season but thereafter will be only for members. But this is not a download that will appear in your account rather pages that will be accessible when you log in. The best part is we are adding new tools and content every day so this is literally just the tip of the iceberg for all that the Assistant GM will be throughout the season. If you have specific questions you can email me DIRECTLY at jeff@fantasyalarm.com Thanks for your patience!!

Nathan Smalley 

WHERE IS THE PROMISED CONTENT????? Such as: Weekly starting pitching rankings Two start pitchers with commentary SO far this is a disappointment.......

Adam Jacobs 

As of Tuesday, April 1, I (like others) cannot seem to access Assistant GM or find the content anywhere on the site.

Leon Ferenti 

I imported both my leagues for the Asst GM. When I log in all I can find is links to buy it. I already purchased Asst GM but have no idea how to utilize it. Am I missing something?

Brady Flaten 

Am I missing something? Still not available for me....I already purchased it.

AJ Ware 

It is now Monday evening and I still do not see the Assistant GM available in "My Account". I assume that is where it would be but this is my first year on this site so I may be mistaken. I did the $10 Draft King deposit offer I emailed info@fantasyalarm.com and was told it would be available on Monday. Thanks in advance for your help.

Darin Oskison 

How do I find the Assistant GM content? I can't find it abgeherre

Fred Kruse 

I am waiting for the Assistant GM too. I purchased the Baseball Guys package with the ASST GM.

Jeff Mans 

Guys...Assistant GM will be up Monday morning. Going forward projections will be up first thing each morning, Farm Report & Oracle Reports are on Tuesday's & Thursday's, 2 Start Pitchers are on Saturday and Category Impact articles are posted Mon-Fri in the afternoon. Any other questions just hit me up here or at jeff@fantasyalarm.com

Nate Jewell 

Can't find it either...

Bobby Borges 

Am I the only one who can't find where the GM service is located? I checked everywhere on the site

Craig Harris 

I don't understand I already spent the money how do I use it??

Nathan Seiferlein 

How do you sign up for the assistant gm?? Someone help me here?

Marty Rosenzweig 

Will there be an app for the GM service? I have the FA app from last year.

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