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Daily Fantasy Football : FanDuel Picks Week 12

FanDuel Picks Week 12

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Matt Forte $8,800 - has the lowest floor of any of the backs going this week.

Jamaal Charles $8,800 - due for a monster game at some point this season.

Zac Stacy $7,400 - the Bears run defense is the worst in the league.

Alfred Morris $7,200 - a play most wont make but if the Redskins can stay around he will get 25+ carries

Frank Gore $6,800 - the Redskins defense is awful so a couple of scores could happen.

Rashad Jennings $6,600 - the Titans have some issues in their run defense.

Ben Tate $6,500 - feel like people are forgetting about him with a nice match-up.

Chris Ogbonnaya $4,600 - McGahee is on his way out and he is the next man up.



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Tom Brady $8,900 - teams are forced to throw on the Broncos to keep up.

Cam Newton $8,300 - no one is playing better football right now at the qb position.

Mike Glenn $7,100 - the Lions have issues in the secondary and the rookie has played well.

Scott Tolzien $6,000 - will finally get some more TD's to go along with those passing yards.

Josh McCown $5,500 - QB friendly system vs. an awful pass defense makes him the best play of the week.


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Wide Receivers

Dez Bryant $8,700 - capable of multiple touchdowns against a pourous pass defense.

Brandon Marshall $8.700 - the Rams pass defense is awful so he should have a field day.

Vincent Jackson $8,000 - should build on last week's big game in a tasty match-up.

Wes Welker $7,400 - love a guy going up against his former team especially how things ended.

Victor Cruz $6,800 - lit up the Cowboys in their game earlier this season.

TY Hilton $6,700 - a risky play vs. Cardinals but they can get burned on the deep ball with their risk taking corners.

Alshon Jeffrey $6,500 - a cheaper version of Marshall with a little less upside.

Eric Decker $5,800 - hard to pass up at this price.

Cecil Shorts $5,300 - he complained he needed to be involved and he will be this week.


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Tight Ends

Rob Gronkowski $8,200 - biggest upside play and worth the price.

Greg Olsen $5,800 - seems to have good chemistry with Newton as of late.

Antonio Gates $5,600  - still a good value against a tough defense.

Garret Graham $5,600 - Keenum is giving him a ton of looks lately.

Rob Housler $4,900 - finally seems healthy and Palmer is looking his way more.



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