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Fantasy Alarm Daily Fantasy Basketball Du-Rant For Monday November 18th

Daily Fantasy Basketball recommendations for Monday November 18th

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Daily Dandies

For those of you checking out my recommendations for the first time, I group the players in A,B,C,D Tiers as a play on the old A,B,C,D basketball camps and as an easy way to distinguish player tiers. (All prices are according to Draft Street). If you have any specific questions post them in the comments section and I will answer them asap or send me a tweet by clicking on my twitter handle at the top of this article. To see who is starting each night visit our NBA Lineups Page

A-All Star priced players that should put up All Star stats today (target 35+ FP, $15,000-on up).

* G Monta Ellis (14.7%) Of course I love Steph Curry versus the pitiful Utah Jazz backcourt and Russell Westbrook against the Nuggets, but with Ellis you get similarly great matchup, if not better, as the Sixers are allowing the third most Fantasy Points to shooting guards and you can save 2-3K by taking him over the likes of Curry or Westbrook. Some may be on the Andre Iguodala train as well, but his price tag is only a couple hundred dollars cheaper at DraftStreet than Ellis, who has the much higher Fantasy producing ceiling.

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B-rated Ballers: Big name players with big games, but not as high of a price tag as the top five or so priced players at each position (around 30 FP, $12,000-$15,000).

* F Zach Randolph (13.2%) if you read this article a few times last week than you would have already been cashing in on my man Z-Buckets. Despite is solid production last week, Randolph’s price tag has risen only 0.4% and do not be scared off by his opponent tonight, the Clippers. For how exciting as the Clippers are offensively, they are almost the total opposite on defense, which Randolph showed last year as he averaged a double-double in four games.



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C-as in players that COULD be in line to provide you with good to great value in the mid-tier price range (target 25+ FP, $8,000-$12,000).

* G Shaun Livingston (10.7%)  will again start for the injured Deron Williams, who will miss Monday’s game. Livingston played 33 minutes in his last start finishing with 11 points, five assists, five boards, and two steals.

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D-Discounted Dandies: Players on the cheap whose production may exceed what their discounted price tag suggests. (Double Digit Fantasy Production, $3,500-$8,000).

* G Alan Anderson (6.2%) Paul Pierce is a game-time decision, even if The Truth suits up, Anderson may still be worth plugging in as he should see a decent amount of minutes and it’s tough to beat the price tag for a player who could score in double-digits and get you around five rebounds.


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