Daily Fantasy Basketball Du-Rant

The Daily Fantasy Basketball Du-Rant provides you daily recommendations in a four tiered format, with specific targets for GPP tournaments (Guaranteed Prize Payout tournaments) and separate players that may be more geared towards Double Up (DU) contests. It does not mean they are only worth playing in said format, just that I like them in that type of format a little more.

Daily Dandies

For those of you checking out my recommendations for the first time, I group the players in A,B,C,D Tiers as a play on the old A,B,C,D basketball camps and as an easy way to distinguish player tiers. (All prices are according to Draft Street). If you have any specific questions post them in the comments section and I will answer them asap or send me a tweet by clicking on my twitter handle at the top of this article. To see who is starting each night visit our NBA Lineups Page

A-All Star priced players that should put up All Star stats today (target 35+ FP, $15,000-on up).


G Michael Carter-Williams (16%) the Bobcats are allowing the second most points per game to point guards, behind the Bobcats, over the last 15 days. (There are so many good big money options tonight, and I do not feel I need to tell you Lamarcus Aldrige, Blake Griffin, and the other top five dollar salary options are in play. So I'm giving you two that come with a tad bit more value, but just as much upside as MCW and Noah below).


G Kemba Walker (16.2%) posted back-to-back games of 38-plus FP and has the best matchup of all point guards going tonight (see MCW above).

C Joakim Noah (16.8%) should have a field day versus a Vucevic-less Orlando Magic. Noah has scored 32-plus FP in each of his last seven games.

B-rated Ballers: Big name players with big games, but not as high of a price tag as the top five or so priced players at each position (around 30 FP, $12,000-$15,000).


G Ricky Rubio (12.9%) price has fallen, and according to Vegas this game is picked to be the highest scoring matchup of the night at 218 points.

F Glen Davis (12.8%) averaging 28.5 FP over his last two games and the Magic will be without Vucevic again tonight.


C Miles Plumlee (12.3%) was outstanding in his last game versus the Lakers as he finished with 17 points and 20 rebounds and is coming off a double-double in his last game against the Knicks.

C-as in players that COULD be in line to provide you with good to great value in the mid-tier price range (target 25+ FP, $8,000-$12,000).


G Gerald Green (10%) made just two of his 16 shot attempts in his last game. I do not see that happening tonight versus a Lakers team that is one of the worst teams in defending opposing shooting guards, or anyone for that matter.

G Jerryd Bayless (9.7%) is in line for some additional playing time tonight as the Celtics recently traded away Jordan Crawford.

F Wes Johnson (8.5%) finished with 31 FP last night and has played 30-plus minutes in each of his last four games


G Eric Gordon (11.6%) has underperformed over the last two games, so some owners may avoid him tonight, which makes him more enticing in a GPP. I expect Gordon to bounce back as he has a much more favorable matchup tonight then he had in his last two games as he is facing one of the worst, if not the worst, defensive shooting guards in the league in James Harden, which is illustrated by the fact the Rockets are allowing the second most Fantasy Points to shooting guards.

G J.J. Redick (9.7%) facing a Mavs team that has trouble defending the three, allowing about seven per game over the last 10 games to opposing shooting guards, so Redick should get plenty of open looks tonight, and if his last game is any indication, his wrist is fine.

D-Discounted Dandies: Players on the cheap whose production may exceed what their discounted price tag suggests. (Double Digit Fantasy Production, $3,500-$8,000).


G Phil Pressey (3.2%) will get his first career start tonight. I do not expect much from him, but with this news combined with his price tag you may want to take a flier on him in a GPP as he will allow you to roster some higher priced stars.


F Mo Harkless (7.1%) put up 25 FP in his last game and Arron Afflalo is out again tonight, which should mean some extra minutes for Harkless again tonight.

Best of Luck tonight, and for you season long players looking for some help check out this week's Fantasy Basketball Wire Wire Pickups and if you have any questions go rouge and post them in the comments section and/or send me a tweet.