2013 Fantasy Baseball: 2nd Base Rankings [caption id="attachment_15968" align="alignleft" width="212"] Don't end up with pie in your face. Be sure to target Rockies 2B/SS Josh Rutledge.[/caption]   Middle Infield positions are arguably the most scarce positions to fill in Fantasy Baseball. Add in the fact that some of the top tier veterans have either battled injuries, or had their struggles at the plate last season. A key strategy I recommend, if you can't land one of the top few second baseman, is to target one of the younger players at the position that offer the potential for high stolen base numbers and possibly a solid batting average, which in turn should allow them to provide a high number of runs scored. If you have missed any of my previously released  Fantasy Baseball Rankings click here: Michael Pichan’s Blog Page. Fantasy Pros, or Fantasy Rundown   I look forward to seeing who you agree and/or disagree with in the comment section below each rankings.
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