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Fantasy Football Weekly Recap: Week 15

A weekly recap of everything Fantasy Football in NFL Week 15 as seen by Jeff Mans

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This week in Fantasy Football will forever be known as "The JaMaal Charles Week."  What Charles did to the Raiders defense and to Fantasy opponents alike was completely destroy any hope they had for winning their matchup.  Worse of all is that he did it by catching passes and taking them to the house instead of doing it on the ground.  In a week where Fantasy owners had to deal with subpar performances by Jimmy Graham, Andre Johnson, Knowshon Moreno and pretty much anybody on the Giants or Broncos, Charles performance was clutch.  We cannot forget though the randomness of Matt Asiata's 3 TD performance despite a 1.7 YPC average or Kirk Cousins making everybody forget the letters RGIII.  If you survived this week congratulations for you are one step away from the glorious Fantasy Football Championship.  If Week 15 was the end for you I think there is a lot of dignity in being beaten by such a historic performance as JaMaal Charles had this week.  Let's take a look back and every game played on this Sunday of Week 15.

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Washington Redskins at Atlanta Falcons






Kirk Cousins

29-45 381 3TD

Matt Ryan

29-38 210 TD INT

Alfred Morris

18-98 rushing 1-8 receiving

Steven Jackson

15-38 2 TD 4-5 receiving

Roy Helu

3-5 rushing 1-4 receiving

J Rodgers

4-17 rushing 4-24 receiving

Pierre Garcon

7-129 receiving TD

Roddy White

5-53 receiving

Santana moss

8-64 receiving TD

Harry Douglas

5-37 receiving

Logan Paulsen

3-21 receiving

Tony Gonzalez

6-62 receiving TD


Key Plays

T Trent Williams – leg injury

Steven Jackson 3 & 1 yard TD runs

FB Darrell Young- undisclosed

Tony Gonzalez 13 yard TD catch

TE  Jordan Reed – inactive with concussion

Pierre Garcon 53 yard TD catch


Steve Jackson could have scored 4 TD’s if he could have gotten in on 2 other occasions

Cousins as expected was more accurate than RGIII ever has been all year

Alfred Morris still did not see much of a dip in playing time despite losing 2 fumbles

The Redskins went for two with under 20 seconds to go instead of sending the game into overtime

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Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns






Jay Cutler

22-31 265 3TD 2INT

Jason Campbell

23-39 273 TD 2INT

Matt Forte

24-127 rushing 1-4 receiving

Chris Ogbonnaya

5-7 rushing 5-39 receiving

Brandon Marshall

6-95 receiving TD

Edwin Baker

8-38 rushing TD 4-46 receiving

Alshon Jeffery

5-72 receiving TD

Josh Gordon

3-67 receiving TD

Michael Bush

3-44 rushing TD

Greg Little

4-68 receiving

Martellus Bennett

6-71 receiving

Jordan Cameron

3-23 receiving


Key Plays

CB Joe Haden – rib injury

Gipson 39 yard INT TD & Ward 50 yard TD fumble return

CB Zachary Bowman – hand injury

Brandon Marshall 5 yard TD catch


Edwin Baker 3 yard TD – first NFL TD


Brandon Marshall missed what could have been a 44 yard TD in the 4th quarter but ends up a Jeffrey TD

Cutler overthrew some receivers to start the game but got better as the game went on and showed his talent

Josh Gordon did absolutely nothing till a late game 43 yard TD to save his day

Edwin Baker got over half the snaps and was even trusted in passing situations

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Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts






Case Keenum

18-34 168 2INT

Andrew Luck

19-32 180 2TD INT 5-29 rushing

Ben Tate

16-72 rushing 3-20 receiving

Donald Brown

5-38 rushing

Andre Johnson

4-18 receiving

Trent Richardson

19-64 rushing 4-38 receiving TD

DeAndre Hopkins

3-52 receiving

T.Y. Hilton

8-78 receiving

Deji Karim

4-21 rushing

Da’Rick Rogers

2-23 receiving

Ryan Griffin

6-62 receiving

Coby Fleener

NO catches


Key Plays

RB Donald Brown - stinger

Griff Whalen 14 yard TD catch

S Sergio Brown – groin

Trent Richardson 9 yard TD catch on a shovel pass

LB Daniel Adongo - hamstring

TY Hilton 41 yard catch


Case Keenum played his worst game of the year but was left into complete the game

Andre Johnson had a few drops in this game and the was the focal point of the Colts defense

Richardson got plenty of touches once again and proves there is just nothing there.

Surprising despite his big game last week,  Da’Rick Rogers was rarely in the game.

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New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins






Tom Brady

34-55 364 2TD INT

Ryan Tannehill

25-37 312 3 TD

Shane Vereen

2-13 rushing 3-8 receiving

Lamar Miller

15-61 rushing 1-0 receiving

LaGarrette Blount

11-47 rushing

Daniel Thomas

5-16 rushing 1-2 receiving TD

Julian Edelman

13-139 receiving TD

Mike Wallace

6-105 receiving TD

Danny Amendola

10-1313 receiving

Brian Hartline

5-70 receiving

Josh Boyce

4-42 receiving

Charles Clay

1-6 receiving


Key Plays

NT Paul Solial – ankle injury

Hoomanawanui one handed 13 yard TD catch

CB Brent Grimes – groin injury

Mike Wallace 39 yard TD catch and run

CB Nolan Carroll – knee injury

Daniel Thomas 2 TD catch


Marcus Thigpen with a game winning 14 yard TD catch and Tannehill just finds a way to get it done again

Danny Amendola dropped a potential game winning 20 yard TD but did have a big game along side Edelman

Edelman as predicted was the main focal point of the offense while Vereen was surprising not involved

The unpredictable use of the Miami runningbacks continued today with Miller get most of the action.

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Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings






Nick Foles

30-48, 428 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT

5-41 yards rushing

Matt Cassel

26-35, 382 yards, 2 TD’s, 1 INT

LeSean McCoy

8-38 yards rush

5-68 yards rec

Matt Asiata

30-51 yards, 3 TD’s rushing

3-15 yards rec

DeSean Jackson

10-195 yards, 1 TD

Greg Jennings

11-163 yards, 1 TD

Riley Cooper

4-29 yards

Cordarrelle Patterson

5-35 yards, 1 TD

Jason Avant

3-40 yards, 1 TD

Jarius Wright

4-95 yards

Zack Ertz

6-57 yards, 1 TD

Chase Ford

2-55 yards


Key Plays

Kurt Coleman left game with a hamstring injury

Greg Jennings 57 yard TD reception

Colt Anderson left game with a knee injury

Zach Ertz 3 yard TD reception


Cordarrelle Patterson 5 yard TD reception


DeSean Jackson had a 25 yard TD run called back due to an illegal block on Nick Foles.

This is an impossibly bad loss for the Eagles. The NFC East will come down to which defense sucks least.

Asiata’s day was completely a fluke. There is no Fantasy upside here whatsoever.

Foles definitely prefers Zach Ertz as his favorite pass catching TE making him a weekly sleeper in Fantasy.

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Seattle Seahawks at New York Giants






Russell Wilson

18-27, 206 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

8=50 yards rushing

Eli Manning

18-31, 156 yards, 5 INT’s

Marshawn Lynch

16-47 yards, 1 TD rush

6-73 yards rec

Andre Brown

11-17 yards rush

4-9 yards rec

Robert Turbin

9-34 yards rush

1-1 yard rec

Victor Cruz

2-25 yards

Golden Tate

2-25 yards

Hakeem Nicks

1-5 yards

Doug Baldwin

6-71 yards, 1 TD

Jerrel Jernigan

7-67 yards

Zach Miller

1-8 yards

Brandon Myers

3-37 yards


Key Plays

Victor Cruz left game with a head injury

Marshawn Lynch 2 yard TD run

Peyton Hillis left game with a head injury

Doug Baldwin 12 yard TD reception

James Brewer left game with an ankle injury

Stephen Hauschka FG’s of 24, 44 & 49 yards


The world has figured out Eli Manning & this Giants offense. Each is now among the worst in the NFL.

The Seahawks pulled Russell Wilson with over 10 minutes remaining in the game up only 23-0.

It was peculiar for the Seahawks to throw the ball so much to Marshawn Lynch early on. Don’t count on this.

Ruben Randle had zero catches and just two targets in this game.

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San Francisco 49ers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers






Colin Kaepernick

19-29, 203, 2 TD’s

7-39 yards rushing

Mike Glennon

18-34, 179 yards, 2 TD’s, 1 INT

Frank Gore

22-86 yards

Bobby Rainey

11-27 yards rushing

Kendall Hunter

8-40 yards

Brian Leonard

1-12 yards rushing

Michael Crabtree

5-45 yards, 1 TD

Vincent Jackson

5-58 yards, 1 TD

Anquan Boldin

3-43 yards

Tiquan Underwood

2-15 yards

Vernon Davis

5-79 yards, 1 TD

Tim Wright

7-82 yards, 1 TD


Key Plays


Michael Crabtree 4 yard TD reception


Vernon Davis 52 yard TD reception


Vincent Jackson 11 yard TD reception


Kaepernick started out this game like he was going to have a big day but got complacent the rest of way.

You have to start Vincent Jackson in all matchups folks. He’s an every week WR1 in Fantasy Football.

The 49ers are resting Frank Gore a lot down the stretch which is limiting his Fantasy numbers big time.

Vernon Davis has 12 receiving TD’s already this season and has caught a TD in his last 5 games.

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Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars






E.J. Manuel

17-24, 193 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT

10-37 yards, 1 TD rushing

Chad Henne

21-36, 237 yards, 2 TD’s, 2 INT

Fred Jackson

17-80 yards rushing

1-8 yards rec

Jordan Todman

25-109 yards rushing

4-44 yards rec

C.J. Spiller

13-67 yards rushing

1-1 yard rec

Denard Robinson

2-28 yards

Stevie Johnson

1-4 yards

Ace Sanders

2-17 yards, 1 TD

Robert Woods

5-82 yards, 1 TD

Mike Brown

3-20 yards

Scott Chandler

5-54 yards

Marcedes Lewis

4-54 yards, 1 TD


Key Plays

Marcell Dareus left game with an ankle injury

Ace Sanders 12 yard TD reception

Geno Hayes left game with a leg injury

Robert Woods 7 yard TD reception

Aaron Williams left game with a rib injury

EJ Manuel 8 yard TD run


The Jaguars were without MJD & Cecil Shorts and just didn’t have enough firepower to compete today.

The Bills need a head coach who will commit to giving the ball to CJ Spiller 16+ times every game.

Don’t rush to put Jordan Todman in your lineup next week. I really don’t trust him as more than a RB3.

S. Johnson played after his Mother passed away suddenly on Saturday. Our condolences to him & his family.

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Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders






Alex Smith

17-20, 287 yards, 5 TD’s

Matt McGloin

18-36, 297 yards, 2 TDs, 4 INT

JaMaal Charles

8-20 yards, 1 TD rushing

8-195 yards, 4 TD’s rec

Rashad Jennings

23-91 yards, 2 TD’s rushing

3-12 yards rec

Knile Davis

9-34 yards, 1 TD rushing

Andre Holmes

4-58 yards, 1 TD

Dwayne Bowe

3-24 yards

Rod Streater

4-59 yards

Donnie Avery

2-33 yards

Denarius Moore

2-46 yards

Sean McGrath

2-14 yards, 1 TD

Mychal Rivera

3-30 yards, 1 TD


Key Plays

Charles Woodson left game with a rib injury

Eric Berry 47 yard INT return for TD

Brandon Flowers left game with a groin injury

JaMaal Charles TD catches of 16, 39, 47 & 71 yards

Eric Fisher left game with a shoulder injury

Andre Holmes 6 yard TD reception


JaMaal Charles performance today was among the most legendary ever. Right up there with Clinton Portis

in 2003, Shaun Alexander in 2002, Doug Martin in 2012 and Peyton Manning in week 1 of this season.

Please don’t overvalue Alex Smith’s performance today. His average pass today went for 7 yards.

The Raiders announced after the game that they will stick with Matt McGloin for the rest of the season.

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New York Jets at Carolina Panthers






Geno Smith

15-28, 167 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

6-44 yards rushing

Cam Newton

16-24, 273 yards, 1 TD

7-12 yards rushing

Chris Ivory

11-66 yards

DeAngelo Williams

15-81 yards rushing

3-87 yards, 1 TD rec

Bilal Powell

8-37 yards rushing

4-19 yards rec

Mike Tolbert

12-18 yards rushing

1-7 yards rec

Santonio Holmes

2-14 yards

Steve Smith

3-20 yards

David Nelson

3-44 yards

Brandon Lafell

3-61 yards

Jeff Cumberland

3-50 yards, 1 TD

Greg Olsen

5-88 yards


Key Plays


DeAngelo Williams 72 yard TD reception


Captain Munnerlyn 41 yard INT Return for TD


Jeff Cumberland 8 yard TD reception


5 of Captain Munnerlyn’s 7 career INT’s have been returned for Touchdowns.

The Jets ran for 157 yards today which was the most given up all season by the Panthers defense.

Cam Newton left the game briefly in the 2nd quarter due to a foot injury but returned later.

Steve Smith should have been able to shred this Jets defense today. He is barely a WR3 these days.

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Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys






Matt Flynn

26-39, 299 yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT

Tony Romo

29-48, 358 yards, 2 TD’s, 2 INT

Eddie Lacy

21-141 yards, 1 TD rushing

4-30 yards rec

DeMarco Murray

18-134 yards, 1 TD rushing

4-19 yards rec

Jordy Nelson

5-61 yards, 1 TD

Dez Bryant

11-153 yards, 1 TD

James Jones

3-49 yards, 1 TD

Miles Austin

2-35 yards

Jarrett Boykin

6-83 yards

Terrence Williams

4-46 yards

Andrew Quarless

6-66 yards, 1 TD

Jason Witten

4-71 yards, 1 TD


Key Plays

Johnny Jolly left game with a shoulder injury

Jason Witten 25 yard TD reception

Brandon Bostic left game with a foot injury

Jordy Nelson 13 yard TD reception

Ernie Sims left game with a hip injury

Andrew Quarless 3 yard TD reception


Tony Romo has thrown 7 INT’s in the 4th quarter with the Cowboys tied or leading by 1 possession since ’06.

This was the 1st time in Cowboys franchise history that they’ve lost a lead of 20+ points at the half.

The Packers will likely have Aaron Rodgers back next week as they are still alive for the NFC North title.

Justin Durant left this game with a hamstring injury leaving the Cowboys dangerously thin at the LB position.

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Arizona Cardinals at Tennessee Titans






Carson Palmer

20-30, 231 yards, 1 TD

Ryan Fitzpatrick

36-58, 402 yards, 4 TD’s, 2 INT

3-22 yards rushing

Rashard Mendenhall

21-69 yards, 2 TD’s

Chris Johnson

13-40 yards rushing

3-51 yards, 1 TD rec

Andre Ellington

10-71 yards rushing

4-87 yards rec

Kendall Wright

12-150 yards

Larry Fitzgerald

6-49 yards

Nate Washington

7-92 yards

Michael Floyd

2-33 yards

Kenny Britt

3-29 yards

Jake Ballard

3-13 yards, 1 TD

Delanie Walker

8-53 yards, 1 TD


Key Plays

Larry Fitzgerald left game with a concussion

Chris Johnson 25 yard TD reception

Andre Ellington left game with a thigh injury

Antoine Cason 20 yard INT return for TD

Carson Palmer suffered a high ankle sprain

Michael Preston TD catches of 8 & 10 yards


C. Palmer’s arm is a serious question. He has no velocity on the ball & is avoiding downfield throws.

The Titans deactivated WR’s Justin Hunter & Damian Williams for violating teams rules this weekend.

The Cardinals swept all four games against the AFC South this season.

Carson Palmer & Larry Fitzgerald’s status are in serious doubt for next weeks game against the Seahawks.

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New Orleans Saints at St. Louis Rams






Drew Brees

39-56, 393 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT

2-8 yards, 1 TD rushing

Kellen Clemens

14-20, 158 yards, 2 TD’s

Pierre Thomas

8-21 yards rushing

7-62 yards rec

Zac Stacy

28-133 yards, 1 TD

Darren Sproles

7-24 yards rushing

8-38 yard rec

Austin Pettis

4-41 yards

Marques Colston

8-92 yards, 1 TD

Chris Givens

1-31 yards

Lance Moore

6-78 yards

Stedman Bailey

1-6 yards rushing

2-26 yard rec

Jimmy Graham

2-25 yards

Jared Cook

1-8 yards


Key Plays

Drew Brees cut his hand but stayed in game

Cory Harkey 31 yard TD reception


Zach Stacy 40 yard TD run


Marques Colston 5 yard TD reception


The Saints are simply not the same team on the road that they are at home.

Saint LT Charles Brown was benched in the 3rd quarter after being humiliated by Robert Quinn all day long.

The Rams blanketed Jimmy Graham all day. Brees 2 INT’s were both early targets to Graham.

Zac Stacy left the game briefly with a right hip injury but returned & quickly went on a tear.

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Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers






Andy Dalton

25-44, 230 yards, 2 TD’s

4-20 yards rushing

Ben Roethlisberger

20-25, 191 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

BenJarvus Green-Ellis

4-4 yards

Le’Veon Bell

24-57 yards, 1 TD rushing

5-50 yards rec

Giovanni Bernard

13-33 yards, 1 TD rushing

2-13 yards rec

Antonio Brown

5-66 yards, 1 TD

A.J. Green

9-93 yards

Emmanuel Sanders

5-38 yards

Marvin Jones

5-48 yards, 1 TD

Jerricho Cotchery

1-2 yards

Tyler Eifert

3-33 yards, 1 TD

Heath Miller

4-35 yards


Key Plays

James Harrison left game with a concussion

Antonio Brown 67 yard punt return for TD

LaMarr Woodley left game with a calf injury

Antonio Brown 12 yard TD reception


Marvin Jones 13 yard TD reception


Antonio Brown now has 95 receptions on the season which is already good for 2nd most in Steelers history.

The Bengals had a chance to move into the #2 seed in the AFC with a win after the Patriots lost today.

Green-Ellis barely played tonight after suffering from stomach flu for most of the week.

Tonight was the smallest crowd in the history of Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. Just 45,873 tickets were sold.


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