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Another busy Friday in DFS. We've got Fanduel's $25 DFBC Qualifier, DraftKings $100,000 Perfect Game, DraftStreet's $109 DSBC Qualifier & Fantasy Aces $10,000 Survivor Qualifier all going off in just a few hours. I know that most of you don't have the time or energy to pour through thousands of different stats and numbers in such a short amount of time. This is why we present to you the DFS Playbook every single day (Monday-Saturday) so you don't have to work so hard. 

The DFS Playbook has been as hot as can be over the last three weeks and our actual cash balance across all sites yeart to date stands at over $46,000. This is straight from the Playbook lineups people and keep in mind that we don't charge a single cent for this. Next year...we may have to reevaluate this but for now we're literally giving away free money. 

Tonight is all about the top pitchers in Yu Darvish and Johnny Cueto. It is very difficult to not include at least one of them in every lineup you play. But in order to fit those guys in you'll have to hit on some value plays. You'll notice today's playbook has got a bunch of great values in there because we understand what you need to win.

Here is the DFS Playbook for Friday June 6th:

Player Pos Fanduel DraftKings DraftStreet Aces
Yu Darvish P 11,400 12,500 25,774 7,600
Johnny Cueto P 9,900 12,400 22,769 7,400
Tommy Milone P 5,800 7,700 12,313 5,500
Marcus Stroman P 4,600 6,000 12,943 N/A
Derek Norris C 3,000 3,400 6,968 4,700
Alex Avila C 2,600 3,300 3,472 4,000
John Buck C 2,500 2,800 4,723 4,150
Freddie Freeman 1B 3,500 4,300 8,525 5,150
Adam Lind 1B 3,600 4,100 6,342 4,800
Ben Zobrist 2B/SS 3,100 3,500 5,222 4,850
Matt Carpenter 2B/3B 3,600 4,200 6,438 4,900
Xander Bogaerts 3B/SS 3,900 4,000 6,388 4,650
Josh Harrison 3B/OF 2,700 3,200 4,783 4,350
Manny Machado 3B 3,100 3,700 5,882 4,750
Troy Tulowitzki SS 4,600 5,700 9,698 5,950
Jed Lowrie SS 3,100 3,700 6,313 4,600
Jean Segura SS 2,800 3,700 6,725 4,800
Nelson Cruz OF 5,300 5,500 10,621 5,800
Yoenis Cespedes OF 4,100 4,400 7,227 4,800
Adam Jones OF 3,500 4,300 7,346 5,500
Jacoby Ellsbury OF 4,100 4,700 6,299 4,950
Jason Heyward OF 3,000 4,100 7,066 4,950
Nick Markakis OF 3,300 3,900 5,399 4,450
Drew Stubbs OF 3,500 3,600 5,453 4,700
Danny Santana OF 2,700 2,700 N/A 3,500
Kevin Kiermaier OF 2,500 2,400 5,354 4,000

If you want my BEST cash game lineups here they are for you:


Yu Darvish P
Alex Avila C
Freddie Freeman 1B
Josh Harrison 2B
Manny Machado 3B
Jean Segura SS
Nick Markakis OF
Jason Heyward OF
Kevin Kiermaier OF


Yu Darvish P 12,500
Johnny Cueto P 12,400
John Buck C 2,800
Ike Davis 1B 3,000
Ben Zobrist 2B 3,500
Josh Harrison 3B 3,200
Daniel Santana SS 2,700
Nick Markakis OF 3900
Drew Stubbs OF 3600
Kevin Kiermaier OF 2400


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