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Leveon Bell newest member of the Rams right....??


What about Andre Ellington where do you see him?


Edelman @6 and cruz @12? how do you figure. not saying wrong just curious


I think you may have gotten Zac Stacy/LeVeon Bell mixed up.

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I think what happens so often is opposing QB's get so intimidated they try and be like Manning. Just play your game...

Jeff Fisher is rocking quite the beer gut these days....whoa!!

@_JohnDuckworth_ @DrewDinkmeyer But last week wasn't on Cameron either. 2 completely broken plays..literally uncovered for 2-91-1 of his day

@DrewDinkmeyer @_JohnDuckworth_ And people wonder why I am always defensive

@_JohnDuckworth_ @DrewDinkmeyer Better people? Who the hell are you to say anything? I was right on Cameron last year right on him this year