It’s the single biggest sporting event of the year and it is being played in the largest city in the United States. So yeah…the Super Bowl is kind of a big deal. If you’re like me and have enjoyed another fantastic season of NFL Football then I am sure you are looking for more ways to enjoy this one last game. A little over a decade ago I designed my own “Ultimate Super Bowl Pool” game for me and my buddies. Over the years the game has grown to have first hundreds and now thousands of participants all over the world. In the past couple years I have published parts of this game and have also discussed it on The Fantasy Alarm Show on SiriusXM Radio. I figured why not post it here so all of Fantasy Alarm Nation can print it out and play along with me, Ted and Ray or start our own pool with your friends and family. Enjoy!!


Broncos (-2.5) or Seahawks (+2.5)                                               
Over or Under 47.5 Points  
Coin Toss (Heads or Tails)  
Game Time Temperature (32°-45° F)  
First Commercial After Kickoff (Company/Brand)  
First Animal To Star In A Commercial  
First Car Commercial (Make)  
First FOX Show Commercial  
Which Player Will Have First Catch  
Which Player Will Score First TD  
Which Team Will Have First Penalty  
Which Team Will Have First Punt  
Which Team Will Have First Field Goal  
Which Team Will Have First Turnover  
Which Team Will Call Replay Challenge First  
Which Team Will Have Ball Last Before Halftime  
At What Time Will Halftime Occur  
What Song Will Bruno Mars Sing First?  
What Color Will Bruno Mars Wear?  
When Game Ends, Where Will Ball Be (Yardline)  
Last Team To Score  
Total Number Of Challenges  
Total Number Of First Downs (15-50)  
Will There Be a Two Point Conversion (Y or N)  
Most Receiving Yards In Game  
Most Rush Yds: Lynch or Moreno  
Combined # of TD's For Manning & Wilson  
Sum of Jersey #'s Who Score TD   
Which Quarter Will Have Most Points Scored  
Who Will Win Super Bowl XLVIII (+2)  
Final Score (+2)  
Who Will Be MVP (+2)  
What Will Final Attendance Be (78K-85K)  


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