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Interested in a way you can turn $10 into a shot at $1,000,000. No strings attached. You don’t have to buy a timeshare or sit in on a pyramid scheme talk for three hours. All you have to do is to pick a good fantasy football squad.

Fanduel.com’s and BaseballGuys have a game for you. You get a salary cap and fit the players into it (the positions are as follows: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, K, D). Oh yeah, the best part is that you can win money too – lots of it. Here is the info for Week 8:

BaseballGuys.com Exclusive Week 8 League

1st prize is $250. 2nd prize is $180. 3rd prize is $100. And so on with 15 people earning at least $20.

But that’s NOT the best part. The best part is that you can turn your $10 into a chance to win life changing money — $1,000,000.

1 – Sign up for the Weekly Fanduel.com/BaseballGuys.com NFL Salary Cap Contest.

2 – If you finish in the top-3 during Week 8 you get a free entry into the Week 9 Qualifier (a $25 value). You also get a shot at the weekly prizes totaling $1,000.

3 – If you win the Week 9 Qualifier then you get a free entry ($200 value) for the Week 11 Super Qualifier.

4 – If you finish in the top-20 in the Week 11 Super Qualifier you are off to Las Vegas for a chance at the $1,000,000 grand prize thanks to Fanduel.com.

Oh yeah, you also get to take me on in the Week 8 contest, so in addition to setting yourself on a path to win $1,000,000 you get to beat me down too for bragging rights. Here’s the link to play: Fanduel.com/BaseballGuys.com NFL Salary Cap Contest.

But before you go and sign up at Fanduel.com there’s this – wouldn’t you like to know who to play? Here are some helpful tips for Week 8 plays.


Michael Vick, Eagles ($8,000): I mean, $2,400 less than Peyton Manning? How about the same price as Andy Dalton? From Week 1-4 when he was healthy, Vick was the #3 quarterback in fantasy. He may not be 100 percent but he's more than good enough to shred a Giants defense that has allowed 15 scores to the QB this season.

Terrelle Pryor, Raiders ($6,800): Pryor faces a Steelers club that is the second best in holding down QBs in fantasy, but Pryor is a totally different kind of beast. With Darren McFadden back and looking great in practice (where have we heard that before?), Pryor should be a decent play for those wanting to go cheap at QB.


Giovani Bernard, Bengals ($6,100): I have a really hard time understanding why anyone would rather pay $7,000 for Steven Jackson this week. Don't be one of those folks. The Jets are in the top quarter of defenses against runners in a PPR, but they've also allowed six scores in seven games to runners.

Andre Ellington, Cardinals ($5,200): Ellington's value is tied to that of Rashard Mendenhall who is missing practice time this week with a toe injury. The Falcons have been solid against the run this year but the are also allowing five receptions a week to runners. Only go with Ellington if you're spending big everywhere else and have no money left.


Rueben Randle, Giants ($5,500): The Eagles are allowing 312 passing yards a game, and they've also allowed an average of two passing scores a week. They are the worst defense in fantasy football against wide receivers. Randle also has four scores in his last two games against the Eagles.

Denarius Moore, Raiders ($5,400): Over his last four games the Raiders' wideout has been locked in leading to three scores and an average of five catches and 89 yards a game. The Steelers are a tough matchup (only seven clubs allow fewer points to wideouts in a PPR setup) but Moore is talented enough to overcome that.


Tony Gonzalez, Falcons ($5,600): Gonzo faces the worst defense in football against the tight end. They've allowed eight scores through seven games and more than seven catches for 103 yards each week to tight ends and the cost is $2,400 less than Jimmy Graham.

Jason Witten, Cowboys ($6,800): Due to ineffective work of late, Witten's price tag is now just 6th at the tight end position. Witten faces a Detroit defense that has allowed just one score on the year, but that's never been his forte. The Loins have allowed 44 receptions, the fourth highest total in the league, and that is where Witten can excel.


The Saints ($5,100) face a Bills team that is dealing with two beat up runners, a beat up WR1, and their 3rd string QB. The game is also in New Orleans. The Eagles ($5,000) are a passable play if for no other than they are playing at home against the turnover machine-like New York Giants. The Redskins ($5,000) take on the Broncos... I'm just kidding. Please tell me you knew that I was going to pull back from the Redskins call and make fun of the fact that they are a terrible defense who is facing the best offense in football. You couldn't have a better offensive matchup nor a worse one defensively.

To sign up to take me on in the contest over at FanDuel.com click on the preceding link.

By Ray Flowers


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