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I was all excited this year heading to New York for Tout Wars. Not only is it a nice chance to catch up with a lot of my colleagues and friends in the industry, but it's a great time since New York is a spot with plenty of energy in the city. I enjoyed the trip, minus the 10+ hours I spend in the airplane in less than three days, and felt solid about my team after the draft. A few weeks in though I knew I was in trouble. A few months in I was in obvious trouble. After six months I've resorted to the bottle so quell my depression.

TOUT WARS Draft Results.

Note: This is an OBP league, no batting average, an it's 15 teams deep.


Eric Hosmer was a borderline star at first base.

Martin Prado was terrible at the start by strong in the second half as he finished the year hitting .282 with 14 homers, 82 RBIs and 70 runs scored.

Manny Machado was one of those players who was nominated at auction pretty late, and as a result I was able to roster him for a mere $6 (out of the traditional $260). A fantastic get for me.

Domonic Brown also cost me $6. You might of heard he was pretty good this season. He batted .272 with 27 homers, 83 RBIs, 65 runs scored and eight steals.

Cliff Lee rebounded from his six win season to reach the summit of big league hurlers once again. He's a dominating force.

People were scared off a bit by an injured Zack Greinke at the draft table who I was able to add him for $14. He won 15 games with a 2.63 ERA and 1.11 WHIP over 28 starts.

Jose Veras cost me only $4 as the last closer off the board if I'm not mistaken. His season ended up with him setting up in Detroit, but he still had the best effort of his career (21 saves, 3.86 ERA, 1.38 WHIP and 69 Ks in 63.2 innings).


Everything. Let me be clear... e v e r y t h i n g.

My catchers? John Jaso missed months with injury (OBP league remember). Tyler Flowers was a total bust. I added Yasmani Grandal as well but he only appeared in nine games for me before he ruined his knee – that after missing all that time due to suspension.

Derek Jeter, the day we had the draft, was going to miss the first week, maybe two, of the season. He was never actually active on my team. He didn't have a single at-bat for me. His teammate, Alex Rodriguez, was supposed to play at least half the season. He made it out there for 44 games.

Emilio Bonifacio was supposed to bring a speed element. In 97 at-bats for me he had a .539 OPS and stole four bases. I rightfully dropped him. He finished with 28 steals as he killed it with the Royals.

Losing Eric Young to waivers hurt. Young led the NL with 46 steals. He stole a mere eight bases in 57 games with the Rockies but for the Mets he swiped 38 bags in 91 games. On April 22nd I added him for $2 off waivers. He did nothing. I released him, almost two months I sat on the guy, on June 10th. He was designated for assignment on June 12th, and the Mets added him on June 18th. If I had waited a mere 10 days to drop him I wouldn't have let him go, and as a result I could have added a 38 spot in the steals column. That would have taken me from 13th in steals all the way up to 4th. That one decision cost me enough points to move me up two spots in the overall standings.

Carlos Gonzalez went 20/20 while hitting .300 but he also failed to get to 400 at-bats.

Bryce Harper was solid, but he didn't even play 120 games. At $33 on draft day he needed to be a lot more than solid.

Cameron Maybin was healthy enough to given me 33 at-bats this season. He had 17 others when I didn't have him active. As it was he hit .157 with one homer on the year.

Pablo Sandoval hit only 14 homers, while batting .278 and he scored just 52 times.

On the hill Brandon Morrow made 10 starts covering 54.1 innings before arm woes shut him down for good.

Joel Hanrahan was one of three closers I drafted (Sergio Romo and Jose Veras were the others). He was an utter failure because of injury.

Tim Hudson made 21 starts before his season ended --- with surgery.

I made more moves than any team in the league – my 49 moves tied with Nicholas Minnix of KFFL – but it just didn't matter. Whatever I did it just didn't work. Look at some of the ERA's of the arms I picked up as spot starters.

Mark Buehrle 7.04 ERA over three starts. Aaron Harang 12.60 ERA in one start. Edinson Volquez 5.73 ERA over two starts. Wily Peralta 4.59 ERA over six starts. Jeff Locke 13.50 over two starts. Todd Redmond 9.05 ERA over two starts.

That is some awful pitching from the guys I grabbed off waivers either for two starts, or just based on the matchups hey had.

What about the hitters you ask? I'll gladly share the misery there too.

Henry Urrutia one RBI in 37 at-bats. Drew Stubbs .243 OBP, .306 SLG over 36 at-bats. Logan Morrison had a .309 OBP and didn't have a homer in 87 at-bats. Adeiny Hechavarria .224 OBP, .218 SLG over 55 at-bats. Ruben Tejada .414 OPS over 80 at-bats. Pedro Florimon Jr. .491 OPS over 69 at-bats.

Nothing worked. Simple as that.

FINISH: 15 out of 15. I have never, in my entire life, ever finished last in a baseball league. Flat out, I'm embarrassed.


By Ray Flowers


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