'Washington Redskins Cheerleader' photo (c) 2009, Keith Allison - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/Fanduel.com and BaseballGuys.com have joined forces this season. Every week there will be a contest set up at Fanduel.com for my audience to sign up and play a weekly, salary cap game that includes yours truly as one of the participants. Let me explain to you what that means.

If you drafted Calvin Johnson in the first round you feel great, but what if he tears his ACL in Week 2. That smile will certainly turn upside down as you realize your prospects for a championship winning season just got flushed down the gutter. We’ve all been there an it’s demoralizing.

That’s where Fanduel.com can help. Their weekly game is just that – it’s a one week game. You pick your team in Week 2. In Week 2 you’re free to take whomever you wan (you can repeat your team for Week 1 if you wish, or you could chose an entirely new group of players as you will likely prefer). Your team stinks one week, no matter. Next week pick a new one and have at it again. You get a salary cap, fit the players into that (the positions are as follows: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, K, D), and off you go. Oh yeah, the best part is that you can win money too. Here is the info for Week 2:

BaseballGuys.com Exclusive Week 2 League 1st prize is $250. 2nd prize is $180. 3rd prize is $100. And so on with 15 people earning at least $20.

But before you go and sign up at Fanduel.com there’s this – wouldn’t you like to know who to play? Now I’m not going to tell you who my team is, after all you will be competing against me each week, but that doesn’t mean I won’t offer some helpful advice each week. So have at it folks.

Here are some Week 2 thoughts.


Michael Vick, Eagles ($8,100): Trusting Vick as your top QB in a 16 game season is nuts, but in a one week game like this you you can totally sign me up to start Vick. He was a top-5 QB option in Week 1 and he costs $900 less than similarly skilled Cam Newton in Week 2.

Josh Freeman, Bucs ($7,200): He may skip team photos, people may not like him, he may show up late to practice and he may be coming off a down first game, but the matchup with the Saints is fairly intriguing given his history of success against the club (he threw for 420 yards and three scores in the last matchup) and his relatively low cost.


Matt Forte, Bears ($8,300): Adrian Peterson tops the running back list at $10,000, so taking Forte at a 17 percent discount sounds great to me. Forte has averaged more than 125 yards from scrimmage in his last three interdivisional games, and there's nothing to dislike about a guy who is coming off a 24 touch game in Week 1 that included a rushing score.

Joique Bell, Lions ($5,700): Value play central. He's not gonna score twice again, and he's not a top-20 option this week, but at that cost, if you load up elsewhere, he can offer you enough. Danny Woodhead ($5,800) and Daniel Thomas ($5,200) are other cheap options.


Golden Tate, Seahawks ($5,100): The matchup is a bit tough with the Niners coming to town, but Tate did haul in four balls for 51 yards last week and the team keeps talking glowingly of him, not to mention that he appeared in 47 plays last week which is the most of any 'Hawks wideout. Also, in the last matchup between the Seahawks and Niners Russell Wilson threw for four scores, so keep that filed away when you're considering who to start at wideout this week.

Andre Roberts, Cardinals ($5,100): He caught eight of nine targets last week, and even though he's the safety blanket in the offense, it's entirely possible he ends up catching five balls a week. The Cardinals also face a Lions club that is likely to run a lot of plays, and put up lots of points.


I just can't recommend Jimmy Graham ($7,800) at that cost. Given that, here are some thoughts...

If you want to go Graham, why not just go Jason Witten who is literally a thousand less ($6,800)? At least that's my thought.

Jermichael Finley ($6,300) is limited with a toe issue in practice this week. Pass cause of the health concerns.

Owen Daniels scored twice in Week 1. He's still coming in $100 cheaper than Fred Davis at $6,000.

Antonio Gates is blah, but at $5,400 it's worth considering the future Hall of Famer.


Greg Zuerlein, Rams ($5,000): The leg on this kid is immense, and the Falcons figure to put up some points so the Rams will have to push back. The game will also be played indoors, and that never hurts a kicker now does it? There is only $400 separating Z. from the top guy at the position this week, but might as well take advantage of the savings.


Panthers @ Buffalo ($5,100): You save $600 from the top D this week if you go with Carolina. The Bills have a rookie QB, C.J. Spiller wasn't able to shake lose last week, and those are two issues that lead me to posit that the Panthers are far from a poor play this week.

To sign up to take me on in the contest over at FanDuel.com click on the link to the BaseballGuys.com Exclusive Week 2 League.


Here is my weekly numbers piece talking about all the Week 2 matchups.


By Ray Flowers


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