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Do you ever feel like you're sitting in a draft and you just don't have that edge? Maybe you didn't have enough time to study. Maybe you're in a draft with people who are more experienced? Maybe you stayed out too late last night trying to convince your dance partner that it was worth going to your place for a nightcap. Maybe you don't have time to send yours truly an email, or maybe you tried calling into SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio but you just can't get through. What do you do in these instances?

The Machine is the answer.

Even if you know what you're doing. Even if you sent me an email and got a response. Even if you called in and talked to me on the radio...

The Machine is the answer.

Why? So glad you asked.

The Machine does something I can't do for you. The Machine does something none of your friends can do for you. The Machine helps you while you're drafting. You don't have to worry about finding the info you need in one of your three magazines. You don't have to worry about being able to get your fantasy football loving cousin on the phone. You don't have to second guess yourself. That's what The Machine is for, it holds your hand and leads you to the promised land.

The Machine is an IN-DRAFT aid.

That's right, you install a copy of The Machine and it helps you draft your team. It tells you which players are the best at each position. It tells you when the right time is to take that QB or tight end or that backup running back. I can tell you that in an ideal world I wouldn't take my first QB until the 6th round. However, as we all know, not all drafts go according to plan. Maybe people in your league go bonkers crazy drafting QBs and you need to take one in the 5th round. The Machine will tell you that. Maybe you're uncertain if it's right to go with a third runner or third receiver. You're on the clock and have only 90 seconds to decide. Give The Machine five seconds and you've got your answer.

The Machine does something I can't do for you – it helps you once the draft has started. I can give you my rankings, hold your hand through a strategy session, provide you all kinds of data to review but I'm not sitting there with you during your draft. The Machine is. The Machine “Dynamically changes draft recommendations in real-time, every time a new pick is made.” That's right, every time a pick is made in the draft, The Machine re-tabulates everything and tells you the best move to make. It doesn't matter if the folks in your draft make good moves or bad ones, The Machine always knows what to tell.

For more on the product, see this demonstration video.


The Machine isn't just a tool that helps during the draft, it helps you all through the year. Here's what else The Machine can do the following as well...

TRADES What trades should you make? It can suggest deals to offer. It can also tell you whether to take the offer that's been presented to you or to turn it down.

SETTING LINEUPS It helps you to set your rosters each week. That's right, no more worrying about whether to start Josh Freeman or Andy Dalton. The Machine tells you who the best play is.

WAIVER-WIRE ADDS It tells you which players to add off waivers, and we all know how valuable a tool that could be since many a league is won by working the waiver-wire.

DYNASTY LEAGUES If you play in a Dynasty League it can tell you when to deal draft picks or accept deals that include them. This is one of the harder things to get a handle on cause who knows what a 2nd round pick in 2014 is worth. The answer to that question is The Machine does.

IDP LEAGUES Yep, it covers those leagues that take the extra step of rostering individual defensive players.

Which sites does The Machine work with? Oh, only the ones that 98 percent of you are already using: ESPN, Yahoo, CBS Sports, MyFantasyLeague, Realtime Fantasy Sports

So how do you get The Machine? So glad you asked. Simply click on the link to THE MACHINE. To get started.

I put The Machine into practice to show you how things can turn out if you use it as a guide on draft day.



By Ray Flowers


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