'Giants World Champs Sign 10/28/2012' photo (c) 2012, Luigi Dionisio - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/ Are you looking to be a Fantasy Baseball Champion in 2013 like the San Francisco Giants were major league champs last season? If so, you've come to the right place.

What can you look for in the 2013 Baseball Guys Fantasy Baseball Guide? Plenty. Here are some highlights of the topics that will be covered in great detail to help arm you with all the data you will need to dominate the competition in 2013.

PITCHERS Pitchers – What numbers should you be targeting when assembling your staff? Closers – How do you evaluate them? Which middle relievers should you target? Should you be concerned when young pitchers see major innings pitched increase?

HITTERS Hitters – What numbers should be your baseline for analyzing hitters?

ROOKIES Which rookies are likely to make a significant fantasy impact in 2013?

FANTASY GAMING Auctions – How to rules. FAAB – How to rules. Top-300 – Why should you avoid using such a list? Punting Categories – Does it make sense? Points Leagues – How should you handle them? Head-to-Head – Why they are poisoning fantasy baseball? Category Targets – What levels should you be looking at?

INFORMATIVE ARTICLES Mike Trout – Why he has no chance to repeat his phenomenal rookie campaign. R.A. Dickey – Why he has no change to repeat his phenomenal 2012 season. ABA – A new way to evaluate pitchers designed to replace WHIP. SWIP – Why strikeouts and walks are so important. PWSA – How do you compare players who are all power or all speed? SABR Primer – What are these sabermetric measures and what do they mean? Either/Or - Which players should you target on draft day? Did You Know? – An article point to some interesting facts. 10 Questions – Ten must know questions are answered for each position. Predictions – Who will win the awards in 2013?

MOCK DRAFT Fifteen experts in the field go at it in a mixed league draft.

PLAYER CAPSULES C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS: 50 players at each position with mixed league dollar values. OF: 150 players ranked Starting Pitchers: 150 Ranked Relief Pitchers: 75 Ranked

All told over 600 players ranked! PLUS...



So how do you get this whopper of a deal? There are two easy ways for you to get the more than 145 pages of data for the 2013 season (it's actually way more than that when you add in the rankings).

OPTION #1Thanks to a partnership with Fanduel.com, you can get your copy of the 2013 BBGUYS Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide for just $10 (don't forget that last year the $8 Guide was only 55 pages long). So for $2 more than last year's Guide you not only get more than 90 pages over what you got last year, you also get FREE money at Fanduel.com. What am I talking about? When you follow the below link to Fanduel.com you will be taken to a sign-up page. Simply sign up with the site for $10. When you do you will receive two things.

The BaseballGuys.com Draft Guide. $10 FREE dollars to spend at Fanduel.com.

So not only do you get the Draft Guide you also get $20 dollars to spend at Fanduel.com (your deposit and the FREE $10 Fanduel.com is giving you. Please note, if you DO NOT follow the link below, it could take several days for you to receive the draft guide).



(You can have a Fanduel account already in existence and be eligible for the $10 deal, but if you have ever deposited $ into it then you are ineligible for the $10 deal. In this instance the only way to obtain the Guide would be to order it through the BaseballGuys website for $14.95)

ALSO... make sure the promo code BBGUYS is in the promo code box. It needs to manually be entered if you are ordering from your phone.

For those of you that don't know what Fanduel.com does here is brief primer. Fanduel.com is a daily salary cap fantasy game. You go to Fanduel.com, select a lineup for that day only, and then play it out. You can do this as many times a day you as like keeping the same lineup if you like or changing it with every entry. When you win the daily league, and I'm sure you will win given the advice you are about to unlock with the Draft Guide, you win REAL MONEY from Fanduel.com.

So you can look at this option two ways.

A) You spend $10 to play games at Fanduel.com and get a FREE Draft Guide. B) You spend $10 to buy the Draft Guide and get $10 FREE to spend at Fanduel.com.

Talk about a win-win.

OPTION #2 – If you prefer to purchase The Guide without the bonus' that Fanduel is offering there is another avenue you can take.

On the right hand side of the BaseballGuys page, near the top, is a YELLOW DONATE tab. Simply click on the tab, donate $14.95 through Paypal, and The Guide will be on it’s way to you within hours.

Not enough of a deal to entice you? How about this added little bonus (I feel like someone on an infomercial).

Everyone that purchases The Guide will be able to get one free update of the player rankings (this counts whether you go through Fanduel or through BaseballGuys directly). Get The Guide now, study it, take in all it has to offer. If you’d like up updated version of the rankings at any point – and the rankings are updated on a daily basis as needed up until Opening Day – here is what you will need to do.

(1) Send me an email at fantasyfandom@yahoo.com.

(2) The email should include a copy of your receipt from PayPal or Fanduel. I’ll then send you a file with the updated player rankings right up until Opening Day.

How much better is that than going to the store to buy a magazine that was printed six weeks ago and is stale by the time your draft gets underway?

One final note. I know some of you might balk at having to pay for The Draft Guide. However, if you follow my work at BaseballGuys.com you will know that everything I do here is entirely free. So don’t just think of it as you’re buying an $10 or $14.95 Draft Guide. Think of the investment that includes a year long subscription with it as well – yet another bonus you will received for being a loyal follower of BaseballGuys.com (you should also be following the BaseballGuys' Twitter account).


Here are some responses from those that purchased The Guide in 2012.

The BaseballGuys Draft guide is so Amazing I had to take the afternoon off of work to finish reading it. – @AndyNelson97

First time donating to you and this Baseball Guide is brain-candy for analytic minds. – @DaveE926

Ray & draft guide are full of it…Full of enough tips, tricks, and rankings with updates in the future to take me to the top. – @achiabotta

I won my league last year with Ray’s draft guide and advice. If you think $8 is to much? Let me tell you it is super cheap for what you get in return. – Jamie

How dare you charge $8 for your draft guide??? should be at least $18 – @rotoexpertMRath.

I am a returning member and support The Oracle & The Fantasy DRIVE on Sirius. Two years ago the Guide was $3 (I would have paid $15). Which means $8 is a complete value and will help me win three separate titles. – Scott

I sent the $8 donation to @BaseballGuys just for how accessible he is on twitter. – @AlZeidenfeld

Wanted to thank you for all your help this season, answering every question I had. I ended up winning my H2H league yesterday. Key picks taken from your draft guide: Edwin Encarnacion, Alejandro De Aza, Kenley Jansen (let everyone else fight for J. Guerra) and Paul Goldschmidt. Your draft guide also enabled me to focus on the better arms specifically in relief over the people who were named closers to start the season. Anyway, all your hard work and time you put in every single day of the season helped me win a championship. Also learned a big lesson this year how to look beyond the basic stats of a player to determine value. Thanks Again  – Joe M



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