Does it feel like Christmas morning? It should, because today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Are you ready to dominate the competition in Fantasy Baseball? If you are then you have come to the right place to have your dreams answered. I'm proud to release the BaseballGuys 2012 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide. What does the more than 50 page Draft Guide include? Pretty much everything you will need to prep for the 2012 season including articles on:

Pitchers – What numbers should you be targeting when assembling your staff?

Closers – How do you evaluate them? Which middle relievers should you target? Should you be concerned when young pitchers see major innings pitched increases? Hitters – What numbers should you focus on for analyzing hitters? Which rookies are likely to make a significant fantasy impact in 2012? Auctions – How to rules. FAAB – How to rules. Did You Know? – An article point to some interesting facts from the 2011 season. SABR Primer – What are these sabermetric measures and what do they mean? Either/Or - Which players should you target? Predictions for players for 2012 – award winners etc.

And the heart of The Guide - more there are more than 600 player rankings for 5x5 mixed leagues! C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS: 50 players at each position OF: 150 players ranked Starting Pitchers: 150 ranked Relief Pitchers: 75 ranked

There are also auction dollar values for mixed leagues for all 600+ players!

So how do you get this whopper of a deal?

On the right hand side of the BaseballGuys page, near the top, is a YELLOW DONATE tab. Simply click on the tab, donate $8.00 through Paypal, and The Guide will be on it's way to you within hours.

That's right, for only $8.00 you get more than 50 pages in the PDF file sent to you with all of the above information to help prepare you to destroy your competition in 2012.

Not enough of a deal to entice you? How about this added little bonus (I feel like someone on an infomercial adding a second, whatever, so sweeten the pot). Everyone that purchases The Guide will be able to get one free update of the player rankings. Get The Guide now, study it, take in all it has to offer. If you'd like up updated version of the rankings contained within it a few days before your draft, all you will need to do is to shoot me an email, attach your receipt from PayPal, and I'll send you a file with the updated player rankings right up until Opening Day.

How much better is that than going to the store to buy a magazine that was printed six weeks ago?

One final note. I know some of you might balk at having to pay for my rankings. However, if you follow my work at, you will know that everything I do here is entirely free. So don't just think of it as you're buying an $8.00 Draft Guide. Think of the investment like you are paying $8.00 for a year round baseball site that caters to your needs.

By Ray Flowers


I have to say it’s one of the best print draft kits I’ve seen. What Ray put together is not your typical cheat sheet to bring to your draft table. This kit teaches you how to make your own cheat sheet using any formula to help you in almost any category and league format you want. - Joe M

I won my league last year with Ray’s draft guide and advice. If you think $8 is to much? Let me tell you it is super cheap for what you get in return. - Jamie

How dare you charge $8 for your draft guide??? should be at least $18 - @rotoexpertMRath.

I am a returning member and support The Oracle & The Fantasy DRIVE on Sirius. Last year the Guide was $3 (I would have paid $15). Which means $8 is a complete value and will help me win three separate titles. - Scott

The BaseballGuys Draft guide is so Amazing I had to take the afternoon off of work to finish reading it. - @AndyNelson97

First time donating to you and this Baseball Guide is brain-candy for analytic minds. - @DaveE926

I sent the $8 donation to @BaseballGuys just for how accessible he is on twitter. - @AlZeidenfeld

Ray & draft guide are full of it...Full of enough tips, tricks, and rankings with updates in the future to take me to the top. - @achiabotta


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