People have been clamoring for my thoughts on players for years. The fervor is almost like when the paparazzi try to snap photos of Lindsey Lohan as she sneaks out the back door of yet another club,or rehab center, bombed out of her mind on the latest designer vodka. OK, it may not be quite like that, and truthfully the only real parallel is that Lindsey and I like to pull back on Belvedere when we get the chance. Still, some people are interested to hear my thoughts on players, so here is what I'm going to do for all of you at

Over the next little while I'm going to release hundreds of player capsules for hitters. I'll break them down by positions each day, and give you a sampling of what I'm going to provide to each of you. So this is how it will work.

(1) You stop by

(2) You'll get a chance to review a handful of the players at the position of the day.

(3) You'll find a CODE at the end of the article.

(4) You'll take that CODE and email it to me at:

(5) I'll send you back a neat and tidy PDF file with the top-50 or so players at the position of the day that is being discussed.

How does that sound to you?

The best part?

How about the cost... it's 100% FREE !

All I ask is that you tell a friend.



Here's a sample of what you'll be getting.

Jack Cust Cust will fight for at-bats in the Pacific Northwest a year after failing to hit 25 homers for the first time in four seasons. Cust walked and struck out like he always does, but the lack of long ball power was a big surprise. That trend may not turn around in a difficult yard to go deep in. Lost in all of that is the fact that Cust hit a career best .272, though that's hardly promising on its own.

Nick Johnson At some point you have to realize that She's Just Not That Into You (shameless movie reference). Johnson is a talented on base machine, but he has about as much chance of staying healthy long enough to be a fantasy weapon as I do of exactly predicting his at-bat total (good luck getting within 100). You should only call out Johnson's name on draft day if you are a masochist.

The Designated Hitter code is: Ban the DH

By Ray Flowers




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