Charlie Morton is a solid big league hurler. Well, maybe he is. He doesn't strike out many batters, until this year at least, but he takes the ball, gives the Pirates innings, and has been on a nice run of late. What is his value in the second half of the season – is he anything more than a depth option or is he someone you can count on?


2008: Made 15 starts and 16 appearances with a 6.15 ERA and 1.62 WHIP going 4-8 for the Braves.

2009: Went 5-9 in his first year with the Pirates improving his ERA to 4.55 and lowering his WHIP to 1.46 over 97 innings. 

2010: His record fell even further into the toilet as he went 2-12 over 17 starts. He saw his ratios explode to simply atrocious levels Continue...