Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. I just needed to get my word count up for my editor so I used the same word three times. Think anyone will notice? I'm not going to be nearly as lazy when listing the BVP data for the matchups of June 4th.

* NOTE: Players are listed in alphabetical order for the sake of making them easily sortable/findable.

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
Chris Carter has had a lot of early success against Garrett Richards. In 13 at-bats he's hit a ball into the seats, batted .462 and driven in four runs.

Will Greg Dobbs play? In 11 career at-bats against A.J. Burnett he's produced seven hits. Adam LaRoche has had bigger success as he's hit .400 with two homers and six RBIs over 25 at-bats.

(image) Edwin Encarnacion has a matchup to Continue...

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A Adler 

Thank you Ray, I actually did understand that the listings are for BvP and I do like your input as it does lead to good decisions in the games I play!:) It is a bit of a misconception in any case to think of pre-determinig outcomes...Kluber is not just facing Boston today other factors are in there too...i.e. weather

Ray Flowers 

A Adler - I think people are misreading these. I'm not suggesting the guys listed are the BEST options. I'm merely listing guys that have good matchups based on BVP. There's a difference that must be understood. Kluber is the best choice. I'm not a huge fan of Porcello against an offense that is mashing like that of the Blue Jays. Wainwright is elite. He starts for me every time he takes the hill.

A Adler 

eh, did a dbl msg again...meant to ask why you left out KC's Vargas, and the fact that they are batting over .300 against Wainwright?

A Adler 

Hi Ray, Wilson had a rough go...Does Porcello have a chance against the Jays? And is Kluber a better choice than Minor for daily? I noticed u did not mention Minor, Estrada or Norris?

Ray Flowers 

Guest - What an interesting name. lol Allen has not been named closer. Love the arm, but it's not official. Have to consider him a step down from Addison at moment. Scherzer has looked blahtastic last 3 outings. Should be fine, but still, paying full price at moment I dont love. nothing wrong with deal though.

Ray Flowers 

Robert Ferenc - Tigers say they are sticking with Nathan for now. I would add him, drop Feldman given your options.


Hey ray, would you trade Vmart and Addison reed in a 12 team keeper to get Scherzer? My replacement for Vmart at util would be heyward and I'd use Cody Allen as a replacement for reed. Any concerns with scherzers last couple of starts? Thanks!

Robert Ferenc 

Sorry I am not on Twitter so I was not sure where else to write to you!!

Robert Ferenc 

Hi Ray, 5x5 roto. 1st place, 1st on waiver claims. Someone cut Nathan. I have 7 pts in saves, 3 in WHIP and 5 in ERA. I have Mejia, Rondon, and Doolittle as closers, Scherzer, Cueto, Burnett, Kluber, Feldman, Bailey and Ross as S. Only one bench hitter. I have 2 C. Perez and Ramos. Would you pick up Nathan and if so, who to cut. Thanks Ray

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