Matchups, sharks, Bigfoot, vomiting. With an intro like that I dare you not to read the Daily Trends piece for May 29th. If you don't, what kind of mind do you have? Clearly it's not an inquisitive one.


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Ray Flowers 

Miguel Enguidanos - The deal works. The season is only a third old, and your already at nearly 50% of your starts. You can deal. Doesnt mean you have to, hurlers get hurt daily, but I get your thinking. This deal works give that.

Ray Flowers 

Josh - Saunders. He's been incredibly hot for weeks, and he's even seeing PT against lefties. See -


Miguel, I would make that move to get Puig as long as you still have other solid SP's, but is there a better closer option you could target other than Papelbon?

Miguel Enguidanos 

I have 94 starts out of 200. I could use improvement in saves and outfield. I am thinking of proposing Cueto and CJ Wilson for Puig and Papelbon. I think it is pretty even but wanted your opinion. It is a 12 team 5x5 roto. I would still have Fister, Cole, Gallardo, Buehrle, Garza, Lyles and Latos. thanks


14-team mix, 5x5. Bench spot: help me choose one player: Luis Valbuena, Freese, C. Quentin, Josh Harrison, Michael Saunders, Tommy Medica, Sean Rodriguez?

Ray Flowers 

Derek - I wrote about Blackmon yesterday - . Blackmon is nowhere near as bad as folks think. Pretty fair deal here based on need. If you need OF depth, I can do this.


Hi Ray, I was offered Blackmon for Kluber? I have lots of pitching depth and not much OF depth in a 5 OF, 10 team mixed roto. I love Kluber as I know you do, but I don't love Blackmon who is very streaky. Would you pull the trigger or hold onto the current MLB Strikeout Leader?

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