Hump day. Who uses that term by the way? I guess I just did, but I never use it. Probably because all I do is work everyday so there never really is a midpoint to the week. Even in college when I worked retail I never worked Monday through Friday. What's that like, having two days off a week on the weekend? Must be nice. Listen to me complaining. Like I've got it tough writing/talking about sports. Let's get to the matchups of the day.

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
Robinson Cano is basically getting a hit every three at-bats this year. And you thought he stinks. He's hit .355 with a homer an a .459 OBP over 36 plate appearances when C.J. Wilson is on the bump. Justin Smoak has also had some success. He's hitting a mere .250 in 32 Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Darren Graham - I'd take that. Kershaw for Upton is fair. Adding in Santana and Gordon, nice gets even with both struggling in May. I'd have no issue doing this.

Darren Graham 

Hello Ray someone in my H2H league just offered me C. Santana, Dee Gordon and Kershaw for J Upton. thoughts? thanks

Ray Flowers 

Bo - I slightly like Kluber better than Ryu. I'm still not quite on board with the Teheran train. Velo down, Ks, down, some advanced measure suggest his ERA should be two runs higher.


Thanks Ray. If you swap Ryu with Kluber or Teheran, do you like it better? I feel like I'm forcing it a bit overall. Probably a sign to walk away.

Ray Flowers 

Bo - ECab just isn't hitting right now. I dont mind adding him, but it's a significant downgrade from the two you are thinking about deal. If I was going to do a deal it would be the first one, but with Ryu not exactly the healthiest guy ever, I'd pass.


Hey Ray- speaking of Kinsler, would you rather trade him for E. Cabrera and Ryu, or Ian Desmond for Cabrera and Ryu? Or neither? I like the idea of getting another solid arm but I fear that the downgrade at MI is too great. Thoughts? 12 team mixed H2H. Thanks!

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