Tuesday is the day to make your mark in the fantasy game. I just made that up. I'm here to help you Monday through Sunday, I don't try any harder any day of the week than the other, but when you write an intro to an article every single day, eventually you run out of things to say? OK, that's not true, I'm just saving all the good stuff for the body of the article.

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
Erick Aybar has 10 hits in 22 at-bats. That's good for a .455 batting average off of Scott Feldman. That average is only five points better than Howie Kendrick who is sitting there with a .450 mark in 20 at-bats. He's gone deep once too.

Adrian Beltre has Continue...

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Joseph Abernathy 

Ray, you are the man! Adams drills a two run bomb in his first at bat. Thanks!

Ray Flowers 

Miguel Enguidanos - You can make the move. Peavy is walking too many, just not locked in. No real expectations at this point with Latos though, so hard to know. I will say this. In a 10 tm lg, I have to think there are better options to turn to right now instead of a twice operated on guy who still is weeks away from a return.

Miguel Enguidanos 

Hi Ray, with Latos getting closer to coming back and Peavy not doing so well and looking at your May rankings, would you make the move on Latos for Peavy? All my pitching categories are mediocre. I'm in 4th in a 10 team roto 5x5.

Ray Flowers 

Joseph Abernathy - Adams is the only fully healthy guy, so he starts. Fielder is uncertain this week, so I guess you go with Cuddyer who comes of the DL today. Might see his workload light a bit this week though, so not a huge "win" to start him.

Joseph Abernathy 

Ray, need some help in a weekly league. I have 2 spots for three players. I have Matt Adams, Michael Cuddyer and Prince Fielder. I am worried about Fielder's neck. I am in first place and am playing the team who is the biggest threat to me. Who should I go with?

Ray Flowers 

Adam - Fantastic trade. I would also deal Peralta to get Bailey yes. Two of "my guys" but I'd still view Bailey in a better light. ;-)

Ray Flowers 

truax - Gotta be Rendon. Younger, better skills, performing better. I'd go Fien. I love the arm on AA, but he's so hit or miss with the control.

Ray Flowers 

friz - I would never drop a sitting closer in this day and age. Keep Melancon. At same time, very possible that Grilli gets job back. Just not certain when. Birtton/Doolittle are nice arms, but their roles are uncertain. Bottom line is there is no clarity here at all. I'd keep Pirates combo given your other trio, just lock down Pirates saves for sure.


Hey Ray! Earlier this year I flipped Pineda for J. Zimmermann (I should be arrested), and I was wondering if I should now trade W. Peralta for Homer Bailey? Right or wrong, I become married to the pre-draft rankings so I value the proven (yet struggling) Bailey over Peralta. Thanks Ray!


Hector Rendon or LaTroy Hawkins? We have holds too, so Albuquerque or Fien?


hey ray, i have grill/melancon combo...i was wondering if it would be worth it to drop both and pick up britton and doolittle? i have krod, drob and balfour also. 5x5 standard h2h league.

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