Wondering where it all went wrong on Tuesday? Never fear. With major league baseball there is always a game the next day to help drown out the sorrows. What follows is a look at the matchups that take place Wednesday. Which fellas have favorable matchups? Which others are best left on the bench? The Oracle gives his thoughts.  

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
J.J. Hardy has only nine at-bats against Cesar Ramos but boy has he made the most of them. He's racked up five hits with two homers as he's driven in eight base runners. Can't be much more productive than that.

Aaron Hill has 14 hits and 10 RBIs over his last 10 games. He faces Wily Peralta Wednesday.

James Loney has nine hits in 17 at-bats against Bud Norris. That .529 average is stupendous, even includes two Continue...

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Miguel Enguidanos 

My first league ever. I've learned a lot from your show and will change next year. Thanks Ray. No more H to H for me.

Ray Flowers 

Miguel Enguidanos - My issue is with your league. How was David Price on waivers? You need to find a better league. Your leaguemates have no idea what they are doing. My issue with Latos should be obvious. What has he done this year? He's had arm and leg surgery since we last saw him in a game that counts. He was supposed to be ready for the first week of April. We may not see him until June now. How can you trust that?

Miguel Enguidanos 

Hi Ray, I was able to pick up David Price off the waiver in a head to head league for Latos. I made the decision based on your May rankings. I think it's good although I have been holding on to Latos all season. I started to question it once your May rankings came out. Price is #12 - Tier 2 and Latos is #67 - Tier 6. I'm a little surprised on Latos and have him on another team. I'm looking forward to Fister and Casey Janssen coming off the DL. What is your issue with Latos?

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