Jon Lester is a star again. Or is he? Martin Perez was a star and now he's not? There's an AL pitcher who wasn't drafted in the overwhelming majority of mixed leagues who's been pitching pretty darn well. Can you follow the clues to guess who he is? Finally, Kyle Gibson did his thing again Monday night. Can you trust him?


Seven starts into the season Jon Lester is king. His record is poor at 3-4, but there's not much he could have done about that. As for his own work, get excited.

2.59 ERA, 1.09 WHIP, 10.73 K/9, 1.85 BB/9, 5.80 K/BB

Nothing there is anything other than elite. Kudos to the lefty.

The problem? They are many.

Remember, this is his 9th year in the league.

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