How was Cinco de Mayo for you? Did you stay out all night drinking your sorrows away (yes, that was me in the corner). No matter what happened Monday night we're on to Tuesday, so hungover or not, we're launching in to the matchups for Tuesday the 6th.


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Ray Flowers 

Stephen Youmans - Rendon is a very good hitter. I have way more faith in him than Gordon. It's not a bad deal to make - make sure you check though, someone might give more for Gordon. Bet they might.

Ray Flowers 

daviddonahue - Sorry didn't get to this in time. I had to re-fi my house today. What a mess. lol


Do we trust Homer today?

Stephen Youmans 

12 team 5x5 roto... i am crushing steals and struggling in hr and rbis. Shopping Dee Gordon currently. Straight up for Anthony Rendon getting enough?

Playing Time Barnum 

Hi Ray. Would you rather (AL, OBP): Dyson or Gentry?

Ray Flowers 

Michael Magid - I've been saying that with Perez since before the season. The only arm I don't have ahead of Perez is McA. See -

Michael Magid 

Ray, time to punt Martin Perez? I see Hammel, Gee, Kennedy, McAllister, Kluber all on the wire. Thanks (and I had Niese last night and sat Perez. Thanks for that one too!).

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