Is it supposed to be raining this much at the end of April? I propose that every team moves to California where it's always sunny and between 60 and 95 degrees. Problem solved. I should be the new commissioner. In honor of all the rain-outs Wednesday I'm gonna change things up a bit in today's piece.


Rays @ Red Sox (2 games)
Dodgers @ Twins (2 games)
Pirates @ Orioles (2 games)
Mariners @ Yankees
Braves @ Marlins
Brewers @ Reds
Blue Jays @ Royals
Mets @ Rockies

(Provided the weather cooperates)

According to Park Factors...

Fenway in Boston is 3rd in runs scored but 27th in homers.
Target Field in Minnesota is 21st in runs, 15th in homers.
Yankee Stadium is (surprisingly) 25th in runs but 8th in homers.
Marlins Park is actually 9th in runs though it's 25th in homers.
Great America Ballpark in Cincinnati is ranked 1st Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Zeevi Becker - I'll take the Wright side. Still has a shot to be an elite third sacker, Myers should be a solid run producer, and Bourn should pick up the SB game.

Zeevi Becker 

Ray, which side: D. Wright, W. Myers and M. Bourn for MigCab and Eric Young?

A Adler 

Hi Ray, Isn't Colon pitching against the Rockies today, not the Phillies. Perhaps Blackmon will have some success?

Ray Flowers 

Miguel Enguidanos (and Stephen Youmans). I think Stephen is right here Miguel. There is no doubt Nathan>Santos. Still, NO closer can be on waivers in any serious lg. Plus, and not to bash ESPN, but that is the lowest common denominator for fantasy sports. People that have no idea how to play fantasy sports sign up at ESPN cause it's the only place they know about. Laughable he's not 100% owned.

Stephen Youmans 

Percent ownership is not always a great indicator because there are numerous leagues that get drafted and forgotten about as well as numerous leagues that are extremely shallow and have like 1 or 2 RP only, especially on ESPN and Yahoo.

Miguel Enguidanos 

Looking at my ESPN league and a tale of two RPs. Sergio Santos for Toronto is owned in 56.6% of leagues and has 5 saves in 8.2 innings while Joe Nathan also has 5 saves in 10.2 innings and is owned in 100% of the leagues. Granted Santos may lose his job when Janssen gets back up and running but why the hesitancy with Santos? Santos has more Ks, a worse WHIP and ERA but Nathan has 2 wins which is usually a bad thing for a closer. Why the lack of respect for Santos?

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