Who are the best and worst plays for Thursday, April 17th? Our very own Oracle, Ray Flowers, has mined the data, scoured the stats, surveyed the landscape and come up with a list of batters and pitchers to target, or avoid, for game action Thursday.

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
Charlie Blackmon is pretty much hitting everything this season. He's also batting .485 against right-handed pitching. He starts against Ian Kennedy who he's gotten three hits off of in 10 career at-bats.

Michael Brantley loves to see him some hard throwing Tiger righties on the hill. In 38 at-bats against Justin Verlander Mr. Brantley has hit .395 with six RBIs while stealing four bases. Teammate Michael Bourn, just off the DL, has hit .389 with three steals over 18 at-bats against Verlander.

Dexter Fowler has been slumping since he missed time Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Dave - As tempting as it is to drop Gyorko or Hill for Dozier, I cannot support that. Read Dozier's player profile: http://www.fantasyalarm.com/articles/flowers/10013/player-profile-brian-dozier/


Ray, How good will Dozier be? Good enough to drop Gyorko or Hill?

Ray Flowers 

Troy Paulsen - It's not been enough time to downgrade Lawrie completely. I'm actually happy he's been healthy. I like the deal. Iwakuma has just as good a shot as Kazmir to make 25 starts ROTW, and I think Lawrie should be a fine fill in until ZiImmerman is back.

Troy Paulsen 

Hey Ray. What's your thoughts on Brett Lawrie ROY? I was deep at SP and needed to replace Zimmerman and obviously very thin on the waiver wire. Traded Kazmir and Estrada for Lawrie and Iwakuma. If Lawrie does well could slide him to utility spot once Zimmerman comes back. Troy

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