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Check out this disaster --- the 9th inning. Everywhere you look it's one meltdown after another.

The following guys have a blown save and no saves.

Joe Nathan, Jason Grilli, Jonathan Papelbon, Glen Perkins, Jose Veras, Jim Johnson and Bobby Parnell.

It's a long season, but it's been a rough start for relievers. At the end of the day it comes down to how much rope is the manager willing to give his guy? The simple answer is none of us know. My advice? Add a reliever or two to the end of your bench in waivers. You don't need that third catcher or that 8th starting pitcher. When those middle relievers become closers it's insane how hot and heavy the bidding becomes. Be a step ahead. To help with that check out our Continue...

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Bryan Shisler 

* Also available Cory I gotta wear my shades Hart and Marlon Byrd is the word. Is any of these 4 guys worth my OF position space over BJ Upton? Ugh!!

Bryan Shisler 

Hi Ray, i know it's only been a week but if my memory serves me right, BJ Upton has been causing more harm than good to his 10 team owners for well over a year with his SO rate. OF Waiver Options: Parra seems to be greeting lead off opportunities and doing something with them. Ackley has duel position eligibility and 2nd appears thin. Tell me why I shouldn't make a move and then remove your tongue from your cheek and be honest with what Kyle would do as regretful BJ Upton owner.

Ray Flowers 

brischilz - Gattis should be your catcher over Ruiz. You lose ALL the benefit of Gattis if you aren't using him at C. Yes, I would add Ruggiano for the upside BUT - check trade market first. Very likely someone would pay for Ruiz.


I have another option...I have Gatis in my OF now and Ruiz at Catcher. Yes, only a 1 Catcher league :( Would it be better to drop Ruiz and slide Gatis to C and use Ruggiano in the OF and that way I don't have to drop Beckett? Or would Beckett still be the guy to drop at this time? Thank You!!!!

Ray Flowers 

brischilz - Ruggiano has been hurt, that's my main concern right now. He should be fine in short order. Outfield is jumbled, but nothing is different than it was when I wrote his player profile. http://www.fantasyalarm.com/articles/flowers/18253/2014-fantasy-baseball-player-profile-justin-ruggiano He is a must add in NL only if you ask me. I dont want to drop the bench guys you have, so I would drop Becket - but know that he could be a very valuable arm in NL only lgs.


Hi Ray, What are your updated thoughts on Ruggiano? The Cubs outfield seems to be a little jammed and not sure how much he is sitting because of the other outfielders or from his ankle being hurt. He was dropped in my NL only auction keeper league. I have 3 bench spots that consist of Bryant, Taveras, and Syndergaard. These guys will only be eligible to be kept next season if they play in a major league game this year and would cost me $1, $6, and $4 next season. Would you drop any of them(i'm leaning Syndergaard) or Arroyo or beckett to pick up Ruggiano? My current SPs are Madbum, Teheran, Cingrani, Samardzja, Peralta, Beckett, and Arroyo. Thanks!!!!

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