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Welcome to the BETA Version of the NFL Playoff Assistant to deliver custom projections for all your playoff long contests. It is FREE with a free Fantasy Alarm accounts, so please REGISTER now.

The NFL Playoff Assistant takes your selections for the winners of all the games all the way THROUGH THE SUPER BOWL and then uses the proprietary FanJections system to generate projections for each matchup based on dozens of metrics from in season for both offenses and defenses.

The table of custom projections generated can be sorted by simply clicking on the column headings or selecting the pulldowns.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It will take 10-30 seconds to generate based on your devices speed so please be patient after making your selections. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SELECT A SUPER BOWL WINNER or the GENERATE button will not be available. Kickers and defenses are not generated as we are still working on multi-game algorithms and will have that for next season.
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