2017 NBA Draft




This is exactly who the Sixers traded for and for good reason. The Celtics had a ton of guards and the Sixers needed an NBA-ready talent and Fultz will provide all-around help with scoring, spacing, leading with the ball and it will take pressure off of Joel Embiid to do all of the dirty work. Their scoring will be more balanced and Fultz will get plenty of assists passing off to open wing players.

Updated at: Thu June 29th 3:42 PM
Lakers, PG, UCLA

The prophecy is completed and Ball stays in Cali. Even though he’s not great off the pick and roll, Ball is an excellent passer and the Lakers were convinced that it was Ball that will lead them up the standings over the next few years. Ball is not only a good passer, but an excellent attacker from all angles. The Lakers traded away D’Angelo Russell for this guy, and are obviously oozing with confidence that Ball will help some of the younger Lakers find consistency in spots on the floor on offense that will be easier for them to create. Lakers will be a lot quicker next season.

Updated at: Thu June 29th 3:46 PM
3. Jayston Tatum
Celtics, SF, Duke

It took a lot of guts for the Celtics to essentially pass on Fultz, but as always Danny Ainge is addressing team needs over overall skill and Tatum will help shutdown the lanes on defense as he has great reach and he will be effective from the elbow on offense. He will be a good compliment to Jaylen Brown as 2nd units will experience two completely different players on the wing. Expect Tatum to take a ton of mid-range jumpers.

Updated at: Mon July 3rd 9:21 AM
4. Josh Jackson
Suns, SF, Kansas

The Suns are another team with a ton of guards and even though De’Aaron Fox was on the board, the Suns are addressing a huge need at Forward and Jackson gives them size, tenacity on defense and even though he need to put on a bit of muscle, Jackson is a hustler on both sides of the court and the Suns need to start playing better defense in the post and Jackson should see a ton of minutes early.

Updated at: Thu June 29th 3:49 PM
5. De'Aaron Fox
Kings, PG, Kentucky

The Kings have not found the right fit at guard and the swift and aggressive Fox will provide impact on offense immediately, but it may not come in the form of points. Fox will show his intangible skills early. He is very consistent at pushing the ball and has good control of the tempo when he has possession of the rock, but the reputation is that he struggles shooting. Luckily for Fox, he not only has Buddy Hield, who will have no problem taking a bunch of jumpers, but the Kings have no identity and they can work together to re-create the Kings offensive attack. Fox can ease into shooting, so he can learn what exactly is a high-percentage shot.

Updated at: Thu July 6th 12:16 PM
6. Jonathan Isaac
Magic, PF, Florida State

 A bit surprised by this pick because the Magic are really pushing Aaron Gordon to be “The Guy” in Orlando. Isaac MUST put on muscle to match his size, but he will be able to run the floor effectively. He will be best used, at least at the start, by coming in late in quarters in the first half to take advantage of the fatigue factor of the opposition. He will bang in the lane and the Magic will get more help up front.

Updated at: Thu July 6th 12:17 PM
7. Lauri Markkanen
Bulls, PF, Arizona

The Bulls centerpiece in the Jimmy Butler trade and they must think what others think; He has the potential to become the next Dirk Nowitzki….Slow down! While Markkanen does have long-range shooting ability and can drive, he’s no pioneer. There are plenty of big forwards who will cause trouble for him on the outside. A lot will be asked of him early as the Bulls are in re-build mode. Expect him to get a lot of shots early. I’m a bit worried how he will defend the paint, but the position is open and he will get a long leash to learn. 

Updated at: Thu July 6th 12:18 PM
8. Frank Ntilikina
Knicks, PG, France

This pick made more sense before Phil Jackson was fired. While the Knicks will look to find a guard in free agency, Ntilikina could provide immediate impact being the first guard off the bench and he defends well and is a solid ball-handler. Now that the Knicks will abandon the triangle offense, a lot should not be asked of Ntilikina early. He’s a good passer and defender, but not as much of a scorer.

Updated at: Thu July 6th 12:19 PM
9. Dennis Smith Jr.
Mavericks, PG, North Carolina State

The Mavs have guards and they must have been blown away with what they saw in Smith. Smith is a quick driver and has quick moves to the basket. While is leadership ability is questionable, Mark Cuban has said that the Smith Era has begun. What an endorsement! Luckily for Smith, the Mavs guards can play both guard spots and Smith could actually end up starting from the get-go. The Mavs have a ton of scorers and they just need someone to organize and attack open lanes.

Updated at: Thu July 6th 12:20 PM
10. Zach Collins
Trail Blazers, C, Gonzaga

Jusuf Nurkic gets some help in the post as the Blazers trade to get an offensively skilled Collins. While Nurkic creates from the post, Collins will be able to create from further out and it will force bigger defenders outside to open up the paint. Collins should not have too much competition at the position.

Updated at: Thu July 6th 12:25 PM
11. Malik Monk
Hornets, SG, Kentucky

A lot of analysts think Monk is the steal of the draft because of how effective of a scorer he is. The Hornets have a very effective back court in Kemba Walker and Nicolas Batum and that is where most of their offense comes from. Monk will take advantage of the 2nd unit and can rotate to both guard spots giving one of the starters a break. When the Hornets need more offense, Batum will shift to SF with Monk playing in the SG spot.

Updated at: Thu July 6th 12:26 PM
12. Luke Kennard
Pistons, SG, Duke

The Pistons struggled with guard consistency and health last season and because Andre Drummond is so limited offensively, the Pistons needed to balance out their offense. Kennard is an excellent fit and will serve as a knock-down shooter from long and mid-range. Kennard is also an effective free-throw shooters and he will take advantage if he learns how to attack the rim. Expect mainly Kyle Korver-like scoring to start.

Updated at: Thu July 6th 12:52 PM
13. Donovan Mitchell
Jazz, SG, Louisville

The common word I’ve been seeing when different Scouts and Analyst describe Mitchell is “athletic”. With Gordon Hayward likely gone, the Jazz will have to fill the hole and health has not been on their side over the last couple of seasons. The Jazz need someone to just run the floor efficiently and even though Mitchell is a bit of a smaller SG, if he can stay healthy, he will play a lot of minutes early.

Updated at: Thu July 6th 12:52 PM
14. Bam Adebayo
Heat, PF, Kentucky

The Heat just got even tougher inside on defense as teams will find it hard to push their way in the paint between Hassan Whiteside and Adebayo. Both will be sending back a lot of shots and Adebayo could pick up a ton of playing time early as the Heat are a bit light at PF. Expect a ton of rebounds and inside scoring. He reminds me of Gorgui Dieng with the way he’s built and the way he plays.

Updated at: Thu July 6th 12:54 PM
15. Justin Jackson
Trail Blazers, SF, North Carolina

With the status of Rudy Gay up in the air, the Kings are completely rebuilding and Fox and Hield will re-develop the Kings offense with another scorer in Jackson. Expect Jackson to be a bailout option early in the season as he will get the chance to hit knockdown jumpers. He will likely be open when teams try to double in the lane.With the status of Rudy Gay up in the air, the Kings are completely rebuilding and Fox and Hield will re-develop the Kings offense with another scorer in Jackson. Expect Jackson to be a bailout option early in the season as he will get the chance to hit knockdown jumpers. He will likely be open when teams try to double in the lane.

Updated at: Fri July 7th 1:54 PM
16. Justin Patton
Timberwolves, C, Creighton

The ‘Wolves need more help up front and Patton will help defend against the 2nd units early and he will be able to use his size to muscle his way inside. Don’t expect too much from the offensive side early, but he will earn his minutes via defense.

Updated at: Fri July 7th 2:09 PM
17. D.J. Wilson
Bucks, PF, Michigan

Wilson was brought on to give the Bucks more scoring from the outside. It’s also become hard to rely on Jabari Parker’s health and Wilson gives the Bucks more size, scoring, defense and he will draw bigger defenders outside of the paint.

Updated at: Fri July 7th 2:10 PM
18. T.J. Leaf
Pacers, PF, UCLA

The Pacers had a big problem finding consistency in scoring, especially from their Forward spots. Leaf will provide scoring relief (with or without Paul George on the team) and he should be one of the first players who subs in off the bench to score against 2nd units. He can score from both inside and outside and that versatility will add another dimension to the Pacers offensive scheme.

Updated at: Fri July 7th 2:10 PM
19. John Collins
Hawks, PF, Wake Forest

Collins is another big man with a solid offensive game, but the Hawks need defensive help up front and with Dwight Howard gone and Paul Millsap likely gone, Collins could start, make an immediate impact on offense, and if he can be as aggressive under the basket on defense as much as he was in college, the Hawks will finally be able to defend inside.

Updated at: Fri July 7th 2:12 PM
20. Harry Giles
Kings, C, Duke

 I understand the risk because the Kings have had a lot of action in this draft and they already drafted a Center. Giles has had major Knee injury issues and that is the biggest warning sign of permanent damage for a big man. Giles has a ton of offensive ability, but if he’s unable to stay on the court, that’s not ideal. Expect Giles to get a limited amount of minutes early on as he will be eased into the league slowly. Conserving his minutes until he’s proven durable is key.

Updated at: Fri July 7th 2:13 PM
21. Terrance Ferguson
Thunder, SG/SF, Australia

This pick fits well for what the Thunder need as Ferguson will be able to be a bailout option for Westbrook and could pick up more shots early because of how inconsistent Victor Oladipo is on offense. Ferguson is also a good defender on the perimeter and could pick up more playing time early because of it.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 4:55 PM
22. Jarrett Allen
Nets, C, Texas

If Allen does not start for this team, he will come off the bench a few minutes into the game because Timofey Mozgov is still very raw and is more effective when he plays less minutes. Mozgov’s inability to play 20 effective minutes consistently will benefit Allen. Allen will be a good two-way player and should play over 20 minutes per game easily, unless the Nets sign a more polished Center.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 4:57 PM
23. OG Anunoby
Raptors, SF, Indiana

The Raptors certainly have a ton of athletic types, but with Serge Ibaka’s status unknown heading into free agency, the Raptors want to continue adding aleticism and Anunoby will run the floor very well. The Raptors have had issues finding that consistent two-way piece (outside of DeMar DeRozan) and Anunoby will likely play a lot with the Raptors 2nd unit to start as they need more help stopping lane drivers.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 4:58 PM
24. Tyler Lydon
Nuggets, PF, Syracuse

The Nuggets had a lot of shooters who came through at different times last season and Lydon is one of those guys. The Nuggets are dealing with the possibility of losing at least Danilo Galinari and Lydon should be able to pick up shots off the bench, but unless there is a big overhaul (like the Rockets trade) Lydon will not be playing a ton at least for the first third of the season. The Nuggets have had their fair share of injuries and that could help Lydon’s cause.        

Updated at: Tue July 11th 4:58 PM
25. Andzejs Pasecniks
76ers, C, Latvia

TRUST THE PROCESS! This guy is HUGE and athletic. He moves nicely, but is most likely a long-term project for the Sixers. When you watch him, he does have agility and moves quicker than your average big-man and could be a good compliment to Embiid and what comes with his game.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:00 PM
26. Caleb Swanigan
Trail Blazers, PF, Purdue

The Blazers back up SG/SF options were very inconsistent. At times, they looked like they punted at Small Forward (no offense Mo Harkless). Swanigan is listed as a Power Forward, but he’s 6’5”; doesn’t make sense and he will likely be a SG/SF in the NBA. Swanigan can shoot from the outside and will be an off the bench scoring option.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:01 PM
27. Kyle Kuzma
Lakers, PF, Utah

The Lakers need more depth and while Larry Nance Jr, will be a major help defensively next season, Kuzma can be the Forward off the bench that provides a bit of offensive relief. The Lakers need all of the help they can get scoring from mid-range. It’s an uphill battle early on for minutes for Kuzma, but the Lakers have a ton of new pieces, and just like he impressed in the Combine, he can turn heads and steal more minutes in training camp.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:04 PM
28. Tony Bradley
Jazz, C, North Carolina

Derrick Favors health cannot be relied on and Rudy Gobert needs help and just like he’s a force inside, Bradley will be a rebounding specialist as that is his major strength. The Jazz will be going through changes and if Bradley can show that he can play effectively at Power Forward, he could start alongside Gobert. He has a big ceiling for playing time with the Jazz in rebuilding mode.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:06 PM
29. Derrick White
Spurs, PG, Colorado

It’s hard to get a read on the Tony Parker situation, and the Spurs are looking for a successor and White not only plays both positions effectively, but a lot of the Spurs players (while on the team) develop as nice complimentary pieces to start and he can come off the bench along with Patty Mills to bolster the Spurs offense against opposing 2nd units.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:06 PM
30. Josh Hart
Lakers, SG, Villanova

It will be hard for Hart to get playing time and shots early, but he could settle in the roll of being the first SG off the bench and he has a good two-pronged attack of stopping and popping for jumpers and attacking the basket. I expect Hart to be a good change of pace option for the Lakers, but he will have competition for playing time early on.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:07 PM


31. Frank Jackson
Pelicans, PG, Duke

 Jackson gives the Pelicans what they need; strong attackers from the guard spot. The Pelicans have a very skilled frontcourt, but they need balance and if Jrue Holiday does not get re-signed the fierce lane attacker Jackson could start. The Pelicans just traded Tim Frazierand that should help Jackson secure more minutes early on.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:10 PM
32. Davon Reed
Suns, SG, Miami

Reed is known for his scoring ability, but he joins a Suns team that has a lot of shooters and he will likely get a limited amount of minutes because of the amount of depth they have. Reed could standout if he can play PG effectively as he has good ball-handling skills and could help push the Suns 2nd unit offensively playing on the ball.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:11 PM
33. Wesley Iwundu
Magic, SG/SF, Kansas State

Total defensive pick for the Magic. It will be hard for Iwundu to earn sufficient minutes early. Iwundu does not fit well with the current roster when it comes to growth potential because of how much Forward depth they have on the team. Iwundu is a listed SG and if he can provide shutdown perimeter defense from the SG spot, that’s his only chance to break through the rotation. He should be a solid wing defender in the league down the road.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:12 PM
34. Frank Mason III
Kings, PG, Kansas

The Kings have a lot of guards and it will be hard to for Mason to get playing time from an offensive standpoint, but just like with Iwundu, Mason is a solid defender and can earn playing time through defense. The Kings were embarrassing defensively and Mason can give them a boost on the perimeter. That’s his best bet.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:13 PM
35. Ivan Rabb
Grizzlies, PF, California

The Grizzlies need to start opening up the lane more and with Chandler Parsons health a constant issue, Rabb gives them size and outside scoring and could actually steal a few minutes if he is as consistent of a long-range shooter at the pro level as he grew to be in college. Rabb could eventually allow Marc Gasol to play more in the post than at the key.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:14 PM
36. Jonah Bolden
76ers, PF, Australia

The Sixers go to the land down under to pick up an enforcer who is a prominent defender and could get minutes off the bench to rough up teams 2nd unites. Bolden is a specialist and can even keep up with the guards on defense. He focuses on footwork when facing quick guards and shuts down their opportunity to get a step via momentum in the lane and keep them passing off and in check at the key.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:15 PM
37. Semi Ojeleye
Celtics, PF, SMU

The Celtics picked up more offense at the Forward spot in this draft, but will Ojeleye stay and grow with this team? The Celtics are rumored to be getting in the position to make a couple of blockbuster moves and Ojeleye could be an asset that is dealt. He can score from both inside and outside and defense will need to improve on the wing.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:16 PM
38. Jordan Bell
Warriors, F/C, Oregon

Warriors added a defensive piece to defend their title and they are very high on Bell’s defensive potential. While I don’t think he will start, he will be the first big man to come off the bench to bang around with Draymond Green in the post. The Warriors needed an enforcer-type to keep them balanced.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:17 PM
39. Jawun Evans
76ers, PG, Oklahoma State

Could Evans be Fultz back up? Evans has good ball handling skills and could be a good change of pace option for the Sixers off the bench. Evans will likely be the third guard behind both Fultz and T.J. McConnell, but if he can prove to be a better ball-handler and control the pace more consistently, he could move up the depth chart.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:18 PM
40. Dwayne Bacon
Hornets, SF, Florida State

He has some growing to do, but he hustles. It is very easy to tell by watching a player who gives up on plays and who doesn’t and Bacon will sacrifice his body in order to keep players from scoring and hustle is an intangible that earns players more playing time and the Hornets need more SF depth. Bacon should see limited minutes off the bench early on.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:18 PM
41. Tyler Dorsey
Hawks, SG, Oregon

Dorsey’s stood out in the NCAA Tournament, but that’s over and he can run the floor and hit the knockdown jumper, but he has a lot of growing to do and a hill of shooting depth to climb in Atlanta.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:19 PM
42. Thomas Bryant
Lakers, C, Indiana

Bryant is just another enforcer type who will be brought in exclusively in foul trouble situations and/or if the Lakers need to stop consistent inside scoring by fouling in the lane.  I’m not expecting Bryant to pick up consistent minutes this season unless he stands out in training camp. He is the third Center behind Brook Lopez and Ivica Zubac.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:19 PM
43. Isaiah Hartenstein
Rockets, C, Lithuania

The Rockets all-around defense SUCKS and with Clint Capela being more of an offensive force, the Rockets could bring Hartenstein in to bang as he loves playing in the paint. He doesn’t give up on rebounding and will always fight for loose balls. He’s very physical and uses his size to his advantage.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:26 PM
44. Damyean Dotson
Knicks, SG, Houston

Dotson will be an off the bench shooter for the Knicks, but the question still remains whether or not he can drive? Dotson could take the Justin Holiday role from last season of being a high-energy shooter from the wing. Dotson is more of an offensive player, but could earn more playing time on this mess of a Knicks team if he shows he can play good perimeter defense.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:28 PM
45. Dillon Brooks
Grizzlies, SF, Oregon

Brooks is another outside shooter the Grizzlies have incase Parsons can’t stay healthy. Brooks can pick up minutes early if Memphis keeps Parsons on a minutes limit. He produces primarily from the arc and could be a decent Mike Conley bailout option

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:29 PM
46. Sterling Brown
76ers, SG, SMU

The Sixers are still trying to figure out their SG depth, and if they lose out on signing an established veteran, Brown could be the first SG coming off the bench as he can both rebound and hit shots from the outside. His defense could earn him more minutes. It also depends where the Sixers play Ben Simmons.

Updated at: Tue July 11th 5:28 PM
47. Pacers
48. Bucks
49. Nuggets
50. 76ers
51. Nuggets
52. Pelicans
53. Celtics
54. Suns
55. Jazz
56. Celtics
57. Nets
58. Knicks
59. Spurs
60. Hawks
Isaiah Thomas Headshot

Thomas (hip) will not return before the Cavs' Christmas Day matchup with Golden State, ESPN's Dave McMenamin reports.

Per McMenamin, the Cavs have not ruled out Thomas making his debut on Christmas Day, but even that may be rushing things considering Thomas is yet to practice in a full-court, 5-on-5 setting. If Thomas remains out for the showdown with the Warriors, his next chance to play would come Dec. 27 against the Kings. After that contest, the Cavaliers will go on a one-day retreat in Napa, California before finishing up their three-game road trip in Utah on Dec. 30. McMenamin intimates that the Jazz matchup could make sense for a Thomas debut, though at this point it's truly anyone's guess as to when the All-Star will be back in the mix. Over the weekend, coach Ty Lue challenged a Yahoo Sports report that suggested Thomas was targeting the first week of January. "I don't know where that came from," Lue said. "I hope it's inaccurate." While Thomas will undoubtedly be a significant difference-maker for the Cavs over the second half of the season, the team certainly won't rush him back, especially considering the fact that they've won 18 of their last 19 games.
1:40 pm (EST)
Jason Terry Headshot

Terry (calf) put in a full practice Monday, Matt Velazquez of the Journal Sentinel reports.

The veteran has missed six games with a strained calf, and Monday marked his first on-court action in two weeks. While the Bucks could get Terry back as soon as Tuesday against Cleveland, the 40-year-old is an afterthought in nearly all fantasy formats.
1:23 pm (EST)
Tony Snell Headshot

Snell (knee) took part in Monday's practice, Matt Velazquez of the Journal Sentinel reports.

Snell has missed the last five contests with tendinitis in his left knee, but the hope is that he'll be able to return to action Tuesday after a layoff of nearly two weeks. That said, the Bucks will wait to assess the 26-year-old at shootaround Tuesday before making a final call. Prior to the injury, Snell had been seeing roughly 30 minutes on most nights, and he ranks among the NBA leaders in True Shooting Percentage, while hitting nearly 48 percent of his three-point attempts.
1:21 pm (EST)
Matthew Dellavedova Headshot

Dellavedova (knee) returned to practice Monday, Matt Velazquez of the Journal Sentinel reports.

The Bucks haven't said much about Dellavedova's recovery from tendinitis in his left knee, but the scrappy guard has missed more than a month, with Saturday's loss to Houston marking his 15th straight absence. His return to practice is certainly a step in the right direction, though coach Jason Kidd said the team will wait until Tuesday morning to make a call on his status for the evening's matchup with Cleveland.
1:17 pm (EST)
Derrick Favors Headshot

Favors (concussion) will remain out Monday against the Rockets, Tony Jones of the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Favors took a hit to the head Friday against Boston and was subsequently held out of Saturday's loss to the Cavaliers. He'll remain sidelined Monday and will have to pass through the league's concussion protocol before returning to game action. With Rudy Gobert (knee) also out, expect Utah to again go with Ekpe Udoh at center. Udon played a season-high 33 minutes Saturday and finished with nine points, seven rebounds, six blocks, three assists and three steals.
1:11 pm (EST)
Wesley Johnson Headshot

Johnson will not play Monday against the Spurs due to a left foot injury, Brad Turner of the LA Times reports.

The injuries continue to pile up for the Clippers, who will now be without both Johnson and Lou Williams (ankle) on Monday, though they do expect to get Austin Rivers back from a concussion. With Johnson out, expect Jamil Wilson and Sam Dekker to each pick up increased minutes on the wing.
1:08 pm (EST)
Jahlil Okafor Headshot

Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson said Okafor would need to get in better shape before the center becomes a staple in the team's rotation, Brian Lewis of the New York Post reports. "I talked to Jahlil, had a great conversation with him," Atkinson said Sunday. "We need to help him get in better condition, that's first off. We need to integrate him more into the system. It's going to take some time. I'm not going to give you a date but it's a strategic plan, just like we've done with all our guys, integrating guys into the team. It's going to take some time."

Acquired Dec. 7 from the 76ers after lying idle for most of the season, Okafor made his Nets debut Friday against the Raptors, producing 10 points (5-11 FG, 0-2 3Pt), four rebounds and one steal in 22 minutes. While it was expected Okafor's solid outing would earn him a regular role in the games that followed, the 2015 first-round pick instead never got off the bench in Sunday's 109-97 loss to the Pacers. Based on Atkinson's comments, it seems likely that Okafor won't be a factor for at least one more game while he looks to regain conditioning after having not played much competitive basketball over the past year. With that in mind, Okafor might not be worth rostering in shallower formats just yet, though his scoring upside could be tantalizing enough to make him worth stashing in deeper settings until he eventually cracks the rotation on a consistent basis.
1:01 pm (EST)
Lauri Markkanen Headshot

Markkanen (back) will return to the starting lineup Monday against the 76ers, Bulls radio voice Chuck Swirsky reports.

The rookie went through shootaround and will return to action after a three-game absence due to a soreness in his lower-back. Markkanen's return means Nikola Mirotic will shift back to the bench as the Bulls seek their sixth consecutive victory. Over his last five games, Markkanen holds averages of 15.4 points and 7.6 rebounds per game, while shooting 42.9 percent from the floor and 29.6 percent from three.
1:00 pm (EST)
Danny Green Headshot

Green (groin) technically remains questionable for Monday's game against the Clippers, but he told reporters he expects to play, Tom Orsborn of the San Antonio Express-News reports.

A groin issue kept Green out of Saturday's win over Dallas, and the expectation is that he'll be back at his usual spot in the starting lineup Monday. After a fairly encouraging start to the season, Green's production has tailed off of late, as he's shooting just 33.3 percent from the floor in December, with averages of 5.7 points, 3.4 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 1.6 blocks and 1.3 made threes (29.0% 3PT) for the month.
12:54 pm (EST)
Jeremy Lin Headshot

Lin (knee) could be cleared to resume running and jumping in April, Brian Lewis of the New York Post reports.

Since rupturing his patellar tendon in the Nets' season opener and subsequently being ruled out for the rest of the campaign, Lin has been rehabbing in Vancouver. The point guard seems to be progressing well in his recovery, and the expectation is that he'll be ready to go for the start of the 2018-19 season. Lin will turn 31 years old in May and has been limited to just 37 games in his first two years with Brooklyn due to injury, leaving serious question marks about how effective he'll be once he's healthy again.
12:52 pm (EST)
Lou Williams Headshot

Williams will not play Monday against the Spurs due to an ankle injury, Brad Turner of the LA Times reports.

Williams apparently picked up the injury during Saturday's loss to Miami, in which he played 36 minutes and had 13 points, even assists and one rebound while shooting just 4-of-16 from the field. The veteran has been thrust into a key role given all of the Clippers' injuries, and he's averaging nearly 35 minutes per game in the month of December. In his absence Monday, expect Austin Rivers (concussion), Milos Teodosic, Jawun Evans, C.J. Williams and Sindarius Thornwell to handle most of the backcourt workload.
12:49 pm (EST)
Stephen Curry Headshot

Curry (ankle) has been ruled out for Monday's game against the Lakers, Melissa Rohlin of The San Jose Mercury News reports.

The Warriors are scheduled to reevaluate Curry this week, at which point the team should have a better idea of when the star point guard will return to action. Curry has been able to do some on-court shooting of late, but until he resumes practicing, his availability for games may not be forthcoming. With Shaun Livingston (knee) joining Curry in street clothes Monday, Patrick McCaw, Andre Iguodala and Quinn Cook could handle most of the ball-handling duties.
12:45 pm (EST)
Austin Rivers Headshot

Rivers (concussion) is expected to play Monday against the Spurs, Brad Turner of the LA Times reports.

Rivers was held out of the Clippers' last two games with a concussion, but all signs point to the 25-year-old returning to action Monday. With Lou Williams already ruled out and the Clippers already dealing with several other injuries, Rivers could be set for a heavy workload, assuming he does, indeed, get clearance to play.
12:45 pm (EST)
Dennis Smith Jr. Headshot

Smith (hip) will remain out Monday against the Suns, Bobby Karalla of Mavs.com reports.

While Smith went through shootaround Monday morning, the Mavs have decided to hold him out for a sixth straight game as he continues to nurse a strained left hip. Coach Rick Carlisle noted that Smith has made tangible progress of late, and he should be deemed questionable for Wednesday's matchup with the Pistons. Expect Yogi Ferrell to make another start in Smith's place Monday.
12:40 pm (EST)
Charles Cooke Headshot

Cooke was recalled from the G League on Monday.

Cooke will add depth to the Pelican's roster, but he has appeared in just three games with the team this season while totaling only five minutes, so don't expect his return to have a noticeable effect on the Pelicans' rotation.
12:37 pm (EST)
Nemanja Bjelica Headshot

Timberwolves head coach Tom Thibodeau said Monday that Bjelica (foot) is "probably a week or so" away from playing in games, Jace Frederick of the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports.

Minnesota had listed Bjelica as questionable heading into Monday's matchup with the Trail Blazers, but it sounds like the reserve forward is still due to miss a few more games with the left foot sprain. Bjelica, who has been out for nearly a month with the injury, will offer the Timberwolves some much-needed outside shooting off the bench once he's cleared to play again.
12:37 pm (EST)
Draymond Green Headshot

Green (shoulder), who will not play Monday against the Lakers, has been unable to participate in practices for the last week, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

Monday will mark Green's third consecutive absence as he continues to battle a sore right shoulder. The Warriors don't appear overly concerned, and coach Steve Kerr noted that Green is not scheduled to undergo an MRI or any other tests on the shoulder. "It just got sore, probably wear and tear," Kerr said. "There's nothing we can do about it. I don't spend any time worrying about it. When he's ready, he's ready. He'll be all right, I'm sure of that. It's just not easy to pinpoint when." Kerr went on to note that Green has been participating in conditioning work, but the reigning Defensive Player of the Year has not been cleared to participate in the basketball portions of practice. "This is an injury that would make no sense for him to play though now, whether it's September, October, November, December because you just don't want to risk anything," Kerr said. With that in mind, the Warriors may continue to exercise caution with Green, who should be considered very much questionable for Wednesday's game against Memphis. So long as he remains out, rookie Jordan Bell will pick up increased minutes up front, as could Omri Casspi and, to some extent, David West.
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Justise Winslow Headshot

Winslow (knee) is listed as doubtful for Monday's game against the Hawks.

Though Winslow was cleared to travel with the Heat for their two-game road trip, it looks like the left knee strain he suffered last week will keep him sidelined for a third consecutive contest. Winslow's likely absence Monday would loom larger than normal after it was revealed a day earlier that fellow forward James Johnson (ankle) sidelined for at least the next week. In the event Johnson and Winslow are both unavailable Monday, the Heat could deploy Kelly Olynyk and Bam Adebayo together in the frontcourt more frequently. Jordan Mickey would also pick up more run.
12:32 pm (EST)
Allen Crabbe Headshot

Crabbe registered 17 points (5-8 FG, 4-6 3Pt, 3-3 FT), three assists, and one steal, in 29 minutes Sunday as Brooklyn fell to Indiana.

Crabbe returned from a one-game absence Sunday and provided some much-needed scoring for a Brooklyn team that doesn't carry a dominant scorer. There is a crowded field of players fighting for shots on the 2017-18 version of Brooklyn's team, and nobody has distanced themselves from the pack in D'Angelo Russell's absence. Crabbe takes 63-percent of his shots from deep, which adds up to 8.5 three-point attempts per game. If that shot is falling, the points will pile up. However, Crabbe's fantasy value will be limited until he can distance himself from a crowded Brooklyn rotation.
12:25 pm (EST)
Domantas Sabonis Headshot

Sabonis scored 17 points (7-13 FG, 3-4 FT), grabbed eight rebounds, dished one assist, and recorded three blocks across 21 minutes Sunday in Indiana's win against Brooklyn.

Sabonis continues to be a pleasant surprise for fantasy owners. His fantasy value was stunted in the 2016-17 season due to being forced into positions that weren't advantageous for the young Lithuanian. Instead of being expected to knock down jumpers, Sabonis has the freedom to do his work in the post. He is posting a modest 12.1 points per game on 54.7-percent shooting to go with 8.4 rebounds per game. Expect his level production to remain consistent as this young Pacers team meshes with their new pieces.
12:24 pm (EST)
Myles Turner Headshot

Turner registered 16 points (7-11 FG, 0-1 3Pt, 2-2 FT), six rebounds, two assists, one steal, and two blocks in 33 minutes Sunday in Indiana's win over Brooklyn.

When Indiana decided to move on from Paul George, Turner became the centerpiece for whatever it is they hoped to build. He entered the league in 2015 with a reliable shooting stroke and limited range and has built himself up to be a competent outside shooter with the green light when the opportunity presents itself. The big man is built for today's style of play. He is rim-protector who can stretch a defense, and he continues to improve both facets of his game as he works through his age-21 season.
12:22 pm (EST)
Victor Oladipo Headshot

Oladipo scored 26 points (9-14 FG, 4-6 3Pt, 4-5 FT), grabbed seven rebounds, dished three assists, and snatched one steal across 41 minutes Sunday in Indiana's win over Brooklyn.

Oladipo led Indiana in scoring Sunday with his second straight 26-point performance. He is posting career-highs across the board on the 2017-18 season, taking more shots and connecting at a higher percentage than ever before. Oladipo entered the league in 2013 with high expectations. Although that might seem like it was a long time ago, he is still only in his age-25 season. As we enter the 2018 portion of the season, look for Oladipo to continue leading Indiana's offensive attack as they fight to secure a playoff spot.
12:21 pm (EST)
Emmanuel Mudiay Headshot

Mudiay (ankle) is listed as doubtful for Monday's matchup with the Thunder, Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post reports.

A right ankle sprain forced Mudiay out of Friday's game against the Pelicans, and at this point it's looking like the injury will keep him out of action Monday. The Nuggets will wait until closer to game-time to make a final call, but it's fair to anticipate Malik Beasley and Jamal Murray taking on increased roles against the Thunder.
12:19 pm (EST)
Jimmy Butler Headshot

Butler (back) went through shootaround and is expected to play Monday night against the Trail Blazers, Timberwolves radio voice Alan Horton reports.

Butler popped up on the injury report over the weekend after he was limited at Sunday's practice due to a sore back. Coach Tom Thibodeau downplayed the issue Monday morning, telling reporters that Butler felt fine and was able to make it through the entire shootaround without issue. Thibodeau said Butler will go through warmups before making a final call on his status, but at this point it would be a surprise if the All-Star isn't in the starting lineup.
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