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MLB Hitting Coach DFS - Jul 22nd Close


José Ramírez /Francisco Lindor , Cleveland Indians – After dropping 16 on the Rangers last night, the Indians have the highest projected run total per Vegas by more than a full run. The conditions and matchup are both great for them. They’ll face Yovani Gallardo , who has an 8.60 ERA in 30.1 innings this season, and game time temps will be north of 105 degrees, which is as hot as we’ve seen temps this season. Ramirez and Lindor are extremely expensive but try to get some exposure in cash.

Mookie Betts , BOS – The Sox have the third highest projected run total per Vegas against Detroit with left-hander Blaine Hardy on the mound. Betts ranks third in the league against left-handed pitching this season with a 220 wRC+. He has a six-game multi-hit game streak broken the day before the Break, but he got back on track last night with two hits.


Yonder Alonso , CLE – Alonso is a cheaper way to get some Cleveland exposure, especially on FD where his 3K salary is very reasonable. Alonso has a 124 wRC+ with the platoon advantage this season, and he’ll have it against Gallardo today. He homered twice last night, and he’s 8-for-21 in his last five games.

Lucas Duda , KC – Among starters going today who have faced at least 100 left-handed hitters this season, Jake Odorizzi has the highest wOBA allowed to lefties at .375. Duda, a lefty, has a 122 wRC+ with the platoon advantage this season. He’s 4-for-7 in the two games since the Break.

Tommy Pham , STL – While Matt Carpenter has gotten all the attention for the Cards lately, Pham has also been raking. He has multiple hits in each of his last four games and is 10 for his last 17 in that stretch with a home run, seven runs and right RBI. He’ll have the platoon advantage against José Quintana today whose wOBA allowed to right-handers is 40 points higher than it is to lefties.

Bargain Shopping

Randal Grichuk /Aledmys Diaz , TOR – Toronto has the second highest projected run total per Vegas today as they’ll host Baltimore with right-hander Andrew Cashner on the mound. Cashner has struggled against same-handed hitters with the third highest wOBA allowed to right-handers among today’s starters. Grichuk and Diaz are both right-handers who are above average without the platoon advantage, so the matchup with Cashner is a good one for them. They sometimes hit consecutively in the order and should be within a spot of each other, so they can be mini-stacked. They’re in the mid-tier range on DK, but they’re bargains on FD.

Jake Cave, MIN – Cave checks in as the top value option per our projections for the early slate on DK. Cave has 70 PA against right-handed pitching this season with a 137 wRC+ and .227 ISO. He’ll have the platoon advantage against right-hander Brad Keller today who has the third highest xFIP on the season among today’s starters.

Harrison Bader , STL – As mentioned, José Quintana has struggled against right-handed hitters this season, and Bader has a healthy 140 wRC+ vs. LHP this season. Bader often leads off against left-handed pitching, as he did yesterday, which would obviously be great for his value if he hits there again. Bader comes in as the top value per our projections for the FD all-day slate.

NamePosTeamOppStartWeatherRain%Opp. SPPAABHHRRBIBBKAVGOBPSLGOPSwOBAOwn %Proj.$Value
Mookie Betts (R) OFBOS@ DET01:10 EDT-55%Blaine Hardy (L)1000010.0001.$016.8$51003.29
Brandon Dixon (R)2BCINvs PIT01:10 EDT-15%Iván Nova (R)3320000.667.667.6701.330.333-0.0$20000.00
Sean Rodríguez (R) 2BPIT@ CIN01:10 EDT-15%Matt Harvey (R)-000000.000.000--.000$08.8$20004.40
Taylor Motter (R)OFMIN@ KC02:15 EDT-0%Brad Keller (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Phillip Ervin (R) OFCINvs PIT01:10 EDT-15%Iván Nova (R)-000000.000.000--.000$06.9$20003.45
Jacob Stallings (R)CPIT@ CIN01:10 EDT-15%Matt Harvey (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Rafael Bautista (R)OFWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Wilmer Difo (B)2BWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)201730223.$20000.00
Anthony Alford (R)OFTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Gregorio Petit (R)SSMIN@ KC02:15 EDT-0%Brad Keller (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Max Moroff (B) 2BPIT@ CIN01:10 EDT-15%Matt Harvey (R)-000000.000.000--.000-7.1$21003.38
Luke Voit (R)1BSTL@ CHI02:20 EDT-15%José Quintana (L)2200001.$21000.00
Francisco Peña (R)CSTL@ CHI02:20 EDT-15%José Quintana (L)3320001.667.667.6701.330.333-0.0$21000.00
Jacob Nottingham (R)CMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$21000.00
Paulo Orlando (R)OFKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)4300012.$21000.00
Spencer Kieboom (R)CWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$21000.00
Byron Buxton (R)OFMIN@ KC02:15 EDT-0%Brad Keller (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Jose Osuna (R)OFPIT@ CIN01:10 EDT-15%Matt Harvey (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Logan Forsythe (R) 2BLA@ MIL02:10 EDT-15%Brent Suter (L)-000000.000.000--.000$07.1$21003.38
Jett Bandy (R)CMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Phil Gosselin (R)3BATL@ WSH01:35 EDT-43%Max Scherzer (R)1100000.$20000.00
Dustin Peterson (R)OFATL@ WSH01:35 EDT-43%Max Scherzer (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Michael Reed (R)OFATL@ WSH01:35 EDT-43%Max Scherzer (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Danny Santana (B)OFATL@ WSH01:35 EDT-43%Max Scherzer (R)121250203.417.417.5801.000.417-0.0$20000.00
Chris Stewart (R)CATL@ WSH01:35 EDT-43%Max Scherzer (R)6610002.$20000.00
Nick Franklin (B)OFMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Stephen Vogt (L)CMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Miguel Sano (R)3BMIN@ KC02:15 EDT-0%Brad Keller (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Howie Kendrick (R)2BWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)3300000.$20000.00
Victor Reyes (B) OFDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)-000000.000.000--.000$06.5$20003.25
Gift Ngoepe (R)SSTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Tony Cruz (R)CCINvs PIT01:10 EDT-15%Iván Nova (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Dilson Herrera (R)2BCINvs PIT01:10 EDT-15%Iván Nova (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Dalton Pompey (B)OFTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Jason Castro (L)CMIN@ KC02:15 EDT-0%Brad Keller (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Hunter Dozier (R)1BKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$21000.00
Luke Maile (R)CTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$21000.00
Ryan Flaherty (L)3BATL@ WSH01:35 EDT-43%Max Scherzer (R)171510025.$20000.00
Ji-Man Choi (B) 1BTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)-000000.000.000--.000$010.0$22004.55
Erik Kratz (R)CMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$22000.00
Dwight Smith Jr. (L) OFTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)-000000.000.000--.000$011.6$22005.27
Preston Tucker (L)OFATL@ WSH01:35 EDT-43%Max Scherzer (R)6511312.200.333.8001.130.333-0.0$22000.00
Garrett Cooper (R)OFMIA@ TB01:10 EDT-15%Chris Archer (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$22000.00
Miguel Rojas (R) 3BMIA@ TB01:10 EDT-15%Chris Archer (R)-000000.000.000--.000$05.0$22002.27
Jesus Sucre (R)CTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$22000.00
Alcides Escobar (R) SSKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)171640002.$07.7$22003.50
Alex Verdugo (L)OFLA@ MIL02:10 EDT-15%Brent Suter (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$22000.00
Lane Adams (R)OFATL@ WSH01:35 EDT-43%Max Scherzer (R)7520022.400.571.8001.370.552-0.0$22000.00
Alex Gordon (L) OFKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)111131504.273.273.550.820.273$09.3$22004.23
Blake Swihart (B)CBOS@ DET01:10 EDT-55%Blaine Hardy (L)1100000.$22000.00
Matt Wieters (B) CWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)111040113.400.455.6001.060.364$07.4$22003.36
Jordan Luplow (R)OFPIT@ CIN01:10 EDT-15%Matt Harvey (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$23000.00
Harrison Bader (R)OFSTL@ CHI02:20 EDT-15%José Quintana (L)3310001.333.333.330.670.000-0.0$23000.00
Martín Prado (R) 3BMIA@ TB01:10 EDT-15%Chris Archer (R)3200010.000.333.000.330.000$06.5$23002.83
Joey Rickard (R) OFBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)131241111.333.385.6701.050.385$010.0$22004.55
David Bote (R)3BCHIvs STL02:20 EDT-15%Miles Mikolas (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$22000.00
Adam Frazier (L)OFPIT@ CIN01:10 EDT-15%Matt Harvey (R)6500011.$21000.00
James McCann (R) CDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)292740027.$07.2$21003.43
Bobby Wilson (R)CMIN@ KC02:15 EDT-0%Brad Keller (R)11100001.0001.0002.0003.0001.000-0.0$21000.00
Victor Caratini (B)CCHIvs STL02:20 EDT-15%Miles Mikolas (R)11100001.0001.0001.0002.000.000-0.0$21000.00
Willians Astudillo (R)3BMIN@ KC02:15 EDT-0%Brad Keller (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$21000.00
Victor Martínez (B)CDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)58522249411.423.466.7101.180.491-0.0$21000.00
Lewis Brinson (R)OFMIA@ TB01:10 EDT-15%Chris Archer (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$21000.00
Bryan Holaday (R) CMIA@ TB01:10 EDT-15%Chris Archer (R)3210011.500.667.5001.170.333$05.0$21002.38
Renato Núñez (R) 3BBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)3311101.333.3331.3301.670.667$07.5$21003.57
Jace Peterson (L) OFBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)-000000.000.000--.000$09.3$22004.23
José Iglesias (R) SSDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)3432111212.344.364.500.860.364$05.9$21002.81
JaCoby Jones (R) OFDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)9910006.$08.6$22003.91
Yairo Munoz (R) SSSTL@ CHI02:20 EDT-15%José Quintana (L)2100011.000.500.000.500.000$011.2$22005.09
Hernán Pérez (R) 3BMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)-000000.000.000--.000$08.4$22003.82
Jim Adduci (L)OFDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)2200000.$22000.00
Brett Phillips (L)OFMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$22000.00
Chase Utley (L)2BLA@ MIL02:10 EDT-15%Brent Suter (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$22000.00
Nate Orf (R)2BMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Domingo Santana (R)OFMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Brad Miller (L)2BMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)1100000.$23000.00
Drew Butera (R) CKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)-000000.000.000--.000$05.3$20002.65
Rosell Herrera (B) OFKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)-000000.000.000--.000$06.5$20003.25
Ronny Rodriguez (R) 3BDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)-000000.000.000--.000$08.7$20004.35
Gio Urshela (R)SSTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Richard Urena (B)SSTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Troy Tulowitzki (R)SSTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)191830213.$20000.00
Darnell Sweeney (B)2BTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Bubba Starling (R)OFKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Brian Goodwin (L)OFKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Austin Wynns (R)CBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)2200001.$20000.00
Brandon Snyder (R)3BTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Mikie Mahtook (R)OFDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)121241203.333.333.580.920.333-0.0$20000.00
Dixon Machado (R)2BDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)3310000.333.333.330.670.000-0.0$20000.00
Dawel Lugo (R)3BDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Marco Hernández (L)SSBOS@ DET01:10 EDT-55%Blaine Hardy (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Craig Gentry (R)OFBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)181860202.333.333.440.780.333-0.0$20000.00
Cam Gallagher (R)CKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Tzu-Wei Lin (L)SSBOS@ DET01:10 EDT-55%Blaine Hardy (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Anthony Santander (B)OFBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Engelb Vielma (B)SSBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Breyvic Valera (B)2BBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Andrew Susac (R)CBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)21100101.0001.0002.0003.000.500-0.0$20000.00
Braxton Lee (L)OFMIA@ TB01:10 EDT-15%Chris Archer (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Chance Sisco (L)CBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Luis Sardiñas (B)2BBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Yadiel Rivera (R)SSMIA@ TB01:10 EDT-15%Chris Archer (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Corban Joseph (L)2BBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Colby Rasmus (L)OFBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)242040146.200.333.350.680.292-0.0$20000.00
J.B. Shuck (L)OFMIA@ TB01:10 EDT-15%Chris Archer (R)9930100.333.333.330.670.294-0.0$20000.00
Tomas Telis (B)CMIA@ TB01:10 EDT-15%Chris Archer (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Chad Wallach (R)CMIA@ TB01:10 EDT-15%Chris Archer (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Steve Wilkerson (B)2BBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Abraham Almonte (B)OFKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Cheslor Cuthbert (R)3BKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)7610012.167.286.330.620.143-0.0$20000.00
Pete Kozma (R)3BDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)3310001.333.333.330.670.000-0.0$20000.00
Grayson Greiner (R)CDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Eric Sogard (L)SSMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)2210000.500.500.5001.000.441-0.0$20000.00
Pedro Severino (R)CWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)5400101.$20000.00
Pedro Alvarez (L)3BBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)151261133.500.600.9201.520.600-0.0$20000.00
Adrian Sanchez (R)SSWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)3200011.000.333.000.330.000-0.0$20000.00
Curt Casali (R)CCINvs PIT01:10 EDT-15%Iván Nova (R)3210101.500.3331.0001.330.333-0.0$20000.00
Raudy Read (R)CWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Alex Blandino (R)3BCINvs PIT01:10 EDT-15%Iván Nova (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Matt Reynolds (R)3BWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Moises Sierra (R)OFWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Willy Adames (R) SSTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)-000000.000.000--.000$07.5$20003.75
Jhonatan Solano (R)CWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Andrew Stevenson (L)OFWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Corey Seager (L)SSLA@ MIL02:10 EDT-15%Brent Suter (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Tim Locastro (R)2BLA@ MIL02:10 EDT-15%Brent Suter (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Kyle Farmer (R)3BLA@ MIL02:10 EDT-15%Brent Suter (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Miguel Montero (L)CWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)3310101.333.333.6701.000.423-0.0$20000.00
Austin Barnes (R) CLA@ MIL02:10 EDT-15%Brent Suter (L)-000000.000.000--.000$09.0$20004.50
Ramon Torres (B)3BKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Chris Gimenez (R)CCHIvs STL02:20 EDT-15%Miles Mikolas (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Mike Gerber (L)OFDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Christian Arroyo (R)3BTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Orlando Arcia (R)SSMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Dustin Pedroia (R)2BBOS@ DET01:10 EDT-55%Blaine Hardy (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Hanley Ramírez (R)1BBOS@ DET01:10 EDT-55%Blaine Hardy (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Sam Travis (R)OFBOS@ DET01:10 EDT-55%Blaine Hardy (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Justin Williams (L)OFTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Christian Vázquez (R)CBOS@ DET01:10 EDT-55%Blaine Hardy (L)22201001.0001.0001.5002.5001.000-0.0$20000.00
Carson Kelly (R)CSTL@ CHI02:20 EDT-15%José Quintana (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Tommy La Stella (L)3BCHIvs STL02:20 EDT-15%Miles Mikolas (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Johnny Field (R)OFTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Greg García (L)SSSTL@ CHI02:20 EDT-15%José Quintana (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Steve Baron (R)CSTL@ CHI02:20 EDT-15%José Quintana (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Mark Zagunis (R)OFCHIvs STL02:20 EDT-15%Miles Mikolas (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Adam Moore (R) CTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)-000000.000.000--.000$06.2$20003.10
Efren Navarro (L)1BCHIvs STL02:20 EDT-15%Miles Mikolas (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Rob Refsnyder (R)OFTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$20000.00
Tucker Barnhart (B) CCINvs PIT01:10 EDT-15%Iván Nova (R)211860711.333.333.440.780.286$08.1$23003.52
Caleb Joseph (R) CBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)121141313.364.417.7301.140.417$07.5$23003.26
J.D. Martínez (R) OFBOS@ DET01:10 EDT-55%Blaine Hardy (L)3310000.333.333.330.670.000$015.9$48003.31
Jake Bauers (L) 1BTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)3300001.$010.9$33003.30
Nicholas Castellanos (R) OFDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)3533505116.$011.5$32003.59
Derek Dietrich (L) OFMIA@ TB01:10 EDT-15%Chris Archer (R)-000000.000.000--.000$013.0$32004.06
Jonathan Schoop (R) 2BBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)343170117.$011.6$32003.62
Chris Taylor (R) OFLA@ MIL02:10 EDT-15%Brent Suter (L)-000000.000.000--.000$012.8$33003.88
Jorge Polanco (B)SSMIN@ KC02:15 EDT-0%Brad Keller (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$33000.00
Kevin Kiermaier (L)OFTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)3310000.333.333.330.670.000-0.0$33000.00
José Peraza (R) SSCINvs PIT01:10 EDT-15%Iván Nova (R)191720221.$09.9$33003.00
Ronald Acuna (R) OFATL@ WSH01:35 EDT-43%Max Scherzer (R)-000000.000.000--.000$010.9$32003.41
Starlin Castro (R) 2BMIA@ TB01:10 EDT-15%Chris Archer (R)202081505.400.400.6001.000.400$09.9$33003.00
Matt Kemp (R) OFLA@ MIL02:10 EDT-15%Brent Suter (L)-000000.000.000--.000$011.8$33003.58
Kiké Hernández (R) OFLA@ MIL02:10 EDT-15%Brent Suter (L)-000000.000.000--.000$011.8$33003.58
Lorenzo Cain (R) OFMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)-000000.000.000--.000$08.7$34002.56
Corey Dickerson (L) OFPIT@ CIN01:10 EDT-15%Matt Harvey (R)6600001.$015.3$34004.50
Scott Schebler (L)OFCINvs PIT01:10 EDT-15%Iván Nova (R)2525101401.400.400.6801.080.440-0.0$34000.00
Yasiel Puig (R)OFLA@ MIL02:10 EDT-15%Brent Suter (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$32000.00
Rafael Devers (L) 3BBOS@ DET01:10 EDT-55%Blaine Hardy (L)3310000.333.333.330.670.000$010.7$32003.34
Travis Shaw (L) 3BMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)-000000.000.000--.000$011.0$34003.24
Willson Contreras (R) CCHIvs STL02:20 EDT-15%Miles Mikolas (R)3300000.$09.4$30003.13
Jedd Gyorko (R)2BSTL@ CHI02:20 EDT-15%José Quintana (L)8830002.375.375.500.880.375-0.0$30000.00
Robbie Grossman (B)OFMIN@ KC02:15 EDT-0%Brad Keller (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$30000.00
Max Kepler (L) OFMIN@ KC02:15 EDT-0%Brad Keller (R)1100000.$09.1$30003.03
Jackie Bradley Jr. (L) OFBOS@ DET01:10 EDT-55%Blaine Hardy (L)3100010.000.667.000.670.333$08.7$30002.90
Josh Bell (B) 1BPIT@ CIN01:10 EDT-15%Matt Harvey (R)111041111.400.455.7001.160.455$010.0$30003.33
Joc Pederson (L)OFLA@ MIL02:10 EDT-15%Brent Suter (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$30000.00
Josh Donaldson (R)3BTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)9821211.250.333.7501.080.444-0.0$30000.00
Jose Martinez (R) 1BSTL@ CHI02:20 EDT-15%José Quintana (L)5530001.600.600.6001.200.400$010.0$32003.12
Paul DeJong (R) SSSTL@ CHI02:20 EDT-15%José Quintana (L)7521122.400.5711.0001.570.571$011.8$31003.81
Tommy Pham (R) OFSTL@ CHI02:20 EDT-15%José Quintana (L)121231303.250.250.500.750.250$09.6$31003.10
Yasmani Grandal (B)CLA@ MIL02:10 EDT-15%Brent Suter (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$31000.00
Justin Bour (L) 1BMIA@ TB01:10 EDT-15%Chris Archer (R)-000000.000.000--.000$012.4$31004.00
Kyle Schwarber (L) OFCHIvs STL02:20 EDT-15%Miles Mikolas (R)3300000.$09.4$31003.03
Matt Adams (L) 1BWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)9710024.143.333.290.620.222$012.5$31004.03
Justin Turner (R) 3BLA@ MIL02:10 EDT-15%Brent Suter (L)-000000.000.000--.000$010.3$32003.22
Mitch Moreland (L)1BBOS@ DET01:10 EDT-55%Blaine Hardy (L)5510000.$34000.00
Wilson Ramos (R)CTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)3321201.667.6671.6702.330.667-0.0$34000.00
Logan Morrison (L) 1BMIN@ KC02:15 EDT-0%Brad Keller (R)2100010.000.500.000.500.000$011.3$30003.77
Matt Carpenter (L) 3BSTL@ CHI02:20 EDT-15%José Quintana (L)131210013.$014.0$41003.41
Christian Yelich (L) OFMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)3029110014.379.400.450.850.367$010.9$39002.79
Brian Dozier (R) 2BMIN@ KC02:15 EDT-0%Brad Keller (R)2200000.$014.0$39003.59
Eric Thames (L)OFMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$40000.00
Starling Marte (R) OFPIT@ CIN01:10 EDT-15%Matt Harvey (R)111020013.200.273.400.670.273$014.6$40003.65
Kris Bryant (R) 3BCHIvs STL02:20 EDT-15%Miles Mikolas (R)4410001.250.250.500.750.250$012.2$40003.05
Bryce Harper (L) OFWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)221851146.278.409.560.970.409$013.0$41003.17
Javier Báez (R) 2BCHIvs STL02:20 EDT-15%Miles Mikolas (R)3310000.333.333.330.670.000$014.3$41003.49
Juan Soto (L) OFWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)3200011.000.333.000.330.000$011.2$39002.87
Jesus Aguilar (R)1BMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$42000.00
Ozzie Albies (B)2BATL@ WSH01:35 EDT-43%Max Scherzer (R)131110124.$42000.00
Anthony Rendón (R) 3BWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)211941314.211.238.470.710.286$013.4$42003.19
Xander Bogaerts (R) SSBOS@ DET01:10 EDT-55%Blaine Hardy (L)4430301.750.7501.0001.750.750$010.9$42002.60
Freddie Freeman (L) 1BATL@ WSH01:35 EDT-43%Max Scherzer (R)322772256.259.375.590.970.433$011.5$43002.67
Manny Machado (R) SSLA@ MIL02:10 EDT-15%Brent Suter (L)3300001.$013.7$44003.11
Andrew Benintendi (L) OFBOS@ DET01:10 EDT-55%Blaine Hardy (L)3321200.667.6672.0002.6701.000$011.5$44002.61
Max Muncy (L) 3BLA@ MIL02:10 EDT-15%Brent Suter (L)-000000.000.000--.000$014.3$39003.67
Joey Votto (L) 1BCINvs PIT01:10 EDT-15%Iván Nova (R)302871521.250.300.500.800.333$012.4$39003.18
Brian Anderson (R) OFMIA@ TB01:10 EDT-15%Chris Archer (R)-000000.000.000--.000$09.3$34002.74
Cody Bellinger (L)1BLA@ MIL02:10 EDT-15%Brent Suter (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$36000.00
Teoscar Hernandez (R)OFTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)3310001.333.333.330.670.000-0.0$34000.00
Eduardo Escobar (B) 3BMIN@ KC02:15 EDT-0%Brad Keller (R)1100000.$011.9$34003.50
Mike Moustakas (L) 3BKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)141330214.231.286.390.670.286$012.5$34003.68
C.J. Cron (R) 1BTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)1100001.$011.2$35003.20
Grégory Polanco (L) OFPIT@ CIN01:10 EDT-15%Matt Harvey (R)161431123.214.313.570.880.313$014.7$35004.20
J.T. Realmuto (R) CMIA@ TB01:10 EDT-15%Chris Archer (R)-000000.000.000--.000$09.7$35002.77
Nick Markakis (L) OFATL@ WSH01:35 EDT-43%Max Scherzer (R)64591803512.305.359.410.770.328$09.4$36002.61
Scooter Gennett (L) 2BCINvs PIT01:10 EDT-15%Iván Nova (R)171720002.$012.2$38003.21
Whit Merrifield (R) 2BKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)6532411.600.6671.8002.470.833$011.2$36003.11
Eddie Rosario (L) OFMIN@ KC02:15 EDT-0%Brad Keller (R)2210000.500.500.5001.000.000$012.8$37003.46
Steve Pearce (R) 1BBOS@ DET01:10 EDT-55%Blaine Hardy (L)2210000.500.500.5001.000.000$011.5$37003.11
Trea Turner (R) SSWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)201961214.316.350.530.880.350$012.7$37003.43
Eugenio Suárez (R) 3BCINvs PIT01:10 EDT-15%Iván Nova (R)262492526.375.423.7501.170.462$012.2$37003.30
Justin Smoak (B) 1BTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)111011112.100.182.400.580.182$010.6$38002.79
Anthony Rizzo (L) 1BCHIvs STL02:20 EDT-15%Miles Mikolas (R)3310000.333.333.330.670.000$011.2$38002.95
Jason Heyward (L) OFCHIvs STL02:20 EDT-15%Miles Mikolas (R)4300010.$010.9$30003.63
Ryan Braun (R) OFMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)3200010.000.333.000.330.000$09.1$30003.03
Tyler O'Neill (R)OFSTL@ CHI02:20 EDT-15%José Quintana (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$23000.00
Cameron Maybin (R) OFMIA@ TB01:10 EDT-15%Chris Archer (R)6510212.200.333.200.530.167$09.8$26003.77
J.T. Riddle (L)SSMIA@ TB01:10 EDT-15%Chris Archer (R)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$25000.00
Tyler Saladino (R) SSMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)3300000.$07.4$25002.96
Francisco Cervelli (R)CPIT@ CIN01:10 EDT-15%Matt Harvey (R)10510051.200.600.200.800.400-0.0$25000.00
Tim Beckham (R) SSBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)161451325.357.438.6401.080.438$09.1$25003.64
Jorge Bonifacio (R) OFKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)5510002.$010.9$26004.19
Jorge Soler (R)OFKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)2100010.000.500.000.500.000-0.0$26000.00
Albert Almora (R)OFCHIvs STL02:20 EDT-15%Miles Mikolas (R)3310001.333.333.330.670.000-0.0$26000.00
Manny Piña (R) CMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)-000000.000.000--.000$06.5$25002.60
Trey Mancini (R) OFBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)141220024.$08.1$26003.12
Yangervis Solarte (B) 3BTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)6610001.$010.7$26004.12
Andrew Toles (L)OFLA@ MIL02:10 EDT-15%Brent Suter (L)-000000.000.000--.000-0.0$26000.00
Brock Holt (L)2BBOS@ DET01:10 EDT-55%Blaine Hardy (L)2100000.$26000.00
Michael Taylor (R)OFWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)111110003.$26000.00
Colin Moran (L) 3BPIT@ CIN01:10 EDT-15%Matt Harvey (R)4311111.333.5001.3301.830.500$010.3$26003.96
Jordy Mercer (R)SSPIT@ CIN01:10 EDT-15%Matt Harvey (R)121200003.$26000.00
Sandy León (B) CBOS@ DET01:10 EDT-55%Blaine Hardy (L)-000000.000.000--.000$08.8$25003.52
Elias Diaz (R) CPIT@ CIN01:10 EDT-15%Matt Harvey (R)3320300.667.6671.0001.670.667$010.4$25004.16
David Freese (R)3BPIT@ CIN01:10 EDT-15%Matt Harvey (R)9820111.250.333.250.580.222-0.0$27000.00
Kevin Pillar (R)OFTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)111040001.400.400.500.900.300-0.0$24000.00
Mitch Garver (R) CMIN@ KC02:15 EDT-0%Brad Keller (R)-000000.000.000--.000$09.7$23004.22
Russell Martin (R) CTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)151231232.250.400.500.900.333$09.1$24003.79
Austin Meadows (L)OFPIT@ CIN01:10 EDT-15%Matt Harvey (R)2200001.$24000.00
Danny Valencia (R) OFBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)161530113.$010.3$24004.29
Keon Broxton (R) OFMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)-000000.000.000--.000$010.2$24004.25
Ehire Adrianza (B) SSMIN@ KC02:15 EDT-0%Brad Keller (R)1100001.$011.2$24004.67
Kolten Wong (L)2BSTL@ CHI02:20 EDT-15%José Quintana (L)8610010.167.375.170.540.250-0.0$24000.00
Charlie Culberson (R) 2BATL@ WSH01:35 EDT-43%Max Scherzer (R)4410001.$010.2$25004.08
Chris Davis (L)1BBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)2523424111.174.200.520.720.280-0.0$24000.00
Aledmys Diaz (R) SSTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)10830101.375.500.380.880.400$010.7$25004.28
Lourdes Gurriel Jr. (R) 2BTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)-000000.000.000--.000$07.5$25003.00
Jonathan Villar (B)2BMILvs LA02:10 EDT-15%Alex Wood (L)2200000.$25000.00
Kendrys Morales (B) 1BTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)6521210.400.5001.0001.500.500$011.9$25004.76
Tyler Flowers (R) CATL@ WSH01:35 EDT-43%Max Scherzer (R)2624614111.250.269.460.730.269$07.5$25003.00
John Hicks (R) 1BDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)-000000.000.000--.000$08.4$25003.36
Billy Hamilton (B)OFCINvs PIT01:10 EDT-15%Iván Nova (R)151530104.$26000.00
Jake Cave (L) OFMIN@ KC02:15 EDT-0%Brad Keller (R)-000000.000.000--.000$012.5$27004.63
Addison Russell (R) SSCHIvs STL02:20 EDT-15%Miles Mikolas (R)-000000.000.000--.000$09.7$30003.23
Niko Goodrum (B) 2BDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)-000000.000.000--.000$07.5$29002.59
Mark Reynolds (R)1BWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)7410131.250.571.250.820.286-0.0$29000.00
Ender Inciarte (L) OFATL@ WSH01:35 EDT-43%Max Scherzer (R)403670047.194.275.310.580.250$06.8$29002.34
Daniel Robertson (R)2BTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)2210001.500.5001.0001.500.500-0.0$29000.00
Yadier Molina (R) CSTL@ CHI02:20 EDT-15%José Quintana (L)161640002.250.250.380.630.250$012.2$29004.21
Joey Wendle (L) 2BTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)3310000.333.333.330.670.000$011.8$29004.07
Dansby Swanson (R) SSATL@ WSH01:35 EDT-43%Max Scherzer (R)211940326.211.286.320.600.238$09.0$29003.10
Jeimer Candelario (B) 3BDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)-000000.000.000--.000$09.0$29003.10
Randal Grichuk (R) OFTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)10822224.250.4001.0001.400.500$012.5$29004.31
Ben Zobrist (B)OFCHIvs STL02:20 EDT-15%Miles Mikolas (R)8820101.$29000.00
Matt Duffy (R) 3BTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)3200000.000.333.000.330.000$08.7$29003.00
Adam Jones (R)OFBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)47461123111.239.255.390.650.277-0.0$29000.00
Leonys Martín (L)OFDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)141210017.$29000.00
Lucas Duda (L) 1BKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)3300001.$010.0$29003.45
Mark Trumbo (R) OFBAL@ TOR01:07 EDT-24%J.A. Happ (L)222110018.$011.0$30003.67
Jesse Winker (L) OFCINvs PIT01:10 EDT-15%Iván Nova (R)9952201.556.5561.2201.780.667$011.5$30003.83
Curtis Granderson (L) OFTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)191751326.294.368.530.900.368$011.9$29004.10
Johan Camargo (B) 3BATL@ WSH01:35 EDT-43%Max Scherzer (R)1100000.$09.3$29003.21
Dexter Fowler (B) OFSTL@ CHI02:20 EDT-15%José Quintana (L)191451452.357.526.6401.170.500$08.7$27003.22
Marcell Ozuna (R) OFSTL@ CHI02:20 EDT-15%José Quintana (L)4320010.667.750.6701.420.500$08.4$28003.00
Adeiny Hechavarria (R)SSTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)22201001.0001.0001.5002.5001.000-0.0$27000.00
Daniel Murphy (L) 2BWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)161670002.438.438.6301.060.438$07.1$27002.63
Joe Mauer (L) 1BMIN@ KC02:15 EDT-0%Brad Keller (R)-000000.000.000--.000$09.4$27003.48
Devon Travis (R)2BTORvs BAL01:07 EDT-24%Andrew Cashner (R)101020004.$27000.00
Ryan Zimmerman (R)1BWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)121140213.364.417.550.960.333-0.0$28000.00
Eduardo Núñez (R) 2BBOS@ DET01:10 EDT-55%Blaine Hardy (L)3300001.$09.1$28003.25
Ian Happ (B) OFCHIvs STL02:20 EDT-15%Miles Mikolas (R)11100001.0001.0002.0003.0001.000$012.4$28004.43
Kurt Suzuki (R)CATL@ WSH01:35 EDT-43%Max Scherzer (R)242181223.381.458.520.980.417-0.0$29000.00
Adam Duvall (R) OFCINvs PIT01:10 EDT-15%Iván Nova (R)242351316.217.250.440.690.292$010.9$28003.89
Mallex Smith (L) OFTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)22201001.0001.0001.0002.000.500$012.3$28004.39
Carlos Gómez (R) OFTBvs MIA01:10 EDT-15%Trevor Richards (R)-000000.000.000--.000$010.3$28003.68
Josh Harrison (R)2BPIT@ CIN01:10 EDT-15%Matt Harvey (R)151460201.429.467.500.970.400-0.0$28000.00
Adalberto Mondesí (B)SSKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)2200000.$28000.00
Salvador Pérez (R) CKCvs MIN02:15 EDT-0%Jake Odorizzi (R)161540012.267.313.270.580.250$011.9$28004.25
Adam Eaton (L) OFWSHvs ATL01:35 EDT-43%Michael Foltynewicz (R)101010102.$09.0$29003.10
Miguel Cabrera (R)1BDETvs BOS01:10 EDT-55%Chris Sale (L)635315471018.283.397.530.930.417-0.0$20000.00
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