Pitching staff- I think it needs work

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16 team keeper league 10x10 categories with daily moves . I used your tiers for first time drafting and really like my team. My lineup seems stacked got some great values but according to your pitching tiers I didn't end up exactly how I wanted so here's who I have. Thought please 

SP- Kluber 

SP- Darvish 

SP- Shoemaker 

SP-Matt Moore 

Rp- melancon 

rp- colome 

rp- betances

rp- Jim Johnson 

bench Gsellman Ian Kennedy 

C- Realmuto

1b- Miguel Cabrera

2b dee Gordon 

3b- Matt carpenter 

SS- Trevor Story 

OF- Harper springer Bautista Hamilton buxton Parra (only start 3 of 1 util) 

bench is Ryan Healy solarte 

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You only start eight pitchers instead of nine, so that helps.

If you have 4 Sp 4 RP mix your ok. If you chose to break it down that way... I would have gone 5/3 .

According to my pitching tiers --- you spent too much early on SPs and then not enough late. I would never recommened taking kluber and darvish, unless Darvish fell in the draft. That said, this must have been a keeper league or your leaguemates are seriously whacked. In a 16 tm lg it's impossible to end up with Cabrera/Harper/Springer/Kluber/Darvish since all five have an ADP inside the top-35.

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Yes Darvish was my keeper and I called into SXM and you and Kyle said to take Kluber bc I had 3 picks in first round. I always do poorly in this league but this is the first time I used your tiers. Do I have a chance to compete for the title or is my pitching too weak? Thanks Ray you're the best. Really appreciate it

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