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  1. WinView Games $1,000 ALLEY-OOP Tournament

    Hey everybody we are excited to promote WinView Games BIG $1,000 ALLEY-OOP Tournament for the 1st quarter of the Pacers vs Cavaliers Game 5 playoff matchup. If you have not yet downloaded and experienced WinView Games then head on over to and click the iTunes or Android tab in the upper right corner to download. While there check out all the strategy articles and the WinView Featured Playbook for Wednesday's Pacers vs Cavaliers contest. While playing, jump into the FantasyAlarm WinView Chat channel as myself the rest of FANation talk about the game and compete against one another in the $1,000 ALLEY-OOP contest. Watch-Predict-Win It is that simple!
  2. Cool points

    My friends and I spend our summers down at the beach, catching rays during the day and enjoying some Ice Cold Barley Pops at night. Just a bunch of 'summer buds' enjoying some 'summer suds'. One of our favorite locales is Leggett's Sand Bar, right down the street. We love Club Leggett's so much that every year towards the end of summer we approach them about the possibility of their hosting our 14 person Draft Party. 14 Person leagues are like racing 3 wide for 20 weeks in a row. What a rush! My question for the FA Experts is... given the opportunity to draft Jordan Leggett as a late round TE, will my friends think that I am cool? Also, do you like the outlook of the Jaguars D over that of the Rams D? I feel both have had strong off seasons and would love to discuss. Final question... How do I draft Tom Coughlin?
  3. No Game Recaps for Week 13

    Just an FYI to all of you who read my NFL Game Recaps every week. There will be no recaps for Week 13 due to an insane week of travel and preparation for me. ANYTHING that you want to know PLEASE feel free to hit me up on these forums or on Twitter for my thoughts on any topic. I will have time to answer more questions than usual thanks to sitting in airports and coast to coast flights. I apologize for any inconvenience.

    So, after accepting a big money challenge from one of our subscribers and winning the matchup, I have decided to use the $1,000 of winnings in order to let as many of you guys who want to try out our Playbook PRO, actually do it. So, be one of the first to take me up on this offer of a free month of Fantasy Alarm Playbook PRO and gain access to our entire library of tools, articles, videos, lineups and forums. Remember that being a Playbook PRO member entitles you to ALL sports (MLB, NFL, NBA, etc) content so even if you only want to try for NFL season go ahead and take the offer. But you have to hurry because I only have $1,000 to spend here...Let's GOOOOOOOOO!!!! SPEND MANS' MONEY: PLAYBOOK PRO OFFER
  5. Your DFS MLB Process

    Alright premium members....I am curious as to what your process is for playing daily fantasy baseball? Many of you have asked me about mine in the past and I haven't been able to get into it much because it all bunches together on the comments section. I am going to start posting regular updates about my process everyday here on this thread. I'd like for you guys to share yours too as I think that will help us all learn and get better together. LET'S GOOOOOOOO!!!!!