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  1. Big news, the MLB DFS Podcast is now available on iTunes and SoundCloud so subscribe now! iTunes SoundCloud
  2. FanDuel Launches NASCAR

    FanDuel has launched a DFS game for NASCAR starting with this week's race, the GEICO 500 at Talladega. The scoring is different from DraftKings as are the roster size and salaries. I will included a breakdown of roster construction in the Optimal Lineups on Saturday however lineups won't immediately be released for FanDuel for at least a week or two. Analysis of their value in each with talked about in the Playbook as well as somewhat in the track breakdown. Any questions feel free to ask.
  3. WinView Games $1,000 ALLEY-OOP Tournament

    Hey everybody we are excited to promote WinView Games BIG $1,000 ALLEY-OOP Tournament for the 1st quarter of the Pacers vs Cavaliers Game 5 playoff matchup. If you have not yet downloaded and experienced WinView Games then head on over to and click the iTunes or Android tab in the upper right corner to download. While there check out all the strategy articles and the WinView Featured Playbook for Wednesday's Pacers vs Cavaliers contest. While playing, jump into the FantasyAlarm WinView Chat channel as myself the rest of FANation talk about the game and compete against one another in the $1,000 ALLEY-OOP contest. Watch-Predict-Win It is that simple!
  4. Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500

    The track breakdown for the FoHQT 500 is up now! It looks a little different than last week so it's easier to see on mobile devices.
  5. In the top 5% of a Monday/Thursday tournament after the Monday games. Need a WR and a Flex, I have enough money to get either Leveon Bell or Antonio Brown. After that I need 1 of the Titans receivers to play; Corey Davis, Rishard Matthews or Eric Decker. Would appreciate everybodys advice.
  6. Week 9 NFL DFS Watch List Link Not Working?

    Not seeing the Week 9 Watch List posted? Only see up through Week 8 on the watch list page...Anyone else having this problem?
  7. DFS NBA Podcast October 30

    The DFS NBA Podcast for Monday's 9 game slate is live. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post em as James and I are very willing to chat with you all. Impemba/48483/2017-fantasy-alarm-nba-dfs-podcast-october-30/
  8. DFS NBA Podcast Friday October 27

    Podcast is live Impemba/48341/2017-fantasy-alarm-nba-dfs-podcast-october-27/
  9. NBA DFS Podcast October 23

    DFS Podcast for October 23rd is live.. . Impemba/48169/2017-fantasy-alarm-nba-dfs-podcast-october-23/ What does everybody think of tonight's slate? Favorite plays?
  10. MLB October 11

    Hi all With yesterday's N.L game postponed, there is a two game slate today. Hard to breakdown this slate, so if playing gpp's go with your gut. It's still miserable in Chicago, and will be cold at game-time with 20 MPH plus wind gusts blowing in. Strasburg has some stuffiness. That's right, the Washington ace is not starting a must win game on solid rest due to allergies. Roark isn't a bad pitcher, and Jake is still unknown. Can see this game going like the Bos/Hous one where the bullpen is used early and often. The NYY/CLE weather isn't much better, but looks like the rain will hold off, or be at worst, light. Kluber is the best pitcher going, but also struggled in his first start this series. Sabathia on the other side won't last long in a win or go home game, but feel Kluber has the best chance of lasting the longest of the four pitchers. He'll also be the highest owned. My strategy today will be to use different Cleveland combo's, filled in with power bats. Will have the most exposure to Kluber, while adding Jake for two pitcher sites. Feel free to share your thoughts below. Good luck!
  11. Playbook September 13th

    Just sitting here eating a late breakfast of oatmeal and fresh fruit, so I put a little FD CASH MAIN for tonight Scherzer, Herrman, Moreland, Wong, Rendon, Seager, Young, Taylot, Pham. Like BOS, WAS and STL tonight. When I digest the oatmeal, I'll see if I can still digest the LU.
  12. Playbook September 5t

    FD CASH MAIN; where are you JD? You crushed it last night. Glad to be out of Detroit? Gonzalez, d'Arnaud (punt), Napoli, Murphy, Shaw, Segura, Springer, Stanton, Trout
  13. Tonight's Pitching Options

    Hi All I feel like pitching is tough tonight, and wanted to open up a thread for anyone to share their thoughts. Currently, I feel that Kershaw is too high tonight to take, and is scheduled to be on a pitch count. Not against using him in a gpp or two if you are are multi-entry player. Clevinger and Cole are my main targets tonight, but also like Gray, Castillo, and Gausman. There are plenty of other routes to go as well tonight. Finally, I'll continue to caution playing cash games tonight, especially on FD. Wait until the day after NFL begins, where the number of new users trying MLB out increases. Good luck tonight!
  14. Playbook September 1st

    So the dog days of August are behind us as are some teams in the rear view mirrors. Arms are being saved, rookies looked at and guys look at eBay to buy new golf clubs. So tonight here's who I do not want to see on my roster: Bellinger, Johnny Cuesto and the entire Astro team. I just don't think the Astro players heads are in the game. I understand so let's skip them. So here are some hot guys; Rizzo, Goldie, Buxton ( one game wonder?) Morales (another 1 game wonder), Stanton ( one season wonder burnt out last night) Gordon Pham, Morrison. Lidor, Schoop, Schebler, Manny. Pitchers; Verlander( oh he's an Astro now so forget him), Strasbug, Kluber, Corbin, Arrieta, Davies, Ray, Weaver ( Luke he is still in the bigs) Bundy, McHugh( he's an Astro so skip. Good luck tonight
  15. Playbook August 29th

    Have to go pick up granddaughter, so this will be quick. FD CASH Main, Quintana, Garver, Votto, Gennett, Polanco, Cozart, Buxton, R Davis, Duvall. Stacking MIN and CIN. Got to go.
  16. Playbook August 28th

    Tonight is a tight rope without a net. There just great pitcher and hitter situations so here goes FD CASH MAIN Nola, H Sanchez, Rizzo, Murphy, Arenado, Segura, Florimon (punt but I ride a SWT hitter here), Carlos Gonzu, Benintendi.
  17. Playbook August 26th

    Helping daughter and grand kids move today. So did quick one for Main FD CASH Main Bum, Gattis, Encar, Ramirez, Saladino, Lindoe, Stanton, Zimmer, Fiorimon. If I get 28 points from Sala, Zimmer and Fior, I consider it great!
  18. MLB Friday Night DFS

    Hi all There are some web service issues happening outside of our control which has affected our forums, as well as many other sites across the nation at the moment. We are working to resolve this this issue. Please feel free to use this thread for tonight's MLB slate of games. Use the main pages for access to the playbook, rankings, OL's, ect. If you have any issues, please let us know, and can try to place some links in here, or help as best we can. Thanks!
  19. Playbook August 22th

    Nominated today for the Playbook Dogs of August Awards are Goldsmith and Judge. Until Goldie gets home, better options on the board. Judge, I told you not to win the AS HR contest. Jerk. Look for 6 hole for him coming up. FD CASH MAIN, Lynn, Castro, Davis, Schoop, Manny, Beckham, Jay, JD, Peralta.
  20. Playbook August 13th

    Stop with the Astros. They stink right now.
  21. Playbook August 12th

    First run through for DF CASH, Ramirez, E, Ryu, Grandel, Bellinger, Cano, Suarez, M Gonzalez, Pederson, Reddick, Stanton
  22. Playbook August 11th

    Well after last night horrible did I say horrible performance by the Astros, I am looking for new dance partners tonight. How about CIN? How about LAD? How about WAS? All good partners so here I go for FD CASH MAIN; Stroman, Smith, Zimmerman, Walker, Turner, Rosario, Taylor, HArper, Goodwin. Last time I played Smith gave me 44. I will take half of that tonight or 4. Walker is crazy play had him last night so I want another dance. Rosario. Looking for a new Sanchez. They raised his price on FD today. That being said I have 2 Mets, 2 LAD's and 2 WAS. I know that CWS does not have anyone, why all they can do is beat HOU but Smith is batting 4th as C. Got to play. Stroman better pitch his brains out tonight.
  23. MLB Thursday Night Slate Chat

    Hello Small six game slate tonight, and with the way the pitching matchups and salaries are structured for them on the sites, I feel that it is much more gpp than cash friendly. Nick even mentioned that his DK example cash lineup feels like a gpp. You'll get that on DK with Severino and then the field when it comes to pitching. FD has him priced down which opens everything up. If playing cash, I would go with both those guys on DK tonight, and Sev on FD. It will leave you with a little over $3.6K per player, but throw a cheap Met guy, or Presley, Almora, or Kim in the Of and should be able to add a solid upper-mid priced players. GPP wise, I like exposure to those two, plus some slight exposure to both Ryu and Norris. Hitting wise, feel like the Indians/O's game could look like the Jays/Rangers game from this afternoon. The cheap route is the 6-9 guys on either team to load up on the top of the lineup from the other side. If you go with the cheaper pitching, the Cubs paired with the Yankees is my favorite stack. You can even go with some cheaper Cubs if wanting the expensive Yankees or pitching. I'll be around until the lineups lock so please feel free to share your thoughts below or ask any questions.
  24. Monday Night MLB Slate

    Hello Nice 11 game slate tonight. Even with the weather looking better in the areas of earlier concern, I still like Kershaw abover Lester, Klueber, and Cueto tonight. Peacock is my favorite value play with Cole a distant second. Can maybe make the case for Bundy but that's about it for gpp's for me tonight. Keeping it simple with hitting as well and taking the cheap Mallex Smith, Javier Baez or Utley at second, either Contreras or Martin at catcher (FD), and Tulu. On DK, there's plenty of solid hitters like Seager, Hanley, Longoria, and a few others that you can add to the mix. I'll be around if you have questions or want to share your thoughts
  25. Thursday night MLB DFS slate

    Hello Smaller slate for Thursday night. Sale is the top priced pitcher and best bet for tonight's slate. You can take most hitters you want tonight by fading him in gpp's I do like Hoffman and Cobb as low owned gpp options, with Montgomery as the safer choice. Can't go wrong with the Rockies tonight vs a terrible Matt Moore. Can get some cheap exposure with Tapia, Story, and Murphy, but Arenado and Blackmon are the top picks for the money. Outside of the Rockies, I like Lagares, Smith, Martinez (STL), and Goodwin for cheap OF exposure, and Betts and Carpenter if paying up. DK wise, the Mets and Cardinals have some nice price tags, as well as the bottom of the Rockies lineup. Feel free to share your thoughts or ask questions below.