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  1. NBA Paylines, 50/50's, etc.

    hey man, if you still need help. Either read our position coach articles or hit me up on twitter and I can try to help you personally. @BrettSquiresDFS on Twitter.
  2. Week 3 Start/Sit Questions

    Cooper, Hilton, Cobb, Sharpe, Hurns. Defintely Cooper, could go either way with other three. Don't start Langford, too risky. Unless no other options. Tevin Coleman and Marvin Jones Lacy but dart throw. I like Coleman but workloads a tad concerning. I'd be fine starting either coleman or Lacy. Minuscule edge to Lacy though. 1. Ware. 2. McKinnon and Cooks.
  3. Week 3 Start/Sit Questions

    Gotta sit Ware.
  4. Week 3 Start/Sit Questions

    Fitz is fine this week. Not very enthusiastic about him but if you have no other options I'd go Fitz. Just can't trust Tyrod against ARI.
  5. Help me please.

    @schmacky I'd honestly roll with Dorsett, Mathews second.
  6. RB questions - help

    Gotta hold on, meeting today with a foot specialist so wait until tonight before you make any quick moves. Hold. @rjboody16
  7. who to start

    Gotta go Michael this week if you have no other options. And Crabtree is the safe option against NO for sure but Lockett could go nuts. If you're feeling risky and want to pray for the 6-120-1 line for Lockett. Or be safe and go with Crabtree 6/60/1. I'd go Crabtree.
  8. Start/Sit Questions

    Marvin Jones. Ware and Jennings for this week. Freeman and it depends, Latavius or DeMarco? If it's DeMarco, I'd go Langford. If it's Latavius you can roll with him against NO.
  9. Keeper Question

    Lacy for me.
  10. Rb2 help

    Duke, Dion, Mathews, Woodhead and Murray for me. D. Lewis has a weird situation as he's still on the PUP list so it's tough to rank him. Would even consider Mathews ahead of him at this point but both Dion and Mathews have some serious injury concerns. They're all quite close for me though.
  11. Punting Free Throws

    Hey guys, the NBA season is slowly approaching, though many probably forgot because the NFL is also just around the corner. We still have a ways to go before the NBA really ramps up but it's never too early to discuss fantasy. I find punting FT's to be one of the most interesting strategies, I see it quite similar to the zero RB strategy making it's way into the NFL. Though punting is seen less frequently, the case can be made in a categories W-L league. If you were to punt FT's, you are losing one category of course, but the following players were first round values when punting FT's: Whiteside (2nd!), Jordan (4th) Andre Drummond (8th ranked). Most leagues only allow 1-2 starting C's per team so if you could start out a draft with something like Westbrook, Jordan and Whiteside -- you're looking pretty solid. I haven't punted too much in my days, but I'll certainly be exploring it this year. Thoughts?
  12. OBJ, K. Allen, A. Robinson- Who to keep

    That specific injury should not be a concern, though his overall injury history is slightly concerning. Avoiding high upside guys simply because of injury can bite you, I was lucky enough to have Jordan Reed in a couple of leagues last season. Look at how experts ranked him before the season.
  13. OBJ, K. Allen, A. Robinson- Who to keep

    in PPR it's Allen for me. Standard is A-Rob. Allen was on pace for 134 catches for 1,450 yards and eight touchdowns last season before going down.
  14. 2 days to lock in keepers

    I'd still go Green. Green should be a target monster this year, he has the unreliable Brandon LaFell behind him, rookie Tyler Boyd (who I like), and not much else. Eifert is banged up, Green will have a repeat of his 2013 season, with the potential for even more. I wouldn't be surprised if a healthy Green finishes with 95/1400/12. Lacy is still quite a risk, and even if Green doesn't have that monster season, his floor is incredibly high. If Green is there, take him and don't hesitate.
  15. 2 days to lock in keepers

    How many more can you keep? Or is it just those two? And if Green was there at 3 that would be huge, hope it works out that way!