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  1. Championship week questions

    Fitzgerald Engram Steelers
  2. WR3/FLEX

    Goodwin & Davis
  3. WR slot

  4. Non PPR RB???

    1. Burkhead 2. Ajayi 3. Crowell
  5. Julio in cash

    Both were in dream spots. TB is the worst pass defense in football, so playing Jones in any format seemed safe. Playing anyone against the Bucs is safe at this point. But Green against a crappy Cleveland team isn't bad either. Green had scored six touchdowns over a seven game stretch he actually finished (not including the JAX DQ) and has seen 6+ targets in each game this year, which is something that automatically registers as a safe cash play.
  6. Week 13 flex play

    We're at the point where sitting Robbie Anderson is just silly. 6 TD's in his last five games, McCown's favorite target.
  7. Who to start

    Start Howard, Hunt & Perine. Redskins defense SLIGHTLY over Atlanta.
  8. Davis or Olson?

    Who are your TE's & WR's? Olsen is interesting b/c the rapport he and Cam already have and now w/o Kelvin Benjamin in the mix, what will his target share look like? But I really like Davis ROS and it's clear that Mariota does too as he's seen 22 targets over his last three games
  9. Sterling Shepard for Jared Cooks? Non PPR

    I want both Shepard and Crowell for Cook. Cook is seeing a solid amount of volume, but we saw how often Eli Manning is looking Shepard's way just last week and Crowell's TD last game could give him some momentum for ROS. Doyle is good enough for ROS to use exclusively. I don't really see the need to have two TE's when Doyle is arguably a top-five option.
  10. DK prices NHL

    We apologize for that. We are aware of this and will stay on top of it moving forward!
  11. Trading for Baldwin

    I do not think that is too much because Kenyon is still a wild card. Damian Williams is in on all passing downs and Cutler dropped back 42 times last game. Seems like that is going to be a common theme in Miami with life after Ajayi. Just have to breakdown the schedule, gather a list of players, and see what you can wield before the playoffs!
  12. Trade Offer

    I really like Mack long term and the Colts definitely do as well. Can do, especially since you lose him and you also already have Thielen as well.
  13. Hopkins for Ginn Jr.

    KEEP. HOPKINS. Noted in my targets article that even with the drop off from Watson to Savage, Hopkins volume didn't decrease one bit.
  14. Landry or Parker

    I LOVE DeVante, but Jarvis is second in the league in targets and has been a freakin' monster of late. No reason to risk this here, take the safety in Landry. Head into your draft's next year with Parker on your radar and snag him then.
  15. Cam or Carr

    Cameron Newton